Car Spotlight>> A Pleaser Of A 510

One of the other cars that peaked my interest at JCCS, earlier this month, was this 1972 Datsun 510. It's a car that almost anyone into cars can appreciate as it balances both looks, comfort and performance rather well.

Speaking of visual aesthetics, the exterior body of the car has been shaved for a cleaner look. The door locks have been smoothed out as well as the gas cap.

Taking a closer look at the front, you see the classic 510 twin headlamps but with a slight twist. The car now has a pair of HID headlamps and the second headlight hole is just that –an intake hole.

Taking a peak under the hood you'll find a 400 horse power SR20 with a Garrett T3/T4 GT30R turbo. A stock 510 weighs in at about 2,100 pounds. And with an engine that produces 400 horses, you have a car that is more than just fun, it's murderingly fast.

The engine is powered by an Apexi FC Commander and its control unit is located conveniently on the center console.

A set of gold Work Meisters compliment the blue body and also fill up the fender wells rather well.

Taking a look at the interior, you'll spot a Nardi Deep Corn which replaced the original steering wheel.

The interior also features a roll bar, Takata harnesses and a pair Bride LowMaxes…

…which have the classic Bride gradation pattern.

The Bride gradation pattern continues to the back seat…

…as well as to the door panels. It's a look that really ties in the interior.

Back outside and looking towards the rear of the car, its hard not to notice the titanium Veilside exhaust.

This is a car that I'm sure many of us would not mind taking around during our daily grind. It has looks to kill and performance to match. You'd be hard pressed to find something to dislike about this clean 510.


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Nope, no dislike. LIKE! : )


So sick! Reminds me of a friend of mine in Miami that had a super clean blue one with a S15 SR in it. Wouldn't mind building one of these bad boys!


wow.. there is one RC car inside that looks exactly like this car

i recon is 1:10 scale..


400hp and 195 tires? Can you say, "lack of traction?" 225 (at least) are a must for a car with this much power.


Love love love. Such a nicely finished and detailed car, nothing too silly, no daft camber, Clean.


needs to be lower and more rust, lo,l jk, very nice car done well.....


Why would you put all of that JDM crap on a 510? gross!


so nice, i want it!


Hmmmm did anyone else notice the headlight intake? Intake for what? Turbos on the other side.... Such a rad car though!!


Could only be better if it was a wagon


Lots of quality parts here.

Veilside teardrop, wow.


...'Murderingly'? :|

Try murderously.


This car has been around for some time, it is absolutely porn though.


now this one can't be beat! love what going on under the bonnet too.. nice choice of spec. all the way round - a joy to look at, must be a pleasure to drive! - Thanks


i'd love to take either of these wonders for a spin. love me some R/C down-time. - great wheels.

[via NuggetG60YorkshireUK's computer]


carazy 510...

how speed in KM/H..??">Blog paling tak best di dunia


@john maybe because it is a JDM car??

OT: Love the car, love the engine, RC is scale 1:10


Its sort of a pro-touring 510


love it, would definately drive it with a smile


Ok, this car is SERIOUSLY making me consider picking up an old-school Datto and retrofitting it like this...the nav unit in the dash was installed FLAWLESSLY and the push button start is freakin' sick


Love this car.. I had the chance to drive it and it truly is a sit down, shut up, and hold on!!!!! My buddy has put so much into this car it is unbelievable the attention to detail..


Lovely car, and such a pity we don't get many of these cars in the UK