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We here at Speedhunters spend a lot of time doing things related to cars. Whether it's photographing them, writing about them, driving on them, working on them, or just sometimes just sitting around dreaming about them.

We also enjoy driving them virtually in the wide array of racing games out there today, and we often get to debating about which games we play and which platforms we play them on. Some of us prefer relaxing in the living room with our favorite console, others use PCs with full driving rigs. Some of us even get our virtual racing fix on mobile platforms while on Speedhunting trips.

I personally play racing games on just about every platform out there, but we are curious to hear from you guys on the topic.

What is your platform of choice when it comes to racing games? After making your choice, feel free to let us know why you picked what you did in the comments section. Let the debate begin!

-Mike Garrett



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how dare you vote for "don't regularly play racing games" what a noob!


my racing game on ps3 will always be grand turismo hell i learn how to drift in that game in gt3 lol all the way up i try in almost every racing game i play lol


its all about iRacing!!!!


im a die hard gran turismo player gt4 mosstly. but i broke down and bought forza 3 for my nephews xbox and got a little upset that i wasted all that time and money waiting on gt5 when forza is a 100% better game.


Definitely PC!

Beginning with the graphics; these are so much nicer than PS3 or xbox360 or any other console. DirectX11 is another example of it.

Using a xbox360 controller for Windows, or a Logitech G25 increases the realistic driving experience.


if i tell you what console i use will EA make a good game for it?


forza motorsports hands down


I've chosen PS. Because i play in it the most of time. Exactly in Live For Speed, rFactor, Race 07. But before i played in ps2 in gt4. it was nice game.

P.S. you would do the steering wheels vote. because everybody use it. For example i use Logitech Driving Force PRO. It's very nice wheel.


ps3 and GT5.. im a drift machine.. waiting for a drift game to be released those.. Tops up to the creators of DiRT2 and 3


PC hands down

rFactor or iRacing with a Logitech g25 and Track iR

There is nothing close to that on either PS3 or Xvox


Forza Motorsport for life...played 'em all, and no other game comes close to the real deal than the simulation physics with a racing wheel on Forza


PC,since I don't have money atm for PS3 or Xbox.


It always used to be Xbox 360 with Forza, but ever since I decided to take the jump and buy a steering wheel for the pc (with clutch), it's been nothing but PC sim racing for me. I just can't get enough, mainly rFactor and Race 07, but probably also gonna buy LFS soon.


PC for proper simulators! Consols for party play :)


forza3 on xbox360. pisses me off that you can't FEEL what's happening, but it's an otherwise impressively realistic game.


I voted PS3, allthough I think Forza is better than GT5... only downside is that you can't hook a Logitech wheel on an Xbox 360?!!

Btw what game's the image from?


Forza motorsport all the way from the very 1st. Physics, speed sensation, fun, you can customize your car, no silly license, the lot. Can't wait for forza 4


Forza on Xbox 360! And btw, thanks EA for blocking Porsche from Forza 4 you damn greedy bastards. I cancelled my pre-order for The Run in an instant.


Forza for xbox360 . . cant wait to play forza 4 . . forza 3 is outstanding . . need for speed shift 2 unleashed is also a pretty good game . . time attack and racing is excellent on it but the drifting experience is much better in forza 3 and much more realistisc !!!


LOL, I find it hilarious that nobody is voting for NFS even tho this is a EA website! Worst game ever. Hands down GT5 and PS3, would go for PC sim if I had the right rig to run it.


I have voted for PC, however I have to say that Shift1 is a really nice game and I really enjoy it being hard and what not, however drifting sucks! Could've easily left it out of the game cause the dynamics stink. Shift2 is awesome, graphics-wise and you can really get a feel of the suspension and everything, however I wish it wasn't so undrivable... That "automatic-pilot" or what you call it is just such a morron! I go straight, he steers left, I turn in hard, he crashes, so I learn and next time I take the same corner I steer easy, but this time, he doesn't steer at all or goes the opposite direction! Amongst other bugs... It really is nice to have a challenging game, with opponents not just jumping out of the way and what not, but when it gets this difficult to use, it defeats the whole goal, which is fun! So now, when I feel like playing Shift2, I get bummed and rather choose Shift1 cause it is usable.

