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One of the biggest divides within the automotive community in recent times has been the constant and continuing argument regarding form and function, stance and performance. So many believe you can either have one or the other but never both. It still amazes me how riled up some can get over this difference in opinions and the amount of hate that can be generated. 

On one side of the argument, you have those who are primarily interested in aesthethics and creating something which can be seen as an extension of who they are.

On the other side, you have those who want to extract the absolute maximum amount of performance from a car at any cost.

But here is the thing about this whole argument – it's entirely and completely and utterly pointless.

Nobody is right and nobody is wrong and those who spend their time storing such hate for the opposition is really missing out on what it's like to be a true petrolhead.  

As Speedhunters we should all hold no hatred towards any aspect of the automotive world. Sure, we don't have to like everything we see – it would be a boring world if we were all to like the same things, right?

But similarly, there is nothing to gain for hating on something. Hate is nothing but wasted energy. If you don't like something, pay it no heed and instead spend the energy on something you love.

The last few years have seen the rapid rise of the Hellaflush and Stance movements. I'll be the first to admit that I didn't really get it at first but as time progressed and I had the opportunity to check these cars out in person, I began to appreciate why one would go to such extreme lengths to get a car and wheel combination to sit just right.

Brendan Gordon faced not only this challenge of sitting his Toyota Altezza with such aggressive fitment but also wanted to back up the looks with the power to match.

The Toyota Altezza comes with a Yamaha Beams 3SGE engine as standard and although it's a more than capable unit, it's quite expensive to extract power from the normally aspirated unit. After keeping tabs on the build of the SR20 powered Wexican Motorsport Altezza of Martin Ffrench, Brendan knew that going with the SR20 motor was a step in the right direction.

After contacting Wexican Motorsport, it wasn't long before the car was returned to Brendan with boosted Nissan power – 323BHP & 358LB/FT to be precise with plenty more left in reserve should he get bored of the power in the future. 

HKS Kansai coilovers were already on the car when it was originally imported from Japan so they were perfect for the job at hand.

The interior has been kept relatively stock with the exception of a Sparco wheel … 

… and a pair of Runfree seats. 

The exhaust system is a combination of a Japspeed manifold, HKS downpipe and HKS back box.

Styling has been kept relatively subtle spare for the Wexican Motorsport overfenders and bodykit to accommodate the rather large Work Meister S1s … 

… which come in at a rather respectable 18×11 ET10 up front and a monstrous 18×13.5 ET-10 out back.

Say what you will but I always love cars that blur boundaries like this.

It works and although taste is subjective, I think it looks quite good.

Regardless, it's a big enough world out there – can't we all just get along? 


Paddy McGrath

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Vehicle Specification

Toyota Altezza

Year : 1998

Mileage : 97,000klms

NCT : 10 / 2012

Tax : 10 / 2011


S14 (Early) SR20DET Engine

Japspeed Manifold

Greddy T517Z Turbo

New Greddy Adjustable Actuator

Mishimoto S13 Alloy Radiator with

Altezza Fans  

Altezza Expansion Tank

Just Jap S14 Intercooler

Sard Fuel Pressure Regulator

GTR Skyline Fuel Pump

S15 460cc Injectors


Blitz Uras Air Filter

HKS Altezza Downpipe

HKS Exhaust Box

Apexi Power FC & Commander

Blitz Dual Solenoid Boost controller

HKS Turbo Timer

Altezza Cat (Will pass NCT every time)

