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It was impressive just how many familiar faces I came across at the WTAC last month. Thanks to the success of the Drift Matsuri events up in Ebisu Circuit it seems half of the Australian drifting community has been to Japan's drift heaven. So it was no surprise that I bumped into David and Brie Lawrie from Japanese Parts and Performance who over the last couple of years have traveled to Japan every time Ebisu opens its gates to the best drift event on the planet. Prior to flying over to Australia, Dave mentioned that he was in the process of putting the final touches to his new drift car, an RSP13 that would be driven by…

…pro-drifter Luke Fink at the Tectaloy drift event during the WTAC.

One look at the engine bay and I knew this car was special, that NEO VVL badge on the cam cover hinting that Dave has done things slightly differently from the norm.

So very early on the main race day, as most of the time attack guys were preparing for the day ahead, I met up with the JPP team on the big concrete area behind the paddock at Eastern Creek to immortalize the 180SX under the deep blue Australian sky. 

Andy at Powervehicles originally sourced the 180SX, finding the perfect base for Dave's project. Once the car arrived in Australia the work began almost instantly… 

…starting with the chassis and engine. First up Dave had Fabrication 81 create a full race spec and CAMS-approved multi-point roll cage and tub the front wheel arches. If you look above you can also see the bar that was welded in place from the strut towers to the chassis, adding enough rigidity but not stiffening the front end too much, an unwanted thing on a drift-specific car. Then came the engine. In order to boost low-rpm response and mid-range torque Dave came up with the idea of dropping an SR20VE VVL variable valve timing and lift head from a P12 Primera onto the SR block. Even in Japan this is a rare modification, I've personally only seen this done to a handful of cars, Under Suzuki's S15 being one of them. The stock cams remain but are joined by OS Giken adjustable pulleys to allow fine tuning of the timing and overlap.  BC valve springs and retainers increase reliability of continuous high rpm use. On the bottom end side of things, upgrades followed with JE pistons and Eagle connecting rods, stronger parts that are able to take the boost…

…the Kamak modified T67-25G top mount turbo supplies. A GReddy wastegate is mounted along with the blower on the 6Boost manifold while spent gasses are dumped into the custom 80 mm exhaust…

…ending with a twin pipe set up with no silencers to be seen. Piping to and from the HDI intercooler has been kept as short as possible and leads into a custom Fabrication 81 intake plenum via a BMI 90 mm throttle. The ample fuel supply is delivered by four ID 1000 cc/min injectors, which are kept topped up by pair of Bosh 044 pumps in the trunk.  Engine management is handled by an Apex ECU and power is rated at 500 HP to the wheels. Dave decided to replace the stock transmission with an R33 GTS-T unit fitted with an OS Giken gear set. Powered is juggled via the Jim Berry clutch and sent to the Nismo 2-Way LSD at the rear via a single piece tail shaft.

Plenty of suspension modifications followed with a set of Racing Logic coilovers and a host of Ikeya Formula adjustable links. JPP Advanced knuckles take care of extending that all important steering angle. Hiding behind the glossy red Rota Grid wheels are BNR32 GT-R brakes at each corner.

The exterior has been fitted with a BN Sports aero kit with 30 mm spaced front and rear overfenders.

From this angle you can notice the staggered wheel fitment with 9.5Jx17s up front and slightly bigger 10Jx18" at the rear. Achilles rubber is used all round, 235/40R17 front, 265/35R18 rear.

Dave's wife Brie took care of designing the graphics, which were then made up by Clarke Signs. 

 It's hard not to notice the massive rear wing…

…or the wing stays, machined with the JPP logo. 

This was Luke's office for the weekend, a safe place to be in thanks to that roll-cage!

The main dashboard remains, but is joined with a custom center console…

…onto which a line up of GReddy gauges have been fitted.

To help the driver keep an eye on boost, the respective gauge is fitted on the left side of the instrument binnacle.

The Power FC Commander offers a few pages worth of useful readings from the ECU, making it easy to keep an eye on engine vitals.

Here is Luke in action during the Tectaloy drift competition where he managed to finish in 5th position. 

An imprssive car to say the least and now that it's all done Dave can't wait to drive it in anger. He will be behind the wheel this weekend duing a Powercruise demo run in Queensland as well as the Australian Drift Grand Prix round.

I'd like to thanks David & Brie as well as Luke for giving us some time to shoot the car at Eastern Creek during what must have been a very busy morning for everyone! Thanks guys!