U know what any professional racing driver, technician would say "the fastest car is also the easiest car to drive"....


Gran Turismo is LAME........FORZA for LIFE!!!!!


you guys at EA need to make a dedicated drift game with all the best drift cars and tracks from around the world


I think pc is the best, you can play with joypads, steering wheels and everything as long as your pc is good enough to handle the games ;D


PS3 in the livingroom because of maximum comfort & it's closer to the fridge & cold beers.


PC games era more realistic, look´s like you are driving a real race car, on PS3 te feeling isn´t the same, but the graphics on PS3 e xbox are much better.


Seems like it's going to be a battle between Forza and Gran Turismo.


anybody saying anything on ps3 or xbox hasn't played on PC yet, because once you do you don't go back, guaranteed


I play on the xbox because of Forza motorsport, basically, and the community around that. I would like to race on PC but I can't afford the components to make rig that would play any of the decent sims properly.


Forza 3 > NF/GT


I voted PC... but actually it's a Mac ;-)

but a few years ago it was PS2 only...


xbox 360, Forza 3 for the win! Forza is my pick becouse you can build any car in the game to be a fully built drift car or grip slayer.


Xbox. Mainly on Forza, can't wait till Forza 4, it's just a shame EA had to be selfish ****s and withhold the Porsche license, as if it's gonna help sell the mediocre NFS series.


Xbox. Mainly on Forza, can't wait till Forza 4, it's just a shame EA had to be selfish ****s and withhold the Porsche license, as if it's gonna help sell the mediocre NFS series.


I loved Forza 3! Thought I would be converted to PS3 for a long time with GT5, but I was a little underwhelmed and am now looking forward to Forza 4 and being back on the Xbox.


PC of course.


I picked xbox360 because i love Forza and thats what its on. I feel its a lot more realistic driving expierience. All graphics and car lineups aside i think forza has the most life like physics of any driving game. The drifting is top notch and blows everything else out of the water. Craving it now lol


Live for Speed on pc. everything else is just a game.


Would say both PS3 and X-box 360 but mostly PS3


Xbox 360 would get more votes if EA stopped depriving gamers of Porsches in Forza 4.


well I could've enjoyed racing with a Falken GT3 RSR on Sebring in Forza 4 if y'all EA -JUGGLING THUNDERC***S HADN'T REFUSED TO LET TURN10 USE THE PORSCHE LICENSE FOR THEIR GAME.

EA can s**k my b***s now. They'll never get my money again.  move, EA. And I know I'm not the only one thinking that way.


sigh... i dont have time for video games =/


PS3 based purely on gran turismo


PS3 is the best, don't need to spend rivers of cash to get a great game running with perfect framerate, Gran Turismo and Need for Speed Shift, and if yu can afford the steering wheel it's even better.


PC graphics blow consoles completely out of the water. So much wheel compatability is also a welcome feature. GT5 drifting is still my favorite, especially considering the community, but if they released it for PC, I'd buy it in a heart beat. As much as I love the NFS series, I just can't bring myself to play it anymore. The car's controlls feel disconnected, and oversteer is almost entirely unavoidable.


Where's the "I put my car on the trailer and head for the local track" option?


Either the PS3 or XBOX360. I don't have a wheel, though, because that's money that could be spent on modifying my real car. :-P


Xbox 360 and forza because I'd give up the graphics, sound effects, and damage models of GT5 for the sheer tuning capabilities of forza including engine swaps and paint and everything else that makes it ten times more fun than gt5/ the freaking liscenses and medals in GT% such bull, anyways Forza FTW.


i said ps3 but that might change when forza 4 comes out


any way I can get my dirt fix


always been an admirer of the Forza Motorsport franchise, played 1, 2 & 3 to the bone, and now anticipating the 4th addition of the franchise. it's looking sick! :)


I-Racing nothing else compares


I played a lot racing games on ps3 and xbox360, Forza 3 is for me the best racing game.