Wexican Motorsport Sub frame

Wexican Motorsport Radiator Mounts

Wexican Motorsport Intercooler Mounts

Wexican Motorsport Hard pipe Kit

Wexican Motorsport Slam Panel

Wexican Motorsport Fuel Return Line

Nismo Solid Engine Mounts

Lighting Loom Wire Tuck

Rocker Cover painted Toyota 040 Super white


S14 (Early) Gearbox

Exedy Single Plate Clutch

Braided Clutch Fluid line

Wexican Motorsport  Custom Prop shaft

Wexican Motorsport Gearbox Sub frame

Nismo Solid Gearbox Mounts

Altezza Rear Diff


Callipers rebuilt with all new seals

Black Diamond Grooved & Dimpled Discs

EBC Green  Pads


HKS Kansai Coilovers

New HKS Perch Rings

HKS Tower Brace


Work Meister 3 Piece S1’s

Front 18 x 11J : +10 offset : 255 / 30 ZR18

Rear 18 x 13.5JJ : -10 offset : 315 / 20 ZR18

Polished Dish

Custom 3 Stage Red Pearl Centre’s

TSR Decals


Wexican Motorsport Front Bumper

Wexican Motorsport Side-Skirts

Wexican Motorsport Over Fenders

Wexican Motorsport Carbon Fibre Vented Bonnet

TRD Rear Lip

Sparco Bonnet Catches

Lights Tinted with Laminex Race Film


Runfree Seats

Sparco Steering Wheel

Boss Kit


Mapped by Trackday Performance

323bhp @ Flywheel

358lbs Torque @ Flywheel



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Oh my eyes,.... This thing is BEAUTIFUL! I have always been of the mind that form should follow function as I believe that a car's performance is more important. But this car is amazing just to look at. But when I saw that it has the power to back it all up, I was instantly sold. Great looks, decent power and room for the family..., what more could one ask for?


That car actually looks really good though I'm biased.

The key is finding balance, people overdo the stretched and poke thing which creates the hate.

Car has the best of both worlds.


See I like builds like this. Me, the only time I get angry is when everyone just gets a damn Corvette motor in their car just to be "competitive" excuse. Doesn't fly with me. Being competitive takes skill not a v8.


Lol stance people butt hurt over broken fitments.



Thanks for helping to prove my point Alexis [:)] - PMcG




"..those who are primarily interested in aesthethics and creating something which can be seen as an extension of who they are."

Considering how pathetic Gen Y and Gen Z are, it is safe to say that NO ONE WANTS TO SEE AN EXTENSION OF WHO THESE PEOPLE ARE!

These are the same people responsible for running the tuning culture into the ground because they are more interested in their cell phones and facebook connectivity, than anything important.


I think that human kind is somewhat of a 6 year old child for the most part. Unless there is disaster, war, bloodshed, people learn and evolve as a society in a very slow and difficult manner, most times taking 10 steps back instead of moving forward during peace times. For a 6 year old kid, sometimes you can explain things to him/her, talk to her/him and the child might understand part of what he/she's being told. To better understand and grow up, the child needs to learn from mistakes, get hurt, get grounded, a good spanking sometimes and learn from these experiences. Same goes for modern society, if you go out there in the middle of the street and tell people to get along and work together, share wisdom of peace and harmony, some might listen, but most will just look at you crazy or just ignore you. I like to do my part to help people around me and work towards making a better world for me, for my family, for my children and the rest of the world.

I think the best advice also valid for the petrolhead community is:

Just live your life! Life is short, hard, harsh and beautiful at the same time, it is truthfully the experience of a lifetime!

Keep your heart at ease and your mind clear. You are free but at the same time, you share this world with other people, other creatures as well, ergo, your freedom only spans as far as where the other's freedom starts!

Respect yourself, respect the others, respect the environment and respect the world, after all, we are all only human at the end of the day, regardless of social status and wealth. :)

About this car, yes I like it. I enjoy both worlds, although I have to admit that I love driving too much to sacrifice performance over looks, but I know for a fact that there's always a way to have both, it just takes more effort to achieve an end product, a car that both looks awesome and goes like hell :)


I think when you boil it down, there are two universal customization paths: cars for cruisin' and cars for haulin'. The tension with the Hellaflsuh movement is the seemingly incompatible blending of the two. Like the above example: mix mega-buck performance and broken suspension and you get a ride that is neither capable on the track nor comfortable on the street. It's the worst of both worlds.


" If you don't like something, pay it no heed and instead spend the energy on something you love."

yep, and when you see rape/larceny in progress you just look the other way and quickly abandon this place to return to you beloved hobbies?


yo can have the best of both worlds just switch wheels and alignment specs.

i like this altezza but not a huge fan of the kit and wheels though

and rpg7 i think ur taking what paddy said a lil too seriously


Desktop please!


this pushed boundarys for altezza's/is300's.. great to see it was done in ireland too! great job... interesting words too paddy!


well said...the worlds big enough to turn your head in the other direction and not say anything negative,,,we're all car enthusiasts from import to domestic from classic to custom VIP gotta love the passion someone has to spend so much time and money to express themselves...awesome car by the way and motor looks clean too


Love it, agree fully


+1 to not hating. We all have our preferred style (I for one have little interest in wheels and fitment), but if you don't like something, move along. No one is "stupid" just because they don't agree with you.

Be an individual like everone else!


