Event>>nisei Showoff 2011 Pt.1

For us Speedhunters based in North America, the middle of August means two things. First off, it means Bonneville and that's where Linhbergh and Larry are right now, bringing you guys all the action from the salt. Mid-August also means it's time for the Nisei Showoff in Los Angeles, and that's where I found myself on Saturday.

Despite on-going rumors that the show would be cancelled due to the loss of its venue, Nisei Showoff was alive and well this year, in the same parking lot at First and Alameda in LA's historic Little Tokyo.

While I did notice that the car turnout was a smaller than in years past, there was still a great selection of the West Coast's finest import machines.

Hondas are still the cars that define the Nisei experience, and they were out in big numbers this year…

…with many of them displaying the fully customized engine bays that the SoCal Honda scene is known for.

But there's much more to Nisei then just Hondas. In fact, you might be surprised at the variety you find at this show. Whether it's this 911…

…or a Pontiac GTO rolling on  a unique set of SSR wheels.

There were plenty of VIP-inspired vehicles as well. This Lexus GS looked rather tasty, one of the nicest examples of this body style I've seen yet.

Let's not forget about the classics. The SoCal rotor-heads were out in force..

The only thing better than a vintage rotary-powered Mazda is a vintage rotary-powered Mazda wagon.

Speaking of rotaries, this understated RX-8 was one of my personal favorites of the day.

Wheel and tire perfection.

I'm going to say that the DC2 Integra is still one of Honda's greatest designs, as proven by this spotless example.

A couple fixies, a bike rack, some stickers, and a Nissan Cube.

A very wide Lexus SC. Didn't know I could like a car with color-shifting paint this much.

A friend accompanied me to the show and when we saw this NSX we couldn't stop talking about how well this design has aged. Agree?

Some Roadster love.

The mature styling of the Acura RL makes it a fine candidate for a little VIP fun.

This E30 sedan with plenty of poke was part of the Euro representation.

I'll wrap up part one with this clean and understated four-door Civic.

We are just getting started. Much more from Nisei Showoff on the way!

-Mike Garrett



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Those modded LMs on the white RX8 just don't look right..

Gotta have the step lip to match the LMs or they just look plain jane.


I'm loving the widebody Yaris in the 4th photo!


Any Preludes? (had to ask lol)


Gotta agree that there is only one thing better than an old rotary powered Mazda, and that is an old rotary powered Mazda wagon....go wagons! Mazda's and rotors FTW!!!


Some nice cars, but whats with the eg and dc2, both look to me like there runnig chunky ass tires, and on the nsx, its my dream car, still look fresh today and still will in years to come


omg we need more info on that nissan cube!


thats a holden monaro my friend and dont you forget it!


Now THOSE are some great Hondas unlike the green stanced EK that Paddy posted.

Can't wait for more coverage of this event.


Was that DC2 sporting an STi hatch front end? It looks desperately similar...


Im diggin' the RL, that E30 , Miata , SC , Cube , GTO , GS , and that wagon.

Anybody know what that Mazda wagon was called ?


that DC2 is hideous... the NSX on the other hand...


more on the ferio...... PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That GTO is actually a vauxhall manaro.


Yaris? What Yarisoooooh that Is nice. My Ex had one I alwayas wanted it to look that sweet. Always maintained it was possible to make those things cool.

But that is the NICEST Lexus LS (15th pic) I've seen in a coon's age. Are those fender flares?


has the honda scene toned down or something, there was no massive poke and stretch cars there, or is that the nature of the show?

Not that i personally am into that type of thing, just used to seeing it, that blue K20 (?) lump looks really nice, amazing engineering from honda to make such a beast in the first place.


Arn Reyes' Integra will never look anything less than stunning. I'm digging the softtop on that Miata on SSR's too.


That poor E30!


Man its good to see the old Monaro still getting dome love..


Did you notice the Holden logo on the GTO? I remember spotting it and was checking out the car for a bit.

Did you also get any photos of the F20-powered Levin near the main entrance?


I wish you took you would post another pic of that Pontiac GTO with a different angle. I saw this because if you look closely, viewers will appreciate the fact that it had a pretty nice Holden Monaro Conversion which us in the States don't see too often if ever.

Good coverage. Can't wait for Part 2. Hoping to see pics of that Subaru 360. I also thought the Nissan President was excellent.

Sorry if I mentioned any spoilers of cars that might show on part 2.


That GTO belongs to the guy that runs maverickmancarbon.com, he churns out some incredible carbon fiber parts for the GTO and G8 community.


The heart veins of the NSX still runs with the blood of Aryton Senna


love the Lexus.. reminds me of Impact's VW Passat! i agree the DC2 = classic Honda design. i do like the 1st pic. tho', never seen a Celica with those mirrors before. nice post!


Lovin the lexus, nice and subtle and works a treat :)


Once again I was searching for something car-related to do in LA this past weekend, and found nothing until this gallery after the fact. Where can one go on the web to find out about these events ahead of time? I'm new to SoCal, don't know any car guys here, and can't find any local forums (what's up with that?)


@Syfon The Pontiac GTO, Holden Monaro and Vauxhall Monaro are all the same car, as all the companies are owned by General Motors (I think). All I know for certain is that they are practically exactly the same apart from differences required by US, Aussie and UK law respectively. Either way though, they are awesome cars, it's a modern muscle car that doesn't make you want to be sick when you look at it :P


The Rev9 roadster.. a lot of quality parts in that miata.


@Tom You are correct sir. I love my GTO. For the price, the quality and performance is awesome. I just wish the US would get some Utes!


No Subaru's!!


Derek Yee owns that GTO with the Monaro conversion does he not? It was featured in an issue of that short-lived Traction magazine that I think was an offshoot from Import Tuner.


@e matt...

HOLDEN monaro.



The VIP GS is mindblowing. The sc is really nice too and looks like it has some bite to go with the looks from teh tach on the dash. E30 offset is really crappy and looks bad


More white NSX love please. I love Nisei. Good to see a show that defines Quality over Quantity.


Love the G Top miata...


Socal Honda Scene? Although I am almost certain that's ones of the ATS' DC2's which is from NorCal


That NSX is timeless. So excellent!


That's one of the best looking rx-8s I've seen - I don't care for them much. And gotta disagree with first poster, those wheels look great. The Lexus SC is fab.


That 911 has a lot going on - and none of it is any good! Horrible mods all around. The blinker grilles and bikini top on the Miata are prime though


more rotary pics, thanks!


That miata is AMAZING!!!!


the k20 with the teal valve cover and ITBs is from norcal btw


I'm not seeing anything wrong with that 911 besides the vinyl but even that is pretty minimal and tastefully done. I'd actually like to see more of that car. It's not slammed for show, it's got a functional splitter. The wheels appear to be a proper size, the vents serve a purpose and don't just seem to be there for looks. He's got some odd looking fogs but they don't look like they are really slowing the car down by any means. Good job with the car, I'm liking it. The guy complaing needs to go look at RWB cars, they even admit they build them on looks and send performance business elsewhere. Doesn't mean the cars aren't fast, just means they don't make them fast.