NFSSU2 was dissapointing wich i allready knew when i bought it but want to give it a go.

Way to less cars (but they have a RPS13), handeling and fysics are bad.

They do have a nice amount of racing tracks, and they look pretty realistic.

GT5 is cool, a lot of really cool japanese cars, but to less european cars.

But after the delays it isnt THE game they said it would be.

Forza 3 is my favorite, but the tracks do not look to realistic.

No RPS13 :(, nice features as storefront etc.

A PC with racingseat and a good wheel is the next step for me.

For now i cant say anything about racing on PC.

I think EA will never make a proper racing game, because they never learn to build a good engine for there games.

Sorry for the bad English.


even if i'm a die hard Granturismo fan too since the 1st, i've played on pc with lfs a bit, i was just so good with the G25, so realistic, difficult and rewarding

unfortunately, my computer is a vintage piece of crap...had to give up

then i went to forza 2 and 3 and had good times with both but now GT5 is out on PS3, i'm all about it

only sad thing is that the game doesn't fully support the G25, among others major problems, anyway, i love it so bad

but i still remember with a smile on my face enthusia on PS2, it was some GT4 clone for those who don't know but physics were just awesome, there was a clutch, and a REAL touge...funnest game back then


PC : Life for speed... Realism over fun :)


PC - mostly due to the community mods. Shift2 has some nice ones available. And GTR2 is hard to beat too.


I'm really bothered that EA has blocked Porsche from Forza 4. I will not be purchasing any EA titles featuring cars from now on.

Forza 3/4 will still be my pick.


grann turismmooooooo


Ps3 using my steering wheel "rig" ie wheel and tv tray table


GT series 4EVER


iRacing is where the real racing is at!

But if im on the console im arting up Forza!


Forza 3 every time. Xbox is where its at, lol. (never played iracing etc)

oh and EA...FUUUU a million times. Lighten up, and let go a little...


Forza motorsport 3 and soon forza motorsport 4 on xbox 360.

I like to play drift race online and collect and tune the cars of my dreams principally japaneses


Everyone who is a fan of racing games, go to http://www.LFS.net today. Live For Speed is the most realistic racing game I have ever played. When I play racing games, this is my go-to 95% of the time.


Still working on getting GT5


XBox 360 with Forza 3 - there just hasn't been a racing game on the PC to make me take the plunge. PC is my preferred gaming platform.


I picked up the xbox because i really like the long throw on the trigger of the Xbox controller. It gives really nice feel to braking thresholds - I like to play with all the aids off, so its important to me to have a lot of latitude for feathering imput


I prefer PC


forza 3 without a doubt so much better control with the accelerator and brakes in comparison to the ps3 controllor and gt3...cant wait for forza 4!!!! WOOOO


PS3. Although I really need a wheel. I play lots of GT5 and F1 2010. Anxiously waiting for F1 2011 and GRID 2. Been rather disappointed with the Shift series.






I play on the PS3 because of Gran Turismo. It's also compatible with the Logitech wheels(I use the G27), unlike the Xbox 360. When I get a decent computer, I'm most likely also going to be playing iRacing and Gran Turismo on both the PC and PS3.


I use a Ps3 for all my decent gaming. I do have GT5 but honestly, I prefer Shift2 Unleashed and I picked up a copy of Hot Pursuit today. :D WOOO.


Forza is IMO the best racing series ever, its absolutely amazing for what it is. Im sure there are better looking games or better race simulators, but it is the only reason I look at cars on games.


anyone know Enthusia for PS2? ... it is the best


I was all about the PC racing, but it got too expensive to keep up with the hardware requirements

On the Xbox 360, I get a "guaranteed" experience everytime.... but I do miss the customization of a PC game


How about NOT wasting time with games and jumping to a real car at the track.


for the first time ever I tought that NFS will have somthing to say but after i installed the the game , run the game , behind wheels of white GTR , first turn at first event Suzuka , , , whats wrong with this guys ,i said.I think there are millions of people agree with me that the NFS was , is and will always be a adventure not a racing game. my god , realasticness 0 mark. sound 0 mark, driving pleasure 0 mark , having fun 0 mark. you know somthin its really better for EA to going on with taht classic style hot persuite or somthin like that. lets GT on PS keep creat such racing games. GranTourismowith G25 is real deal i think.not even forza. in GT you cam simply feel the move , weight , speed and gravity.


