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Hey guys, I'm coming to you this evening on behalf of some good friends and fellow petrolheads who are in need of our help. Due to a series of cutbacks across the board at their publishing house, Redline Magazine in the UK are facing imminent closure. The meeting to decided their fate is this Friday August 26th. The entire Redline crew are amongst some of the most dedicated and passionate guys in our industry and they need to be allowed to continue sharing their enthusiasm and passion with us. 

What can you do ?

If you have a Facebook account, get on their and Like the 'Save Redline Magazine' page.

If Redline appears on your store's shelves every month, get out there and pick up the lastest issue as soon as you can. 

If you want to know why you should help these guys out, here are just a couple of reasons we could come up with …

The Redline staff are all true tuning fanatics, and because of that their own projects are always great to see. Deputy Editor Stav owns the former Sexy Knights D1SL FC3S RX-7, and as this spread from the Projects sections shows, he is far from shy in using it hard and getting his hands dirty repairing and tuning it himself.

Issue 172 of Redline Magazine is out now, and the cover car is a fully road legal Toyota Supra with a small matter of 1293bhp. Carbon wide arches, and a proven 0-200mph time over six seconds faster than a Bugatti Veyron are just two of the incredible aspects of this car.

Redline feature cars from all over the world, including this stunning EG Civic from the USA. A mix of incredible power and attention to detail make it an ideal Redline feature car, and the fact it's a home built car rather than a company demo car is just icing on the cake.

Another recent cover car was the TrackCulture E46 M3, powered by a tuned V10 lump from the E60 M5. While it has show car looks and quality, when the owner is former UK drift champion Phil Morrison, the car is truly used to the limits with Phil throwing the car inches from the Armco on the photoshoot.

Giving a journalist the keys to a FD RX-7 that can do 0-160mph in 9seconds sounds like a recipe for disaster, but that's exactly what Dragon Performance did in 2007. Driving a drag car revving to 11500rpm and running on Q16 on UK roads isn't something Deputy Editor Stav will forget in a hurry.

Two of the most popular car manufacturers in the UK are Ford and Vauxhall, and recently Redline did a Ford vs Vauxhall special edition. One of the features was this, a head to head comparison between the most iconic Ford and Vauxhall ever made, the Sierra RS500 Cosworth, and the Lotus Carlton.

As mentioned, the Redline team have their own awesome tuned cars, and some develop to become cover cars, like Rich's 400bhp+ Nissan Sunny GTI-R. As you can see, he was far from shy in using this rally homologation special as it was intended!

Rather than just preach about how much extra power a product is claimed to give, Redline put new products to the test. Whether its a new 500bhp+ turbo or ported cylinder heads, Redline strap them to dynos and flow benches to find out, as these features show.

It may be hundreds of miles away in Germany, but Redline often head to the iconic Nürburgring Nordschleife to put cars to the test and run features on how to prepare and enjoy the readers own trips to the 'Green Hell'

We're sure you read some magazine tech features and feel a little let down by the content, but tech articles are some Redline major in, showing the readers in detail not only how to make their car as fast as possible for the money they spend, but in an easy to understand and interesting way.

The UK really is one of the greatest places to be when it comes to wild road legal cars, and the Norris Designs short wheelbase Mitsubishi Evo IX is a great example. Can you get a 2door 950bhp track monster road legal in your country? You can in the UK, and you can usually find full detailed features on these kind of wild creations in Redline Magazine.

Track Days are hugely popular in the UK, and the variety of cars used never ceases to amaze us. What would you choose, a lightweight Lotus Elise with a MkV Golf GTI lump with 400lb/ft, or a Focus RS with over 500bhp?

Last, but not least, Redline are always keen to push the fact that cars are to be driven, not hard parked, and no matter what the spec of your car is, using it is fun. In this feature they took a lightly tuned £700 Mercedes to a drift event, showing you really don't need to have a big spec car to have fun; you just need to get behind the wheel and give it a go!


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Definitely "Liked" their page, really sucks the position these guys are in. I'd hate to see them get shut down, great articles and good people it seems. We all know the car community is great people, rally the troops and save these bros!


Support Print! Support your hobbie! Support your passion for cars!


This is a shame, really though my favourite car magazine is Performance VW, it's a shame to know Redline are in trouble. :(


My main justification for no longer buying car magazines, was Auto Otaku. Now its Speedhunters.

This mag is fantastic, but needs to accept the 35mm-film-esque dissapearance of paper media. Get on the iPad, with interactive features and lots of JDM-YO Advertising, or face annihilation.


Really cool mag! Too bad I'm not getting it in my country cause I'd subscribe to it! Still hit the Facebook page though :)


Thid is bad redline is by far the best tuningmag!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i read Performance VW as a monthly.. never really seen any 'Dubs' in Redline. - but i hope it survives as my bro JDMHead has stacks of these - fingers crossed!


i can not believe redline is in trouble, i buy this magazine every month and have done for nealry 2 years its fantastic. so detailed you really can learn alot from these guys !

it would be such a shame to see it go and loss to the tuning world if it does !


we need to hit that Facebook page guys come on now.. our support is needed & welcomed.

