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I hope you guys have been enjoying the action from the 2011 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion. Here's one more batch of scenes from this brilliant gathering, starting above with the radical looking #70 Porsche 935 K3 putting its turbo muscle to use coming downhill off the Corkscrew.

The aptly-named Pontiac Trans Am leads a group of Mustangs and Camaros into the paddock after qualifying. Words can't express just how cool 30+ of these cars sound on the track at the same time.

If you are driving something like a 1915 Ford T race car, you gotta have the leather cap and mustache to match.

There's comedian, podcaster, and Datsun racer Adam Carolla in his BRE 2000 Roadster. Get it on!

The beauty of exhaust.

Robert Davis behind the wheel of the Mazda 787 in the prototype class. What a sound!

Joining the Mazdas was this trio of Jaguar prototypes.

One thing is for certain. I have a new-found appreciation for Jaguar's motorsport heritage after my weekend in Monterey.

Despite the "wine and cheese" image that the Historics have, I found that the owners and drivers were very down to earth and happy to show off and talk about their machines.

This photo alone makes me want to go out and pick up a Mustang Coupe project car…

Gorgeous 240Z on Panasports. A timeless look here.

Quite simply one of the best front ends of all time.

Not all of the vintage vehicles in Monterey were on the ground…

Ferraris of various eras parked overlooking the track on Saturday afternoon. This is the life.

Javelin, Mustang, or Camaro. Pick your flavor.

The thundering Dekon Monza scrapes body down the Corkscrew. Talk about sensory overload.

Here's something different – a '59 Plymouth stock car from the days when the term "stock car" had meaning.

Aston Martin DB4 coming through the Rainey Curve in all of its British beauty.

Where does GT car end and prototype begin? Somewhere around here I would say.

I was surprised to find this very traditional looking Hot Rod tucked away in a corner of the paddock.

This '65 Beetle is an original SCCA racer out of the Oregon area. Cool.

Now this is neat, a '55 Ford Thunderbird race car with steelies and a very primitive looking roll bar

Finally, as a parting shot we have this view I grabbed from my car as I left the track to head home. I cannot wait until next year!

That wraps up the action from Laguna Seca, but I still have some more Car Spotlights and some other material from the Monterey area coming up. Stay tuned!

-Mike Garrett



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What car are those headers on? The entire engine bay is amazing.


Looks like a 6 cyl jaguar


more on the DB4 and the Jag prototypes please!!!!

the DB4 is jaw dropping with the way light gets reflected on those sexy lines!


You didn't know about Jaguar's sporting heritage? For shame.


Haaaaaaah ASTON'S db4 are sexy as fuck ! All really nice looking car ! The vintage is growing in me !


How did a 787 end up in private hands? WOW!


I believe the Mazda is the 767B and not the 787! and some information on the Coke '935' Built for Bob Akin, tube frame 935 as he wanted to compete with the March GTP's that came into play.


That "traditional hot rod" is one with a pedigree history, it's been "on the lawn" at "Pebble Beach". Great pics of all the event.


I understand that the article is written at the author's discretion, but in the limited space most Speedhunters articles use, the 240 picture almost seems like a waste.. Nothing against the author or Fairlady Nissans, but I'm positive there were more interesting cars to share than a personal favorite. The rest of the pictures are great, especially the first one. 935s never get tiresome


such beautiful machinery!


looks like a jag


Vintage Trans Am rules !!!!!!!!!!


Looks like a jag E type


The Aston is actually one of the DP cars (probably DP 215, it's hard to tell from the side), i.e. not a DB4. The engine a couple of pics up is a Jaguar XK unit.


The Chevy Monza is so awesome!


Wallpaper of that 935 please!!!!!!!!!


The Aston....wow where has design gone...


great to see a Aston out there alonside a original Beetle.. and yes, the Afla does look good front end wise!


The White Mazda 787b is the second car from '91. Its not in privite hands, its owned by Mazda North America. Feature on the Jaguar GTP cars!!!


found the pringles guy!


Just to add minor details, I'm pretty sure the DB4 is one of the "Project 21X" series of cars (I believe DP215, from google research). These were based on DB4 mechanicals but had bespoke bodywork - there are only four in existence, plus (supposedly) two replicas of DP214.


Back when stock cars were actually "stock cars"


Nice to see my Bug. It is the first one ever in the History of the Historics. It was fun to bring it down.


My fav track and insane classic car!


we need wallpapers from this event!!! timeless auto perfection...


The 787 is owned by the head of Mazda Motorsports in America