I got an Xbox 360 because I was too impatient to wait for GT5. Fell in love with Forza and have been playing it for about 2 years straight now...


gran turismo ps3 ftw....



+1 I can't agree more with you ... We all are cars nerds, so why don't share the Porsche licence instead of being stupid and not allow Porsche fan to use them on the game they want ... EA : Lame ...


PS3.. everyday.. all day!


XBOX, definately for the 'Win'

[via NuggetG60YorkshireUK's computer]


Any game except need for speed...really ONLY Forza 3 (xbox) and Grand Turismo 4/5 (PS2/3).


I'll admit it. Gran Turismo is what got me into cars in the first place.


I loved the GT series. There was nothing close!! Then Forza cam out and I was hooked!! Played all three title fanaticaly, especially FM3!! Then GT5 was released and it looked soooooooo good!! Drifting, smoke, crystal graphics!! So I bought a PS3 and GT5 and "Wah wah!!". Such a massive disappointment!! The biggest being the fact that you only get 200 premium cars of the thousnad odd in the game. Sooo disappointed!!

I'm now eagerly awaiting FM4. I will not be buying another game from the GT series.

Long live Turn 10!!!

Oh, so that's 1 more vote for Xbox 360.


PS3 is the best. GT5 is great, all 3 Dirt games as awsome. Have both Shift games & number 2 was better than number 1 although its still not enough like a simulator as id like. Even with a G25 its to arcadey.


PS3 + GT5 + a good wheel = WIN. The physics engine is far superior to any other racing game I've played under $500, and the graphics are really pretty good. I've played all of the Forzas and they all are weak sauce in the actual driving experience. I don't care about drifting, I like to actually race, and the Forza engine is all about unrealistically sliding your car around. The cars dimensions are all screwed up also. The latest Forza does have better sound than GT5, and the customization is more involved which is a plus. All the NFS games have sucked. They're way too cartoony in every aspect. PC games require an expensive PC, and usually the graphics and sound and overall fun aspect are meh.

So yeah, GT5 on PS3 with a good wheel is the best.



Ps3 with gran trurismo


currently i've been playing racing games on 360 because PS3 only has GT5, and the 360 has had a couple of good ones so far. if i could afford a decent PC and wheel and pedal setup, i'd probably do that instead. no matter what platform i'm on i'm always sure to avoid NFS games though.


I've choose PS3 cause since I get the PS1 I been playing Gran Turismo an I think is the best racing game ever, but it need some changes. I think that the perfect racing game is the physics and graphics like the GT5 and the tuning of the NFS, something like that. And more aggressive cars for the GT5, I get a bit disappointed with the GT5 car list but in other....may be .... 6 years probably, exist the Gt6


PC, just because the racesim games.

I`ve played racesim`s like the group of gmotor`s engine (f1 99` champs, rfactor, gtr, and so on..) since 2000.. so i`ve seen the evolution of the scene, like the born of some studios, independent games like netkar pro and lfs (so sad they just "freeze" in time) and seen some projects dying too, like Racer.

The most extreme racesim in my opinion today is iRacing.

This passion born with The Driver, NFS and GT for psx! but the nfs series died for me after the hot pursuit II edition...reborn with prostreet and i`m really happy with the nfs:shift series!

sadly I don`t taste the Motor City Online... it`s one of my dreams to see this gourgeos project return`s (and a new Road Rash edition too hehe)! the WoW sucess show`s that the world it`s ready now for really HUGE MMO games!


Ummm should have let me choose PC PS3 and XBOX 360.. because everybody knows you cant build skill if you restrict yourself to one damn console! GRID GT5 FORZA3 FTW!