Cool I guess, personally I would have probably swapped a 2jz/6speed


i know a lad type r civic and for sake of looks and actualy looks shit and handles like a bag nails


And now I want an Altezza.


Why do people consider every negative comment about their car "hate" or "u mad?"

Aside from the many pointless discussions, there are people with good points to support their argument.

Stance can actually be done right when its not overdone, fit a decent size wheel and tire setup in there and see how much better it looks. You can have both.


Looks terrible, stretched tires should be permabanned from this existence. True petrolheads are SPEED hunters. If that means driving around daily in a Radical SR3 or a Dauer 962, so be it. Form follows function. Function NEVER follows form. This build would be perfectly fine with a wider tire. I don't mind slammed cars so long as the damping and suspension stroke are fine, the camber isn't ridiculous, and the tires are matched for contact area under cornering conditions, which stretched tires never are


I hate to be a dick, but Speedhunters writers really suck. This article sounds like it was written by a high school kid.


Eh sr20 in an altezza is cool to be different. (For at least the second time apparently) But 2JZ swaps seem more natural for the car. Even in the nissan world people turn to RB motors when looking for high power.


315s in the rear.... this is a perfectly acceptable form of stance + performance. The hate comes from people running 215's on cars that can easily support something far more substantial.


What!? No 2J?


At first, I thought the rims were black until I saw the close-up shots.

Nice car!


I thought this was a car blog not a rant session, nonetheless it's clean and stick to the cars.


I see we have a few case-in-points here, haha. You know, I went to Hellaflush V last year and realized something. I don't care when people slam the hell out of their Scion xB, Honda Fit or Golf. Sure they've made them barely drivable, but who cares? They're economy cars that were never designed to perform anyways.

However, it does bother me when people either...

A) Slam a sports car, for example a Miata, S2000, MR2, or S-chassis. All of these cars handled superbly off the showroom floor, yet all of these I have seen lowered wayyyyy too much. If you do this, not only have you made it look unnatural (read: bad), but you have destroyed the suspension geometry that the engineers so carefully designed. If you own a sports car and you want to make it an extension of yourself, remember that the performance capabilities of the car are an extension of itself.

B) Slam any car and continue to mod the engine/drivetrain. Your car is now slow. Its handling, and safety at speed, are limited by the alterations you made to the suspension. It doesn't matter if your Cressida is 2JZGTE swapped with Bride seat and Takata harnesses if it's a street sweeper and can't negotiate a lane change without white knuckles.

Transversely, the first also goes for people who spend obscene amounts of time, materials and money trying to make their econobox or other improper car track-worthy. The Scion tC is designed to go slow and make teenage boys look cool, not to go drifting (sorry, when you convert it to RWD and redo the whole rear end, that's not even a tC anymore).


Why not the 2jz gte instead of the sr20det???


Not hating, other than the wheel fitment (I'd rather have less wheel lip more tire.)

Either way, the car looks fantastic and the wide body completes the look : )




I'd go out on a limb and say most people like a stanced/flush car. It's when the wheels get closer to horizontal than vertical that polarizes the scene.



Best of both world meaning:

A fast street driven car that kicks butt at the track and a car that also looks good (and not too run to the ground) for the shows. Once you get past the point of no return for both sides though, there are compromises though that is another topic.

This Altezza featured here seems to have both (assuming its interior is fully intact) which imo what most average enthusiast should strive for, unless of course you are trying to accomplish a particular goal. It is a very complete car all around which is what we want to see more of.

You can adjust a good suspension set to suit your needs as well. Well.....maybe its kind of a moot point when some people are willing to live with a harsh ride and some want a smooth ride like a Cadillac. People have different tolerances.

Great title: Finding the Balance : )

We need more cars like this!!..........Props.


Good write up. Im sick of haters.


Weak minds and fragile egos will always categorize a unbiased critical observation and statement of fact as "hate".


Good post. I ended up saving every picture in this post. lol and wow there are some really immature folks here...


I think the best version of function over fit has to be MadMike, he has super low stance and a car that can do sideways with no effort?!


I say to each his own and screw everyone else as long as you are not harming others or breaking the law. Its your money, spend it how you want. If I don't like what you do I should at least have the decency to accept and move on without dissing. Personally I would never drive an ultra low machine but they look great! Love this Altezza by the way nice blend of form and function.


