Luke Huxham and Aaron Mai over at Maiham Media have been busy lately working on a lot of RWB related projects. This latest video takes a look at what it's like to own one of Nakai-san's creations as Shinji, the owner of the Good Hills Speed 964, chats a little about his car and his passion for all things RWB. Hit play and enjoy yet another cool vid from Luke.

Maiham Media

Rauh Welt Begriff 

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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wow- sick editing skills, sick car, sick dialogue, sick track!! Love Japan!!! Any car they touch is an instant style setter!


Fantastic video Luke! I was smiling all the time!


music ?????????????????


black and white really does not do those cars any justice, very well produced little film though. I'd like to see a full length RWB Documentary from Luke.


I didn't catch the part about roll center geometry, anyone know what he said exactly?


Awesome 964. It's a shame that you really do need a healthy bank roll to afford a genuine Nakai-san RWB Porsche make-over.


@Cadir Anotnio Guevara

thats curtis mayfield if im not mistaken


Did anyone else immediately think of Wangan Midnight when he said he was a doctor?


I did, but for some reason my comment was not posted (yet). Blackbird versus Devil Z.


Is this the doctor from Wangan Midnight Express driving the Blackbird?

Nice video.


I love japan thnk u for givin me a better option than yankee german


@Antonio: The song is Pusher Man by Curtis Mayfield.


Curtis Mayfield, Soundtrack from Superfly



He says there is no existent roll centre geometry, so I assume they haven't taken RC's when designing the suspension (I seem to remember RWB car's have one off suspension builds). He then laughs, which further supports this as he also understands the importance of RC's to handling! He just wants it looooow.


@ D.L. & @Cadir Anotnio Guevara - its a clip from the movie "superfly" plus one of the songs from the curtis mayfield soundtrack of that same movie. Props to RWB, the work is thorough and eye catching


that teal porsche at the end...oh my god... i started drooling...


Just wanted to say (and I rarely do anything but browse, like most people on this site), but this was an aweosme video.

Just came back from japan, and you make me miss it again. Also, the artistic vision (I dunno if I'm even qualified to use words like that since I'm not an artist or cinematographer at all) of this video is fantastic.

I was hooked from start to finish. Great job


The best thing is that I never liked porsche. That was just a expensive car for well suited people. But everything changed when I saw RWB about year ago...