I used to be all about the PC games, but once I started racing for real, my sense of what the car's doing up on the screen totally went away. I'm useless without the feedback from the wheel and the posterior anymore. The only crutch that helps compensate is the swingman view from behind so I can see the car's attitude.


Gran Turismo on the Playstation will always be my favorite game. That's the game that got me into cars


right now GT5 on PS3. except it isnt as good as it should have been. honestly i think i like all of forza 3 better except the physics, menu styles, and graphics (cars still look to fake for me). the last time i tried a PC sim in 09 i laughed at it terribly. the physics were a joke. but im sure they have changed now i just dont have money to spend on a gaming PC and newer steering wheel with clutch. id much rather put that money into my car or motorcycle.


as above with a lot of comments i was a die hard GT4 fan that ended up switching to Forza and didnt even waste my money on the GT5 abortion. Shame that Shift 2 didnt live up to the hype. Seems odd that they didnt make good driving physics in a game that was touted to have such real world involvement in it's development.


ps3/gran turismo 5. Sold xbox/forza3 within the week I bought them. in short, forza if you want to bling your cars, gran turismo if you want the experience(graphics, physics engine).


Forza all way. Pre-ordered every single one and will continue to support the franchise. Amazing game, and it has always been a ton of fun. It never gets old.


nfs carbon bcuz i love the driftn in that lol


for its NEED FOR SPEED for me casue it brought awesome cars and racing to peoples homes and they gave us things like cop chasers, drifting, drag racing, custmonisation ect


LFS on PC is definitely more realistic than any console game such as GT5 and Forza. I got a G25 to go with my PC, and racing and drifting with it in LFS is pretty much the same as real life. Everyone should experience it


PC/Wheel @ 900deg

rFactor, NFS:S2, Dirt 3, GTR2, F1 2010, NFS:S, Grid, Dirt 2, Dirt

Once I went PC/Wheel there was no looking back. Now I cannot even look at a console game, nor do I want to. The depth of feel/Immersion/control/graphics/options leave me absolutely no reason to go back.


Damn, those of you crying about EA blocking Porsche license, you forget your history. EVERY game gets exclusives. ALL block each other. Ever wonder why these games don't have 1,000 cars?

Sheesh, use your heads children. It's called BUSINESS.


I play on PS3 to GT5 with a G27 racing wheel. I also played Shift2, I was completely disapointed by the poor graphics performance of this game, I guess all the snapshots you showed us came from PC version with all graphics setup to the max ! Anyway the best game ever would be Gran Turismo with all the heart and the passion and the modding that you put, speedhunters, in Shift 2. Suggestion, for you guys, you should collaborate with Yamauchi and Polyphony Digital, next time, and then we will have the best car game ever.




I like my xbox for forza (until EA dropped the porsche bomb and now I just RAGE), and PC. PC has some great hardcore simulators while, Xbox is more fun.


Love the drifting in Shift2. Its just fun..


PC! Pick your setup, wheel keyboard, gamepad. Pick your hardware and maxxx out your settings on computer YOU build. No better feeling in the world! Consoles are for n00bs.


I play XBOX360... mainly because I only got that. I'd love to play Gran Turismo 5 on PS3 or a good sim on PC but I can't afford more consoles :(

Still I'm having a great time playing the Forza series, GRID, NFS Hot Pursuit and Shift 2 Unleashed.

Can't wait for Forza 4 though!

Off topic - Shame indeed EA got the Porsche license. On the other hand they don't have Ferrari's in them, so...

I wonder how Forza will counter this (whereas Gran Turismo has the RUF cars). Perhaps an opening for RWB? ;P


forza for sure, xbox 360, best drifting game ever


rFactor and LiveForSpeed are the only real racing games out there, so my choice is PC.


PC. Because I can have fun with hot pursuit, enjoy a good simulation with shift 1-2, and some hardcore racing with iRacing.


GTR2 the game that evolves FOREVER!!!


Forza. Simply the best physics of any racing game out there, And that's what matters.