Dave would like to thank:

- Dent Wizard

- Racing Logic


- Race Clutch

- Achilles Tyres

- Rota Wheels 

Here is the complete spec list:


In-house built S13 SR20DET block, modified to accept P12 Primera head,

JE Pistons & Eagle Rods

ARP full stud kit

Cosmetic head gasket

P12 Primera SR20VE head

OS Giken cam gears 

BC valve springs and retainers

Fabrication 81custom inlet manifold 

BMI 90mm throttle body

ID 1000 cc/min injectors

Aeromotive fuel regulator

ARC sump

HKS oil cooler

KOYO radiator

BMI ø90 mm throttle body

HDI intercooler

Custom I/C piping

6Boost exhaust manifold

Modified T67-25G Turbo

GReddy external wastegate

Stainless steel ø80 mm exhaust in to twin tips, no mufflers

GT-R lift pump

3-liter surge tank

Twin Bosch 044 fuel pumps

Fabrication 81 front wheel tubs



R33 GTS-T gearbox with OS Giken gear set

Adapter plate SR to RB

Custom Jim Berry race clutch

Single piece tail shaft

Nismo 2-way SLD

GT-R drive shafts


Suspension & Braking:

Racing Logic coilovers (8kg/mm springs front, 6 kg/mm springs rear)

Ikeya Formula lower front arms

Ikeya Formula tie rods

Ikeya Formula rear lower arms

Ikeya Formula rear castor rods

Ikeya Formula rear toe arms

JPP Advanced knuckles

Bolt on rack spacers

Cradle spacers

R32 GT-R brakes all round

URAS extra lock hand brake shoes



Type X taillights

BN Sports body kit

30mm front fenders with z spacing

30mm rear overfenders

Ban Sports rear wing & custom JPP stays

Graphics designed by Brie

Stickers done by Clarke Signs


Wheels & Tires:

Custom painted Rota GRID 9.5Jx17" +12 (front), 10Jx18" +15 (rear)

Achilles tires 235/40R17 (front), 265/35R18 (rear)



Fabrication 81 welded-in Cams-approved roll-cage

Racing bucket seat

Personal steering wheel

GReddy gauges

Custom center console

Power FC Commander

Japanese Parts & Performance

JPP Facebook Page

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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All that work and it's ruined by Rotas.


Is that a proper carbon tailgate or just a skin?


All that work and then Rotas :(


Great car--love the aesthetics of this car. Great graphic design on it and love the rims. Under the hood isn't too bad either. ;)


Probably the best coloured grids I've seen in a while, and nice graphics


She looks drunk with this lights :D


Haha I was just gonna say the same. Kinda ran out of money when he got to the wheels huh. Great car none the less.


Do people read the article or do they just randomly search for "rota" so they can flame it?

Come on people be a bit more constructive and appreciate the hard work that goes into these kind of cars!

Love the car and how it looks different from other s13s altough i cant rly pinpoint what makes it like that!


Lets throw 30 seconds on the clock and see how many comments we're gonna get on those Rotas.


That comment above flagging the car is clearly not me pretty sad attempt by some low life to make me look silly I love the Jpp car and clilling out at Jpp with Dave and brie all the time so to even think I would write something so silly is childish really haters gonna hate .....anyway I was super happy to drive the Jpp car I can tell you all personally driving a car of this caliber just makes things that much easier and pleasurable to drive In competition so once again thanks Dave and brie for the opportunity to drive such a awesome car at WTAC and thanks again to everyone that helped the team that weekend your all the best love you guys


I thought as much Luke, I'll remove the pretender. I hope your well mate ! - PMcG


With the amount of rims they have for this car it isn't in the realm of affordability to run works. Last I saw there was about 8 Pairs for it.


James, it's a track car.. For the price of one set of works we pretty much got 8 sets of rotas. For the sake of not being a brand whore we were able to run matching wheels all weekend. The rotas held up considerable well considering how many jap wheels got bent on the same ripple strips that Luke hit.


Who built the engine?

Love the car, great note when revving with the p12 head


Guy using finks name sounds like he is either stupid or just super jelous of fink lol Comments are extremely uneducated as for contracts with Jpp lol there good mates no contracts needed, getting paid lol it's drift in Australia come on dude if you going to imitate someone at least try to sound semi realistic I'm sure it won't be to hard for speedhunters to pass on your ip address so they can work out who you are anyway there is no space in the world for oxygen thiefs like yourself as for the car it looks awesome and original that is hard to do with a 180sx these days so cudos to Jpp car looked fantastic with fink behind the wheel at wtac


Didn't Luke get kicked out of the BDC?

Huge talent but why was that?


Luke Fink good going with the car. Is it possible to see a video from practice runs or whatever, i wonder about this whole Primera head idea, cause if it really gave more torque on low-mid revs that's something i would want with sr20 as well. =))) Cheers!


Who ever keeps posting shit comments using luke's name .. I feel embarrassed for u as jealously has consumed u so much to the point of having nothing better to do than pretend to be Luke and post stupid comments but we will take it as a compliment that u have nothing better to do with your time and life. Jpp car looks amazing and Dave & brie lawrie have been a huge help with mine and lukes personal cars, such kind people! :)


Awesome car, love the backwards entries it did :D


Roido 11 where did u get that bullshiiit from about BDC?? Haha Luke never even entered a BDC comp. All you idiots make me laugh, so much jealousy and uneducated ridiculously stupid comments


The 180 looked out at WTAC!

Fuck haters, not worth the time to argue with them.

Keep it up Fink and JPP!