[via NuggetG60YorkshireUK's computer]


bring back JTUNER


don't shut down redline!! please save it! redline is the best modified car magazine imo with in depth reviews, multiple car makes. fantastic articles and none of the other rubbish usually found in modified car mags or regular car magazines. we need to save redline and join to keep this fantastic magazine going. REDLINE IS THE BEST!!


looks like a good magazine wish we had more magazines like this in Australia wish they would bring back autosalon magazine. hope they don't stop making it


Kind of surprising to see this news. Seems like all of the British automotive magazines are going out. I definitely liked the page as well.


I don't have a facebook account...Someone lend me a Like!


Support Print! Support Print! Support Print! Support Print! Support Print! Support Print!


when i took a trip to europe, i purchased one of your magazines and it gave me a free hat, which was comfy and enhanced my experience haha, i think that deserves a like, thank you redline :-D


Liked there page. Hopefully we can help save there magazine.


I bought a couple of issues a few years ago. They were extremely ricey. Kitted Novas and the like. I haven't given them any thought since then. I see I was missing a lot! By evidence of the above articles the magazine really cleaned things up and had some really interesting articles. It's a shame I had to find this out on their deathbed but I will look for whatever past issues I can find.


Considering Redline seems to be the ONLY tuning mag where the writers know what theyre talking about and not full of BS, its crazy it may be going. You cant trust internet forum info these days as most the people are just recycling 5th and info they heard from someone else, so we NEED REDLINE!


I subscribed to this magazine because my local Tesco stopped selling it which was really annoying! I always get excited when it turns up in my letterbox at home!

By far the best magazine out there (in the UK) for decent cars and decent tuning advice. I will be very sad to see this go if it does!!!


Going out to buy it now.


i think readers are losing interest because it's almost the same stories over and over....i just wish that they do stories about people off the street. People that don't have sponsors or big money to blow up an engine and replace it in 2 hours.... i think that if magazines connect more to the people on the will grab more readers and for me...i had always been a reader ever since i first bought the first import tuner and the first super street magazines. I still got the first super street framed in my room and also the Import Tuner magazine of Francine Dee...and that wide body Feels civic. maybe do half and half...?


I find it kinda funny that its this kinda site that's killing the car mag given yet SH is helping save one.

For me RedLine was just a bit above MacPower (this was back when 56k was the best way to get onto the net) It had more info but still didn't really give me what I wanted apart from that odd issue with a TAS feature or something close. Still its not as bad as MaxPower that was just a softcore wank material for 14 year olds at best

But really I tried to support a few mags years ago but now when most of them are adds for knock off bodykits, body spray and energy drinks I just don't see why I should pay to have to skip past them to find the feature I want to read.


ive brought a few of their mags and even got a free hat!!! shame to see them in this state though...

anyone know the date of the magazine that featured the Turbocharger components? cant tell whether its feb 2001 or feb 2011...


@Lloyd... ye they went thru a max power phase which was kind of sigh... but awesome mag, one of the best non-manufacturer specific mags in the uk..... hope they get saved.


This is such a shame. Maybe people are confusing the magazine with Redline Time Attack, who's demise was completely their own fault. This does look like an excellent magazine. Reminds me of Sport Compact Car back when it was full of techy car stuff.


Internet killed the auto mag


i didn't even know about this magazine, but it looks fucking amazing. going to buy asap


I've never seen an issue before. Definitely looks like a quality mag.

When we are done saving Redline, can we bring back Sport Compact Car?


awsome magazine the only magazine that is 100% performance orientated , if it doesnt make you quicker it doesnt get in the mag !! , going facebvook now


these guys deserve to keep going, its not any of your maxpower/fastcar rubbish 206's with 10 pipes on the back this is stuff that we all come onto speedhunters for performance and after that make it look good but if it dont go fast dnt put crap on it.


I subscribe to RedLine every year! And look forward to receiving the Mag every month, I hope it can be saved it’s a fantastic mag and there is no other

Mag on sale in the UK that comes close to it.


I like Redline and I have a few of their issues, but nowadays there is no denying that online is the only way. You cant convince thousands of people to buy a magazine when its much easier, and free to go to websites such as Speedhunters. I spend more time on my computer than I have free time to read a mag and i can look at websites from work, uni or home.

The big problem with many mags is that they only have national content, yes they have like one page of international stuff but the reason Speedhunters et al. are so interesting is that their not all about UK scene, 90% of the articles are from overseas so we have an insight into the japanese, american, european, and oceanian car scenes.


Redline and Speedhunters work so well together! Both have the same kind of content, but Redline have the tests and tech stuff, way better than any junk you read online, and of course i can read it when im away from my computer too.

Speedhunters- My fave website in the world

Redline- My fave magazine in the world

Love you both


Brilliant car mag! love reading it!

But like most mags why the hell they so expensive! £4.95 for a mag, really?

Best luck guys!


its the best mag on the shelves , covers such a range of cars . from the out of this world cars to affordable hotch hatches . they can not get rid of it . hope its all kl guys .ill be gutted if they take it away