If you follow international motorsport at all, then you probably know about Circuit of the Americas being constructed right now in Austin, Texas in preparation for the 2012 Formula 1 US Grand Prix.

Naturally us Americans are pretty excited about this, and the Circuit has been releasing some cool time lapse footage showing construction progress.

Anyone planning a trip to Texas next year to see the return of F1 to the United States?

-Mike Garrett



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Will it have right hand turns?



Not planning on going (just LOOK at prices for an F1 event!) but I am completely stokes to have F1 in America again. Tell you what though, if someone ever could make a F1 Long Beach Grand Prix happen again, no price would be too high.


I wouldn't miss it for the world!


Old news.


After watching the undeniable hoonage of car swapping at Watkins Glen between Lewis Hamilton and Smoke Stewart...I must hear the scream on an F1 engine in anger again. I have to go to the US F1 Grand Prix no question.

I just like how they chose the location- Nothing could beat the cheap land prices of Texas but they had to pick the most Liberal city there to build this mega structure....mostly for the sake of investment value.


Nope. But 2 friends and myself are gonna make the 500 miles trip to Belgium in two weeks to watch it there :D


Fingers crossed it doesn't turn out to be another Tilkedrome! How does that guy STILL get to design the majority of F1 circuits!?


Never going to match the Canadian GP & atmosphere of Downtown Montreal which I have been attending for last 22 years. I wonder how slippery and cold it will be since FIA placed it on the calendar in NOVEMBER!


i dont know why they have to build a new track when there are F1 tracks built in the US already...


American don't care about F1, i don't understand why do they want a F1 race so bad


" I wonder how slippery and cold it will be since FIA placed it on the calendar in NOVEMBER!"

Ed Lee-

You're aware the average November temp in Austin is 64°F (17°C), right?

November will be perfect, that's just the start of fall in Texas.


Glad that USA is building another nice track, but that video is worthless.


Living only about 200 or so miles from Austin, the F1 race next year is definitely going to be on my calendar for a road trip. Although it will be more like a camping trip because I forsee I'll be sitting in the gen admission grass area. Tickets prices for the first race will be high I'm sure.


Me and my whole family will be going!


who cares how much it cost its f1 in america im already saving up for the trip from socal to texas for the first race


I will be there 100%... and I'm bring a crew of people !! Puerto Rico represent !!


When you think about Formula 1, there's a few key factors that instantly cross your mind: the cars