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Modified Live returned for its annual outing at Cadwell Park and brought with it the traditional static show, trade area, Time Attack Series and the European Drifting Championship. 

The Cadwell event is comparitively small compared to some of the other ML events – most due to the distance Cadwell Park is from, well, civilisation.  

Having grown up with the Cosworth brand, it still pleases me to see them in attendance at the UK shows – they are genuinely one of them most important tuners in the industry. 

I'll have a spotlight on this rim poking machine shortly – anyone care to hazard a guess as to what it is ? 

Sometimes, the simplest solution is best. 

Sierra RS Cosworth with a rather questionable gold engine bay. 

The Ford Racing Puma is one of those cars that is always overlooked when people try to consider a FWD hot hatch.

Rocket Bunny kitted S14A was hidden at the back of the paddock … 

… along with this amazing Escort RST. 

Pro R – who run a car in Time Attack – had a selection of Imprezas on display. The latest shape saloon is probably my favourite of the recent generation of Imprezas. 

The MKII Focus RS has become an instant hit in the UK, they're absolutely everywhere ! 

EDC is probably the most overlooked drifting series' in Europe. Sure, there maybe only eight competitors but the slick presentation of the event along with the 'always-something-happening-on-track' provides the perfect gateway into the drifting world for the casual spectator. 

Andy Cooper who travelled from Northern Ireland, finished sixth on the day. 

Suffering turbo problems Brett Castle finished fifth overall in the former HKS RS D1GP car (I can't remember off the top of my head if it's the RS1 or 2)

Declan Hicks provided the four door lovers with something to appreciate, bringing his Cresta home in fourth.

Vincent Noot really impressed me at Cadwell – the guy has been absolutely committed to improving his driving and it has been paying off. He took his second podium of the season and third place on the day.

Another Northern Irishman, Paul Conlan, suffered a punctured radiator earlier in the day although this wasn't discovered until after the event. Even with having to top up his water levels after each run, he still made it to the final … 

… but couldn't overcome Steve Wills in his turbocharged E36 M3. I'm absolutely delighted to see Steve take a win, an absolutely top guy who always gives it his best. 

Drifting in Europe is in a very strange place at the moment in my opinion. It seems to have hit a glass ceiling and is still struggling to find a way through to the next level. With so many manufacturers based here, in theory it's probably the best place in the world to host a drifting series. I think other series' could do worse to come and watch a round of EDC and reconsider how they present drifting to the casual motorsport spectator.

Time Attack Series coverage is up next … 


Paddy McGrath



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Very nice coverage and pictures! I would love to travel to the UK and see events like this! Is that Green JZX with the Taxi banner a Cresta or a Mark II? Also, what do you mean by the glass ceiling? I don't completely understand what you meant by that. Like do they need a higher skill level or more events to drift at? Sorry I don't understand.


I totally agree Paddy, The UK should be leading the way with drifting, yet it's stuck with lackluster events that are more akin to banger racing than proper international competition. What EDC lacks in competitors it makes up for in sheer professionalism.


Well, here in Europe it's not like we're short on cheap RWD cars. It's just a lack or tradition, we've got more of a track racing/hillclimb/rally tradition.


that last picture is sick!!


that shot of the black and white HKS S15 rules!! great job Paddy!


Original mini?


the Taxi is mine its a Toyota JZX100 Mk2 people call them crestas chasers

Declans is a Toyota Cresta

Hope this helps


Great report Paddy, and interesting perspective on the series and the UK scene on the whole. Superb shot of the s14 as well ;)



The black Apex performance V8 S14 shown above has nothing to do with Rocket Bunny. The arches and skirts were made by ABW as a one off and then the car was finished with a completely custom front bumper by http://www.rt-autobodies.co.uk/


Ahhh, you noticed then Bren ;)