Car Spotlight>>1959 Peerless Gt

Are you guys catching a theme with my Car Spotlights from the Rolex Historics? I'm noticing now that I was quite interested in the array of GT cars that were running in the event. This one though, is unlike anything else I've seen before.

When I came across the car in the pits, I was taken back by its sweeping good looks and low stance, but I had no idea what make or model it was.

A little investigation told me the car was a 1959 Peerless GT. Not familiar with the Peerless brand? Neither was I. The British speciality brand was only around for a few short years in the late '50s and early '60. Only around 325 of these cars were built.

The Peerless GT combined a stylish fiberglass body with the powerplant from a Triumph TR3.

Under the long hood you can see the Triumph four cylinder with a pair of side draft carbs.

The cockpit is spartan – as you'd expect from a small car maker. It still has a fair amount of British GT class though.

The lowback bucket seats are just delightful. As you can probably tell, this particular car is in mint condition inside and out.

Wide steelies complete the look. Period correct of course.

It might not have been the fastest car in its group, but it looked great on the track mixing it up with other GT cars of the era.

There you have it, just another automotive rarity you'll find at the Rolex Historics.

-Mike Garrett



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quality feature Mike, clean pics and I love the car.


Never heard about this car but looks cool. Very nice classis.


sorry to point this out, but that is a 6 cylinder


disregard that comment actually. my mistake


Wow that is a beautiful car and looks perfect out on track. Even if you had told me it was an early TVR it would have been believed, it has a great presence, nice feature! I bet its a joy to drive.


any info on this car? (Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato?) easily one of the best cars i've ever seen EVER...


Nice feature! I love how the blue and silver go together. flippin awesome


Desktop of the last one!


I think that this car is in the movie Cars 2 as Mc Missile or something !


love the body proportions!! great car :) And it's those kind of posts i like, because you can't see stuff like this too much !!


So beautiful and tasteful. Love the clean engine and interior as well. It's probably not a screamer around the track, but I bet it looks great running and is a blast to drive.


Makes me almost wanna cry cause i know i'll never drive something this awesome.


Love those Peerless GT's. Restoration candidates can be found occasionally on the market for affordable prices (~$20K-$60K depending on condition). Running examples could be had for approximately the price of a newer BMW, so they ARE least for now.


Simply beautiful!!!British styling at its finest ...