Car Spotlight>> 326 Power Mazda Sentia

There is one final ride from the King of Sedan Festival that I want to share with you. Ever since seeing the drool-inducing line up of 326 Power cars at this year Nagoya Exotic Car Showdown I have really taken a liking to their way of doing things. I knew the Hiroshima-based shop specializes on both drift and VIP cars but I had yet to see what their bippu style consisted of. This customer-owned Mazda Sentia stood out quite evidently…

…running a very aggressive stance, lowered about an inch from the ground on bronze 18-inch Work Meister M1Rs.

The rear lower suspension arms have been swapped out for extended items to obtain the controversial onikyan look. German Syron Race 1 Plus tires have been chosen to take the beating of running on a contact patch about a fourth of the actual 255-width!

Stance is everything and this thing has more than enough to offer!

So what do you guys think? It might not be functional, but that's not what it's been built for. Looks are the most important thing in the bippu world!

326 Power

King of Sedan Festival coverage on Speedhunters

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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looks broken. is that the look they are going for?

seriously, i don't get that kind of thing. but those people obviously have fun with it, so...


What do I think?! Rad!!!!


That's crazy, doesn't look like the wheels are connected


does anyone have video material of al these cars leaving their parking space? do they actually drive with their wheels like this?


"Looks are the most important thing in the bippu world" I think MONEY is the MOST important thing in the bippu world, and as much as I love Japanese car tuning scene, these guys are broke as fvck !


Looks like a spaceship landing.


total overkill. SAD PANDA


YES! I love it, might be driving like crap but I just love the way it looks!!!


Wheels themselves look good. At a 60 degree angle, not so much........


One day in the near future people will look back on this VIP craze and wonder what in hell was wrong with people doing things to cars that made them virtually undriveable.

I'll start early...


Save the stupid f*ckin comments about how it doesn't look right, it's ugly, blah, blah, blah. All of those high and mighty, dumb-ass, close-minded comments have to stop: (f*cking trolls talking) "Uh, I'm not a fan, but it looks alright, I guess.." "They ruined the car..." "Looks dumb, I don't like it..." "Uuuhhh, I don't get it, it looks stupid.." WAKE UP, YOU HATERS ARE RIDING THE BIGGEST F*CKING BAND WAGON THERE IS... Please, just go away.


Whilst I appreciate the effort that goes into all this, I just don't understand it...


Oh god thank you. I have to pain myself not to scroll down to this close-minded bullshit, but sometimes i do by accident, later regretting. No one gives a fuck about whether you like it or not. Why is there even a comment section? All just bandwagon riding cool-bros who don't know shit.


Honestly i can see how people hate mini trucks for putting form before function but hell you can at least drive a mini. That thing right there is just waiting to trip somebody.


Just because it CAN be done, doesn't mean it should be.

It looks like a plastic model someone sat on. But, if that is the look they are going for, they nailed it.


i dont mind it. id like it more if it had slightly less rear camber (more realistic camber if that even a way to describe it)


I would respect these cars if they didn't have camber like that.


i really dig the style, but what i always wanted to know is.....are this mad cambered rides static dropped?

if so, i really cant see how they could drive past 10mph on public roads.

still, i love the looks.


pic #2 better check your oil pan for some leakage.

im just blown away by the sheer dedication and courage of these kids.

just to pull off that maaaad oni camber, and to drive around like that is just beyond me.

japan ftw!


Please... stop posting this ugly retarded broken cars!

It doesn't look good or cool.


Sweet ride Dino! Form eating the hell out of function, it's good to see something different every now and then.


It's art. I enjoy the amount of time and soul that people put into these cars. Functionality can have the same drive, but the vastly different results come about because there are vastly different people. Appreciate it.


Most cars with this hella camber just sit like that, they're not driven like that. The wonders of air ride suspension allow insane stances if you will. Just like with every style there will be people that love it and those that hate it, but just because it's not what you like doesn't give anyone the right to bash other people's styles. If you don't like it then don't camber the wheels on your car plain and simple. But hating on something because it's not what you like is closeminded. /endrant

On that note.....I love it.


Looks like the fork lift driver dragged it sideways before putting it into the row at the junk yard.


maaaan, idk 'bout this. super low and the stance is one thing, but this takes it too far, and on a chassis of a boring commuter car? blegh, no me gusta.


This may sound crazy and its still early in the morning here in Chicago, but why does the front of this 326 look like a bmw front end?


Honestly, bippu has been around for a while, the elements of oni-kyan and shakotan are nothing new to that scene either. If you can get 5 pages worth of Speedhunters coverage out of the event, with cars spanning three decades, your style is an institution in the tuning world.