Some people are so precious. If you don't like what someones done with their car why don't you go out and build something better instead of bitching at someone who's gone out and done it already themselves. It just shows you're pathetic. The amount of time and energy i've seen across the web of self-righteous wankers having a go at other peoples creativity or tastes is ridiculous. Could you imagine if that effort went into something constructive? We'd have aids cured by now, laptops would be 5 times as fast and would last for 2 weeks without a charge, global warming would be solved and our dependence on fossil fuels would be cut..

I'm probably not over-exaggerating either. The sheer number of people who have that holier than thou opinion of themselves is staggering..


i wonder if the wexican bodykit makers ship to the us =)


I only hate when it's something stupid. I hate stretched tires because they can be downright dangerous. What gives you the right to put others at risk because you want to drive a "hellaflush" car on the road? A 205 tire on an 11" rim for example is a completely unsafe combination - yet I see it and similar fitments frequently. There are legitimate safety reasons that certain size tires are rated for certain width rims.



Lol how old are you?


TJ, you have just summed up that its not Gen Y or Gen Z that is wrong with the car world, its people like you.

Get off your high horse and grow up, being a Gen Y myself seeing comments like this really shit me off

OT, this car is awesome!


why would you put an sr in something that comes with an inline six here in the states trading the possibillity of an inline six turbo for a four cylinder turbo i dont know about balance


GEEZUS! How did they get so much torque out of that SR?!?!



Keep doing what your doing. Your articles are by far my favorite on Speedhunters, and thats saying alot considering the quality of the site. The War on Hate is progressing :D



Don schula

The Altezza RS2000 comes with a highly tuned N/A I4 with VVT, it's a great unit but not very tuneable. The !6 you are talking about is the 1G in the IS300, which is the non-JDM version of the IS-platform, which was softer and heavier than the JDM Altezza. Those also came with VVT and are pretty hard to tune IIRC. Not many parts around for them. The SR20 is good for an easy, reliable and relatively cheap 350+ BHP, the same can't be said for either the Lexus or Toyota units.


Some people without go over the top... But this thing is absolutely beautiful!

And, I'm sure it performs just fine...


Street tuning is supposed to be inspired and influenced by race cars.  Not driven by rap music and drug culture (drug dealer taste).

If it is 'hate' to correctly pointing out that these fads that turn cars into underivable pieces of trash, then go back to hydraulic car jumping and dragging minitrucks and leave the world of performance cars alone.


'Supposed to be' does not mean it 'has to be' right?

I love performance cars but I also love cars that are the product of someone's creativity and hardwork. The car was created to allow us and our friends and families to travel in comfort and relative speed. If cars were only built for outright performance, it would be a pretty bleak looking world. - PMcG


Love the car, just drove a stock IS300 and they are a total blast - small, balanced, nimble and tossable yet full of RWD potential, I bet this featured car is amazing fun! So right on with the comments about hatred being a waste of energy, so is the fight to back up your opinion with facts or proof, there is no need to even argue the merit of stance or circuit fitment, etc., they can co-exist just fine! I'm on the hunt for an IS300 sportcross to LS1 swap and these Wexican overfenders give me goosebumps in the best way! This cars mega wide wheels are sick!


Criticism of the flushies is not hate.

There are a lot of people who love cars, and they can't stand what the flushies are doing to the scene. It's the flushies that hate. The flushies hate when people tell them how much they are screwing up things that they love so much.


Greetings from Finland!

THIS JUST IN: Arguing on the internet over some tires and rims is the most retarded thing ever.

And i love that Altezza.


I totally agree that criticism is not hate and that's not what I was trying to say. Fair criticism is one of the most important aspects of our community and it's something that we need as we and our scene continues to evolve.

When I mention those that hate, I'm not referring to those with a difference of opinion. Instead, I'm referring to those who offer unfair and overly harsh one sentence criticisms without even attempting to justify or explain their view. These are also the sort who jump to conclusions without taking the time to read or examine the facts.

Whether you like performance or styling, the automotive world is a big enough place for us all to have the room to appreciate things just how we like them. By prejudging others and how they go about things, you're closing your mind and you will never truly be able to appreciate the automotive world in its entirety and you will miss out on so, so much.

Also and for the record, this car moves very, very swiftly and handles just fine.



Every build Brendan has done has been flawless..

I can't explain how wet this car makes me!


unreal car...i love it


Summarized based on the comments for overly the sensitive readers with hurt feelings:

Fair criticism is fair. There is a difference. Actual hate is hate.

Anyways.......Paddy, post more cars just like this. Props to the owner.





