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Reader Xander Walker was in New York for the premiere of Senna, a movie that I'm sure many of you will be familiar with. To celebrate the launch, Forsyth St in Manhattan was filled with something a little bit different to their usual traffic: Formula 1 cars. Here's what Xander had to say about the premiere.

Xander: I won't use this space to speak too much about the film. It's prize at Sundance surely says enough. If you love cars, you need to see this movie. If you love cinema, you need to see this movie. It is the story of a hero experiencing an incredible human drama which, at times, is an overwhelming spectacle.

Attending the launch was writer Manish Pandey and former ESPN presenter, John Bisignano. The duo fielded questions after the screening and were on hand to help promote the film.

I wasn't sure if this was a real deal Lotus 49 or a replica. Thoughts?

Didier Pironi's 1979 Tyrrell 009…

…And here's a closer look at this amazing machine. Can you believe it is 32 years old?

I kept thinking to myself how bizarre it would be if you happened to stumble across this scene unknowingly. Without a doubt I'm sure many of the pedestrians and drivers hadn't seen F1 cars like this in person before.

Alex Roy's cross country record setting BMW M5.

The 1976 McLaren M23 driven by F1 legend James Hunt.

It's one thing to shoot a car in a dealership, on the track or in a studio….

It's really something else to see cars like these with Manhattan's streets as a backdrop. It was a surreal experience.

Words and photos by Xander Walker.




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Alex Roy's M5, so sexy! To bad you didn't get more photo's of it =\


great to see the classics out on the streets of ny! f1 in manhattan soon?


A real Lotus 49 would have a Cosworth DFV.. that looks like a 4 cylinder.. maybe Kent? dunno


That is not a Lotus 49. If you are going to post something like this, please, PLEASE, have a basic knowledge of historic Grand Prix cars.


anyone gonna make a comment about the movie?! LOL

i will, did get a chance to watch it in the cinema when it was released in Europe, finding a copy of it on Blu-ray....


that lotus isn't a 49, it looks to me like an earlier car, or maybe a formula junior or something.


Already seen it, simply awesome!!!


That "Lotus" appears to have sprouted a headrest over the years.




Whether a replicar or the real deal, that Lotus is amazing.


The lotus looks like a '51' Formula Ford


Alex Roy cheated, plain and simple, and will never deserve the record title. Yes, buying off a helicopter to spot cops and using radar scrambling gagetry waaay out of the realm of the possible for the average Jo and those who held the record before him-is cheating. He has a nice car rental service, but is no record setting man. ..Back to the movie. If you go on Jalopnik's colloquial hipster duche poor excuse for writing clusterfuck, one of their contributors had SENNA tattooed on her knuckles (putting the S on the thumb) and expects to get a job at McLaren. She'd have a better chance nailing the job with FUCK inked on FOUR FINGERS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE...if you must ink anything on your knuckles.


The McLaren is actually the 1975 car, you can tell by the airbox. Also the Lotus is just a replica.


Hey Mattman lets be glad he posted in the first place he said he wasnt sure... jeez.. Good post!


You should see the shop where those cars are stored. Simply amazing.


It's a Lotus 51a (Formula Ford, FF, as mentioned before. Kudos!) without the rear engine cover and with what looks like a motor swap. It's also lacking the oil reservoir on the rear right.


that lotus isn't a 49! judging by the steel wheels and 4 cylinder, i assume it to be a formula junior or a formula ford,


the movie is wicked! a must have for petrolheads. - now then.. James Hunt, it would be worth looking retrospectively at his career!


pls....pls....pls.......cheating or not...alex roy is the man!!...........more on him pls..