Ps3, GT5, with Petter Solberg edition racing chair, Logitech G25 racing wheel and 120" full HD projector setup.


All have there own positives, and at times it depends on what you are looking for.

For me it has to be PC


Xbox 360 and Forza. PC based sims are way more realistic, but I got tired of having to buy the latest hardware to have a decent experience.

Boo to EA for hording Porsche and blocking Forza, especially when they gave you Ferrari. I'd expect that for NFL games, but pretty sad when the policy extends to racing.


PS3. just because of GT5 game. I've first bought the console then the prologue, the G25 steering, a driving seat (VRC) and finally GT5 after a long wait! My pleasure: riding the Nurburgring with a car slightly approaching my own car architecture and setup, to learn more and more about this track before my annual or bi-annual trip to!


PS3 GT5, best driving simulator ever. Need for Speed is kinda well lets just say back when the 1st need for speeds came out they were pretty much ricer video games.


PC of course -> GT Legends / GTR / rFactor / RBR


PS3 i play gt5, nfs shift 2 sometimes tdu2 f1 2010 soon to be 2011 and if i want to shoot someone CoD or medal of honour


Well, quite frankly all the Gran Turismos after 2 SUCKED. I think Polyphony was trying to get a little TOO real. But I like PS3 better cause no other system has the Logitech G25 Wheel kit, which comes with a REAL leather and alcantara wheel as well as a 6-spd gearbox and a clutch...The Xbox wheel has paddle shifters. And it's white, purple and green. Nuff said.


Most of the time I play with my 360 and mostly only Forza3, but when the time is right I play with pc also. And on pc I play only Simbims simulators. And I have steering wheel for both. For 360 the microsofts own wheel and for pc my old but still in great working condition Logitech Momo wheel.


Xbox 360 with Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo Wheel


Forza on the 360 its a good game to just pick up and play and it lets me be artistic at the same time


PS3 & GT5 FTW!!!!!!!!


PC- Life for Speed

All the way :>


I have a hunch that PC probably offers the most realistic driving sims, but I've not had the chance to try one yet. I loved all the Gran Turismo games but got impatient waiting for GT%, so I got Forza 3 and a steering wheel etc. I had a lot of fun with it, Even though it is very obvious that it is more of a cash generator looking to steal Gran Turismos "market". With Forza the worst thing is the generic instant gratification for poor drivers with low attention spans. The cars all seem tactically watered down. Having now played GT5, I am happy to say that it doesn't just beat Forza, it embarrass' it. You just know that Kazunori San and his team are passionate about cars, what makes each one special (or not) and that by making a good simulator, good revenue will be gained (though I doubt it dominates the market). The selection of cars is spectacular.

Forza 3 = for eXtreemeee maniacs with whorish disposable income

Gran Turismo 5 = for anoraks and connoisseurs


Gran turismo 5 is beautiful, the way they lay out the game, graphics 10 points thats about it! but forza motor sport 3&4, you cant go wrong. The graphics in Forza 3 will not be able to stand against gt5 but everything else is just better, more hard core an fun! my pic, xbox 360- forza motorsport 3&4


Gran turismo 5 is beautiful, the way they lay out the game, graphics 10 points thats about it! but forza motor sport 3&4, you cant go wrong. The graphics in Forza 3 will not be able to stand against gt5 but everything else is just better, more hard core an fun! my pic, xbox 360- forza motorsport 3&4


It's a Sony household.


Nothing comes close to Live for speed in terms of force feedback and the way you feel the car, there is no drift mode, drag mode, race mode, its always the same, always brilliant, however it lacks a lot in content and graphics.


I have played Gran Turismo series since original Gt1 on PSX.. I have played gt2 , gt3 , gt 4 , then gt5prologue.. and then my ps3 Yloded.. Then I tried an Xbox360 and a forza3 . I listened to people who were saying that forza is much better and blah blah.. And what can i say.. BULLSHIT!!! Forza is for fucking ricers , who doesn't give a shit about physics.. People who dare to say that Forza 3 has better physics than GT are total retards ! I mean , I was driving a Ferrari F430, a MR car on suzuka. in forza.. after a long straight i released a thortle turning in to the corner to see what will happen.. Guess what - nothing. While in reality (and in GT5, ofcourse ) it should start oversteering imediately , becouse of its mid engine nature.. Yeah , engine and drivetrain swaps may be a cool thing , but... Gran Turismo is for real car enthusiasts , while Forza is for fucking Fatlaced teenagers... Peace.