I've always seen the Japanese mentality of tuning as 'do what makes you happy'. I try my best to fit in with these kind of tuners, who are 100% devoted to what they do, and want to make their car the best example of what they love.


look at it like artwork im sure it will be appreciated



but it is ugly. I cannot believe that this is built to look good. This whole scene must be a big troll.


My god! I just threw up a little


retarded. hes probably gona be changing tires every week.


So what kind of drug is used to make this happen?


dude, the color combo of the rims/paint is ill.


Last pic makes the car look like a E46 3 Series BMW! XD


how did he even get the car to the paddock anyways? doesnt look driveable or attractive at all for that matter...


is that for sure??


Syron tires are cheap. When I bought them, I picked up a new set of 255's for 14,000Yen shipped.

They were amazing tires in snow, rain, the summer. I love the Syron tires.


Oni-kyan, Shakotan and Hippari Tire.

Japan has been doing it for years and new school noobs just won't understand it.

Looks bad ass and the amount of time, effort and money gone into the car is welldone.


yeah i kno air ride, i have a bagged sedan too, but a diffrent style, and a 40 years older car.

I asked cause in some US blog i lurked in some time ago guys were makin a point about having slammed cars that are static cause thir opinion was that air or juice is easy!

Anyways, to all the haters, you must be real insicure to make such a strong point against this style, plus, like someone else said, Japs have been doin this 4 years.

Oh, and whats wrong w/ everyday commutin sedans? a car doesnt have to be a 600 horses coupè to be acceptable, theres plenty of people that is happy w/ classy 4 doors.

/end rant/


I keep telling you people, hammer the axle nuts into that little slot in the axle stub. But, no, you won't listen to me. Now you see what you get when all four wheels fall off the car at one time!


Pretty crazy car, I like it! I'm so glad these owners don't care about what others think, they just have an idea and go for it. Obviously everyone has their own opinions on whether it looks good or not, but lol at all the idiots are crying how he "ruined" his car.


I like it for what it was made: just being a crazy looking Bippu car. Japan is... strange, but cool.


Seeing this car has just instantly made me fall in love with 929's i now intend on owning one.


You American never-ending stop complaining until its a honda shivit! if you could know à japanese you would understand there living and there searche for beeing different. Creation like this are what make a men who never stop looking for beeing apart of the rest or the world. And just doesnt care about what people think. If it Shock someone the job is considering done.


Just when I think the 'stance is everything crowd' has lost all the respect they could in the performance world and hit rock bottom HARD, here comes this novelty-build to topple all novelty builds. This is beyond ridiculous... but hey whatever, I'll just laugh and quickly get away from this page. if the trendy dorks want to continue beating this anti-performance trend, its no skin off my back. Stance is NOT everything!


makes me sick thinking that thoes guys spent all that money on it and it looks like crap


What in world do "speedhunter's" have to do with this broken Mazda?? I love a properly stanced car, nice wheels with a real nice drop and the car looks good!! This is just plain stupid for driving!! And if you say it's ment for show then it should be at an art gallery not a CAR show!! It's like those stupid kids wearing their pants around their knees!!! My jeans hang down off my waist but I can still walk!! Not like these morans!! 

And for those of you that say to keep the hater comments away, the article says "What do you guys think??"It's not our fault that most of us think it looks bad!!

I'm a car enthusiast, and if it doesn't drive then it's not a car, it's a rolling art piece!!


All hating idiots should get a fuckin life, trashing other styles just cause you dont like it, and probably getting pissed off when someone comments on their own car negativly.

I hope Speedhunters will ditch the comment section someday, cause it kinda spoils some of the cool posts made.


REally?! This look is retarded


I wonder how often they have to replace the cv joints on their axels



Make car look terrible is there a problem ?

Troll cAr is Trolling Lololololol



GTFO! Grow up!

Bad taste is Bad taste. Overdone camber is Overdone.....

When these Japanese Kids mature, they'll realize how stupid this trend or fad really is.


I like stanced cars, droped, with nice rims... but his camber stuff is just ridiculously stupid


hahahhaa i get it... i really do... he wanted to go with hella poke/flush but he bought his rims with too low of an offset and now he found it cheaper to camber them to get a flush look on the fender. :O


check 1:20

haters quit hating!!!! true bippu rolls fucking hard, no air suspension pussy shit!!!!



Watch 1:17 and idiot, car gets stuck. This trend is stupid as ****!



Watch 1:17 and idiot, car gets stuck. This trend is stupid as ****!





this is fuckkkking retarded


I think most people watched in awe as the Junction Produce Rolls Royce Phantom drove into the paddock