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During my visit to the MIVW show I was invited to visit the VW Fanatics show. The setup is much smaller but the cars in attendance have a very high build quality. I selected several cars for spotlights but first it is time for a general overview of the event itself.

The MKIII convertible above came all the way from France. The owner organizes the VW Days in France and is also responsible for the new Ferdinand clothing line.

There was a great mix of cars that ranged from this orange MKI to…

…this latest MKVI version on a shiny set of BBS wheels.

I also got to talk to a bunch of friends from Germany that came from Osnabruck, which was the town I visited for the Hillclimb event. The influence was very apparent inside the engine bays but I will show you more on these cars later on.

This MKI Scirocco was also part of the group.

And last but definitely not least was this grey MKI Golf. It had a very special engine and gearbox.

I was scouting for cars that didn't only look good but also had some impressive engine bays. I had a special interest in cars with these cool dual Webers while others opted to go with the Solex versions.

This latest version of the Polo was part of the new generation with a lot of stretch and poke. In the background you can see a giant chute that was in place in case the rain came down, which luckily it didn't.

The grassy hill was the perfect place to see the mainstage where cars could roll on and off.

The owners of the cars were asked some questions and discussed the styling of the car.

It is a cool way to hear more about the cars. Here we see Cor van Leeuwen and Ron Huijzer (both in the black shirts) asking about the Passat that the Polish owner brought with him.

The R32 is a hot hatch that looks perfect with a nice of BBS wheels.

I spotted this familiar face also known as the ‘Nato Bomber'.  

This MKIII was one of the few Volkswagens I have ever seen with a turbo setup.

Putting a turbo on your Volkswagen just doesn't seem to be popular.

This MKII had a lot going on from the beige exterior to its BBS wheels.

Inside the clean engine bay was this chromed VR6.

And the in the trunk I found this cool picknick set with a subwoofer inside.

I'll be back with Part 2 shortly!

-Jeroen Willemsen

VW Fanatics



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Why do the photos look like they were taken with an iPhone?


there's tons of turbo'd vw's around, especially 2.0ts and VRT's

might just be a US thing then again


That last MKII is phenomenal.


God! That engine bay doesnt even look like an engine bay. Almost like someone placed an engine in a trunk and they're transporting it somewhere. That engine bay is clean... Almost too clean.


volkswagen scene = buy a vw, get airbags/coilovers, buy wheels that cost twice as much as the car, done.


That last Golf goes Picknik? xD


*waits for haters of hardparking and shows to comment pointlessly about how this is "SPEEDhunters" and how they don't get why stories and features like this get coverage time on this blog*

We get it, you don't like it, but what I don't get is why you click on the topic if you don't like it? I don't click on crap about Le Mans, or drifting or Spa and I only click on the stuff that DOES interest me and then I comment accordingly.

Biege Mk2 is sweet, look forward to pt2!!


putting a turbo on vw's is not popular??? is that a joke? Jeroen, you need to check out the North American East Coast scene ;)


"Tucked" engine bays are great for shows but I'd hate to have to do any maintenance work on cars like that!


The owner of the White passat has odd shoes on, imagine his embarrassment when he realises.


@ iNiff : Because it was a cloudy day. You know nothing about photography.


cars from the 80's hsould neve have wheels bigger than 15" or the curve of their arches, that just dont look right!!!!

i love scirocco's but way to big for that type of car


Thanks for mentioning me in the report, well pleased and surprised


Clean Style and German Style so beautiful! In my opinion its most nifty... VR6 omg!!!!


every vw post should be renamed "20 or so pictures of golfs on bbs"

I swear they all look the same!


@ Dafty

See the car to understand, and then it's definitely not me who feels embarassed


i'm waiting about more informations about the cars from the "saugergroup" (the group from osnabruck)


stand out car for me on this one is the mint looking Scirocco MK1!.. not enough Corrado's at this event! (if any?)


"Turbos on VW's aren't popular"?

Umm. Maybe in Europe where people can't afford turbos or the extra gas to feed them.

But just FYI... a lot of VW's CAME turbocharged. 1.8T, 2.0T, twin charged 1.4 and turbo 1.4, supercharged G60, etc.

I see more boosted VW's than n/a VW's in the US VW scene, at least here on the east coast. Just OTOH some friends cars here.

-Corrado SLC VR6, built bottom end, boosted with a T3/T4 hybrid, upper 300whp

-B6 A4 1.8T Quattro, built bottom end, built head w/cams, Garrett GT3076 w divorced wastegate and 830cc injectors, pushed 400+awhp and ran 11's.

-Another B6 like that one, stock head 630cc injectors, will be around 375awhp

-MkIV GLI, APR GT28RS kit (waste of money), around 300fwhp

-MkII Golf GTI 16v boosted on a t3/t4 hybrid, stanced out

-MkI TT Quattro, stock turbo, Unitronic Stage II w/ water meth injection, full bolt ons, HPA haldex box, whiteline rear LCA's, coilovers, big brakes, 160,000+ miles tracked regularly

-MkI TT Quattro 225, built bottom end, Garrett GT3582, huge injectors and wicked clutch, mid 400awhp

-MkIV Jetta GLS VR6 (12v), R32 front end, boosted on a T3/T4 hybrid, stock bottom end with multi layer spacer gasket and ARP hardware, stage II southbend, 350whp

and these are just some of the people I know personally.

VW's in Europe seem to be more about really polished BBS's, goofy air ride, rusted hoods and tiny poky motors. It's odd the US does VW's right and Europe does them wrong...