P.S on PC Rfactor and LFS - Best choice !


PS3 for sure, i cant stop playing gran turismo 5, my girl give me NFS shift 2 and she gets anger because i dont play it often jaja, i love gran turismo 5 its an awesome game, just hoping that it would have more customize options, rims, body kits, paint, etc. Orah for GT5!


Xbox360 hands down, the only platform with a proper online community respectful of the fact that we are in 2011 and not 2001. Still own a PS3 (soon to be traded for new games) and high end gaming PCs rig.


Gave up videogame driving when i bought my S14. Get out and drive!!


shift is wack, gt5 is wack, forza is wack, tho most of the people own consoles and are couch racers.. where as PC is more diehard but scares off the console racers


Nothing offers as much as Forza -- others have far more realistic physics and prettier graphics, but nothing else offers as much to as many different kinds of enthusiasts.

LFS is sick, but about wheels...I like srs force feedback and making it secure chewed the shit out of my desk. So I bought a cheap poker table and it slides across the floor. So much for immersion. What do yall do?

"I'm better than video games" elitists always crack me up. #1, I set LFS up to help my gf get comfortable with braking points when you're heavy on ABS (and to respect dropping the throttle). #2, track days are hella expensive. Not everybody can a half hour at the track every day.

It's refreshing not having fanbois flaming eachother's brains in.


EA makes a bunch of dumb games for BROs


bro smash up ps2!


I buy more racing games than any other genre. I own Grid, NFS Shift 2, GT5 and most recently Dirt 3.

I would love to platy Forza 4 (It looks incredible) but I don't have or want an Xbox.

I'm not too hung up on realism and simulation (as long as it's decent), I know I'm never going to be a professional racing driver, for me it's the fantasy. I like a game that lets me pretend and Grid got it right more than most.

I'd also prefer if EA weren't such greedy bastards who try to wring ever last cent out of their loyal customers by making them pay half the value of the orginal game for much less than half the original contents worth of DLC.


Used to play GT on sony, but after GT5, I'll never play turismo again. They focused on details, but lost sight of the reasons i played.

Now i have an Xbox, but no racing sims.


Oh, and I almost forgot to mention. FUCK ELECTRONIC ARTS.

I've said that so many times over the last decade that I'm going to need to invent a new curse word.


LFS ----> pc , is the way


i play forza3 on my xbox because where else can you find a game that you can make a r33 gtr rwd with a twin turbo v8 in it???? or 20b turb in a miata 900hp 900kg hahaha (dosent handle vary well)

P.S fuck you EA!!!!! forza 4 will shit all over any racing game you come up with!!!!!!!!!


LFS and iRacing, NOTHING is better.


360 all the way to the finish!!! No Porsche for FM4 thanks to EA??? I smell hate in the air!!! NFS:Shift 2 UNLEASHED was mediocre at best. Handling still felt like the tracks were slathered in butter when in any other view but cockpit or helmet.. that sucked major sack.. i think the drifting is great tho, its the only part of the game i actually play on a daily basis now. oh and forza3 which cracks on any racer currently out. cant wait for FM4!!! Will STILL wait on the next "SHIFT" title and see if all these punches to EA"s proverbial gut will affect (and hopefully IMPROVE) gameplay. and by gameplay, i mean HANDLING!!!!!! With all the events the SPEEDHUNTERS crew cover, almost all of them having a NFS sponsored car running, you would think they knew a thing or two about building a solid racer with EA. Just release an ALL drifting game with the best drivers from FD,D1, etc, all the coolest drift cars, motor swaps, front end swaps and every drift track currently available and you'd have one sick game.. just MO.