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Continuing our Ford Fair 2011 coverage, we will pick up pretty much where we left off. There were so many amazing cars on display, let alone the sheer amount of cars on display that I just decided to try and cover what I saw in detail rather than just grabbing an unjust overview of the entire event. The above MKII Escort was running a turbocharged Cosworth YB motor.

Parked just behind it was this MKII RS2000 with the more traditional Ford Pinto engine. 

This RS200 was in absolute original condition. As far as I know he took away a trophy in the concours class.

As did this Fiesta. I know the concours approach to motoring may not to be everyone's taste but you can't deny the amount of work that must continually go into something to keep it pristine.

Fast Car magazine had this MKVI Fiesta on their stand along with some other tasty motors.

I've quite the soft spot for these two door Escort estates. 

Even after twenty plus years, there are still very few – and attainable for the everyday guy – cars with the road presence of a Sierra RS Cosworth.

OZ Racing wheels and immaculate body work, a lesson in how keeping things simple is always best.

Burton Power has this MKII Focus RS on display. I still take my hat off to Ford for putting this car into production with such aggressive looks from factory.

Puma Speed had this widearched Fiesta on display, what a cracking small car.

This original MKI Escort shell was for sale for a little over £6,500. It's probably as close as you'll get to a new shell for the popular Ford.

The older generations of Fiesta are getting more and more popular as an 'outside-the-box' sort of trackday weapon.

It's no surprise – they're cheap to buy, lightweight, easy to work on and have access to the Ford parts bin.

This MKI Escort on the Meguiars stand was a perfect blend of fast road and trackday car, spotlight of which is coming shortly.

Charlie Shaw's blisteringly fast 4WD Focus RS was quite a sight both on and off the track …

… but this was as close as I could get to peaking beneath the skin of it. It is however one of those cars I'll have to track down for you guys at a future event.

This Capri certainly attracted a lot of attention …

… whilst the US market was represented by this impeccable Mustang.

Finally for this part, we'll wrap things up with this SCC Performance MKII Focus RS.

I hope you're enjoying the coverage because there is a lot more to come.


Paddy McGrath



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Great pics, Paddy!


That Mustang is gorgeous. Any other USDM products there?


Awesome post Paddy!

For the past couple of years i forgot why i liked ford so much, thanks for showing it to me once again!


any more shots of the perana capri, they came with a 302 V8


Pretty sure Charlie Shaw's Focus is an ST not an RS? Completely different styling.


Why in the name of all that is piston powered did I write RS!? I was even telling myself when writing that sentence 'it's not an RS, it's not an RS' d'oh! - PMcG


no Pumas unfortunately so far. hope to see them in another installment of this graceful segment


I am truely jealous of the sweet rides offered by Ford of Europe that we can't enjoy here in the states.


if you can get to knockhill (scotland) you can see all the andre gallagher cars as i have.. they have 2 of the new focus rs's and and old focus, also a supercharged fiesta..

looking under the hood of that focus is something else.. i believe they both run in excess of 650bhp


i car i'm missing is the escort cosworth ;-)


Great Pics!!

What lens do you use Paddy?


Sigma 50mm F1.4 stopped to F2 on a Canon 5D MKII - PMcG


This is a side of Ford that many Americans don't even know exists. Awesome feature Paddy!


Mmmmm , that Cosworth and those Focus's were the best


Stunning shots. Love those Sierra Cosworths!


Did you get any shots of a black Mk6 Fiesta on gold wheels with ITBs Paddy?


wicked coverage.. RS200 looking better than factory condition. surprised not to see any MK1 XR2's?. nice Capri on some 'right' wheels.. you surpassed yourself with this post Paddy my man! Thanks


Did you get any shots of a black Mk6 Fiesta on gold wheels with ITBs Paddy?


Off the top of my head, I don't believe I did. What area was the car parked ? - PMcG


When it comes to cool Fords, the US got the Mustang and...How do you Brits say it? Fuck all?

Shame on Ford for blanking the US market for DECADES. Most Americans would absolutely love to have 99% of these cars. I know I would absolutely love that Sierra RS Cosworth. Gorgeous.

Great images as usual, thanks.


Wow, the Capri is mouth watering..... Where r the ford probes ????


The Andy G cars (Charlie Shaws and Andis') are amazing, please please make sure you get some video of how raw these cars are!


@Paddy It was parked right at the back of the ZSOC 'stand', so I doubt you did get any. Great coverage of the day though!


@Paddy It was parked right at the back of the ZSOC 'stand', so I doubt you did get any. Great coverage of the day though!


That Gunston-liveried Capri is an exact replica for a SA-only racecar that used to participate in local saloon cars races. It boasted a 302 ci V8 off the showroom floor.


In the name of all that is fuel injected your forgiven Paddy. Is the VW fest at Harewood House in the UK being covered btw?