This car belongs to myself, I would like to thank Paddy for the excellent shots and the interesting take on the feature. The build of this car would not have been possible without the expert knowledge and commitment from those who worked on it, I feel that it is only right that they should share the credit for end result :

Martin Ffrench (Wexican Motorsport)

Dave O'Hara (Japanese Performance)

Robbie Thornton (Trackday Performance)

Dermot Egan (Egan Crash Repairs)

Dave Weir

Conrad Slater

I didn't build the car to push boundries, I built it over a year cause I saw this or that part that took my fancy, it is a daily driver, I collect my son, my missus (when needs be) and the shopping in. Its used for work and driven on all the crap roads in Ireland. To answer a two questions on the car :

Why choose an SR20 over a 1JZ or 2JZ ?

Very simple, cost of the conversion, the engine and box and the daily running costs like petrol, tax and insurance. Not to mention there is a vast amount of tuning products available here in Ireland to extract more power from the SR20 for little cost.

Why stretch the tires ?

Simply put I like the visual effect however I am not interested in doing it to a dangerous level, as stated above some tires pushed to fit super wide rims is crazy, I think the 315 is a perfect compromise for a 13.5JJ wheel and they have never been an issue for loosing pressure.

So thanks you for all your comments good and bad, we can't all like the same things in life, it would be very boring if that were the case. I think people should always do their own thing but it is important not to get blindsided, asking for people opinions and advice whether good or bad will always give you food for thought and who knows might save you time and money in learning from their own experience. Anyone else wants to ask a question then fire away...


fair play bren.. now drift the fucker! i see it parked too much haha


You know what bothers me? When other people do stuff to their cars that I do not approve of. I mean it's their cars but I have to look at them. They should consider my feelings when they are building their cars!

Wait, that doesn't make sense...


This car is having a major identity crisis, and I definitely don't see the balance of function and "form" (stance) here. The tires are just waaaay too small to do any good. I would have expected it to be a high compression ITB 2jz, not an sr. put some wheels that fit the car and 50mm wider tires please.


Well said Paddy!

And that Altezza is stunning,.


I 4 pot is fine, but the 3sge beams engine has a much more powerful cuisine in the 3sgte and is just as easy to tune as the sr20 engine. Depending on your preference ofcourse. Not without reason where the 3sgte engine used in all kinds of racing from WRC to JGTC.

But that aside, nice looking car none the less, kudos!



With the exception of a few, I think that this article has produced some fair and insightful comments.

People get a clue, if someone blatantly talks sh*t about a car without a legitimate argument proving why he disagrees for no reason other than to stir something the pot, that is Hate.

Most of these "hate" comments are actually debates or just their opinions on a public website.

It is kind of like the word "Rice" and how its commonly misused by egotistical meatheads.

So people don't like your taste in cars, take it with a grain of salt and move on.

Every style its "haters". I just find it funny how stance people get so defensive in an attempt to justify their often poor choice; read beat up fenders, and shiny sidewalls due to having no clearance with the fenders.

Imo, there is a proper way to get the stance right, otherwise its just halfassed.

This car has a good balance, proper fender flares so the car doesn't have -100 degrees of camber to fit those wide wheels and tires. If you look at the body work, it is also pristine and that the ride height is reasonably low, not laying on the floor scraping low.

This is a great example of how you can integrate style and performance with some careful thinking put in, no corners cut in this one.


So many people taking shit personally like someone went out and stanced out their pride and joy without permission. Is it your car? No? Then why so angry? Damn, folks need to know what it means to appreciate cars and not act like 5 year olds who want to hog all of the cars to themselves. There is always going to be someone who wants their car differently than you would and THANK GOD FOR THAT.

Nice Altezza and good write up btw.



yEaH m@N f&Ck Th3M hAtArZ!!!


You know what bothers me 92gsr? When some moron decides that his profound statement of self expression is going to be how cool he looks driving around in his car with the wheels cocked at a 45 degree angle to the ground, and he promptly slides his Lex-finiti into the side of my parked car, totaling it, because it doesn't matter if he has 400 mm tread width tires and 15 inch brake rotors, with the tires cocked at a 45 degree angle to the ground, he has the contact patch equal to that of a ten speed bicycle, and it takes five or ten thousand yards to stop his four thousand pound luxury automobile from the ripe old speed of 35 or 40 miles per hour.

Now that's what bothers me. The existence of stance makes a good case for requiring anyone modifying a automobile suspension to be certified for competency and have a government issued license.


This just might be the sickest IS Ive ever seen..... Completely agree with the logic too, at the end of the day if the owner is proud of their build we should respect that, not hate on it.


great write up :)

amazing looking car,its absolutely beautiful!!




The majority of the supposed hate comments are not about the car, but about the writer's claim that this car, which is only mildly f-ed up, somehow excuses all of the stance cars that are severely f-ed up.

Proving once again that whiners gotta cry hate.


Damn, kids getting all excited in here. The car, and the owners' mature insights into this post were a breath of fresh air when sifting through all the nonsensical "opinions". The OP said it best.. "Hate is nothing but wasted energy. If you don't like something, pay it no heed and instead spend the energy on something you love." Why even bother looking at the article if you knew it did not appeal to you? My taste lies mainly with japanese tuning styles, all types.. Ultra low, wide wheeled, big kitted drift cars to the crazy ass anime Vanning style to purely function oriented street cars from tuners like MCR.. I can appreciate aspects from them all. But when an article is posted about a euro event or car, I honestly don't even read it. NOT because I dislike that "style", but because it simply does not appeal to me. I don't open it up and complain that every car seems to have BBS mesh wheels, I just pass on by, and let them do their thing. Even if I did make a bunch of negative statements about it, do you really think my opinion is going to sway their taste in tuning? All it does is create tension and hate on both sides, and THAT is what I think is ruining the culture, NOT any one style of "tuning". All that anyone can and should be doing is just respect people for what they do, which is enjoy their car in whatever way they choose to, and move on. As should 95% of the people posting here.


I'm glad to see a car that is nicely done with good quality parts and minimal use of knock-off parts.

Even though I disagree with his wheel/tire width choice, it is a good looking car and very clean too.

A meaty set of TE37 SL's with the right size tires would look at home in the widened fenders this car has.

Again, props to the owner for a clean car.

@Mr. Obvious

Thank you. Thank You for having very insightful, unbiased, and truthful comments. You and 92gsr can see the light unlike people that call simple criticism hate. Stance people get too sensitive trying to justify their tastes and quickly dismiss and constructive criticism as hate.

You guys have very valid points, this is what I'm preaching everywhere. People need to get educated on these risks; think tire sidewalls blowing out from stretch, car bottoming out from having no suspension travel.

When people eventually mature, they will look back and see how ridiculous this fad really is.

So of the car is not interested in building an all out performance car, which is fine is one thing. Sacrificing safety to meet a specific goal of getting a certain look is the main concern, which causes the "hate"...................................


@Jon, SamP, Chris Davy she's

Truly clueless..............

You guys are way too sensitive.

No hating, just Educating.

Is today's enthusiast blinded by style trends? So being the guy that makes tries to help someone makes me the bad guy?

Its the fact that people don't care that causes people to build these trendy, unsafe hipster mobiles.

There is no guideline on how build a cars style yes, but there is a general guideline people should follow in regards to safety, every car manufacturer does why can't you? It is basic physics.

Think about it for a sec.

If people are truly building it for themselves, they wouldn't post it online and guess what happens on a public website? They make comments good or bad.

Yes it hurts that people dedicate lots of time to build the cars only to get heat for it.

The public needs to be informed, no matter how stupid,stubborn or immature the kids are, they are going to be the enthusiast of the future.

Wasn't the main idea for modifying cars is to increase performance in the first place?

The reason there was even a market for modifying sport compacts?

Heck even show cars of the past had race parts even though they don't use it (which is funny). But they have the potential to kick ass if they were used.

Its easy to dismiss mere criticism as "hate" but its difficult to accept it and learn from it.

No Hating, just Educating....

Read books, learn how a car works then you can what you're missing out on.



Another clueless kid sigh....


Sad day when people just cant say ' NICE CAR' without putting there 2 cents in. NICE CAR'


Not a single stance-hater shows up and spouts hate in person.

Every single one is a coward, hiding behind the anonymity of a keyboard, declaring their own right-ness.

What they fail to accept, is that they will be dead in 70 years. They will leave no lasting legacy. Nobody will remeber them. Life is a brief dream. Their hate is just as meaningless as oni-camber.


Emo children, the world does not exist to affirm you or your stupidity. Go cry hater somewhere else, the automotive world doesn't want you or your tantrums.


I'm with ya!


 Hey hows tings you would ent have martin frenchs number by any chance putting an sr20 into my tezza but cant gets his number