Event>> M.i.v.w. 2011 Part 2

Here we go with part two of the M.I.V.W. coverage. I was surprised seeing so many older generation Sciroccos at the event. Some of them were in pristine condition like the red one at the front on a set of BBS RF wheels.

A nice Golf MKII on OZ Futuras with golden centers. The MKII is still a very popular platform especially considering that prices keep dropping but finding a good example to start with seems a bit more difficult.

But if you have the means and aren't afraid to get dirty you can always start fresh and completely strip the car for a rebuild. A fresh new paintjob, new parts and a set of BBS wheels will surely get you some scene points.

One of the members from Low Familia. The crew brought several cars with them and they all have one thing in common and that is low.

This silver MKIV R32 and the blue one in the back got my attention because of the wheels they were rolling on. Exterior wise it looks pretty stock but the OZ Racing wheels together with the drop have maximum effect.

The blue R32 had a set of TVR wheels.

A nice MKI getting some attention. Felgenoutlet in Germany made a cool video of the car while it was at the Wörthersee Tour this year.

This MKI from Poland had a very aggressive stance.

Some visitors of the older generation were scratching their heads and wondered about the tire and wheel sizes.

One of the few Seat's I saw. It belonged to the Blanz Society from Denmark.

The Golf Rallye is a pretty special car because only 5000 of them were built. So I'm sure some of the purists would cringe after seeing this example. But it looked pretty awesome in my book.

It even had this turbo'd VR6 to back up its bulky looks.

How about a Speedhunters delivery van? I wouldn't mind going to events in this cool looking van.

Cool color combo on this Audi TT with Bentley wheels.

I missed this Audi R8 during the Wörthersee Tour so I was glad to see it in the flesh.

Here is a first for me, fitting Rolls Royce wheels to your Audi.

A skateboard on airbags anyone? The car in the back doesn't look bad either, it had a ratfink logo air sprayed on the engine cover.

I really felt my legs after walking around all day. This gentleman had a much better approach, he just brought his chair with him and enjoyed the sun.

This Audi S3 looked exceptionally clean with its white BBS wheels.

An Audi based on the harlequin Golf from 1996.

After examining the wheels I spotted something very interesting. Hello Kitty anyone?

That is it for part two !

-Jeroen Willemsen

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All of these cars are modified with the same intention. To be useless hardparkers. Please show some track prepped vw's sometime.


it wasn't golf arlequin but polo


They also did a Mk3 golf Harlequin IIRC


VW owners will always be douche bags, hardparkers and hipsters. Cars with no function and purpose other than to fub fenders and wear out no name garbage tires.


Never seen a harlequin Golf, I bet you mean the polo. And all the cars are ugly, except for the blue R32.


The MK1 and 2 Scirocco's seem to be turning up more and more, possibly due to them being rarer than the Golf's and 1/3 of the price!!!!!!


Every time I start to like European VWs, you show a pic of some retard that thinks stealing rims from a REAL nice car makes theirs class, and I lose all respect. Euro style is 90% OMG/10% WTF R U THINKIN??

Guys, GUYS. Stop with the Bentley/Rolls/Lambo wheels. They look good on those cars, not yours. The TT looks like someone bolted carriage wheels on.


That slammed Audi with Rolls Royce Rims looks hot


track prepped vws? .... never heard of such


Agreed with previous comment. Nice looking cars, but so utterly pointless.


The multicolored Audi hurts my eyes. Atleast the owner is happy.



lots of these car r on bags, so they can be daily driven if given the proper ride height. Most euro vw withs crazy stances r on bags unlike the ones in US/Jap


I'm not "of the older generation" but I'm still scratching my head! Old Vw's are awesome looking but most of this bags/super stretch/tiny tire/huge wheels business is beyond me.


What rims are on the R8???????


yeh euro roads are crap, and it is annoying at times bouncing around and missing pot holes.

not everything everywhere is to everyones taste, so there is no need to bash on people so much.

Do agree with the bolt on other manufacture wheels, but each to there own, if the owner is happy leave them to it.


I believe everyone has there own preferences and while you guys may say that they are useless or they are going to always be hipsters or bs etc. WHATEVER idc because not all owners are like that, it depends on who it is you are talking to, every car has its potential it just depends on your preference and style and what you use the car for, if i had a VW i'd never make it scraping low status i'd make it decently low which is just right for daily driving and track time so that my car doesn't have problems with speed bumps. >_>


Falken, nitto, hankook, bfgoodrich, toyo, nexen, kuhmo, pirelli, goodyear performance tires. Are not "no name garbage tires"


Most of you are good at slating the VW scene aren't you?

But it is a very popular scene in which there are many different styles.

And I bet it is more diverse and open minded than any other scene you guys are in. So why not stop slating the scene, if you don't like it don't look at it. Look at the attendance at some of these shows, theres thousands of people that love the scene so for those of yous that don't, your comments won't change anything.

By the way thats my Blue R32, its the first VW ever to have TVR wheels fitted, not done just to be the first or to be different, because I have loved the look of this wheel for years and I belive they work very well on my car. And I drove the car over a thousand miles to and from that show, its no useless hardparker!


Haters are jealous... ;)


GTFO VWisWeak. This is a trend that some like and others don't. Not all VW owners follow the whole slammed look, so quit being an ignorant fool and leave us fans to enjoy the hard work these guys have put into their cars.


@F13 RGE: I really like it :D but maybe that's because I'm from the netherlands and like the style. The wheels fit perfect in the wheel arches, good job!

Jeroen, er waren ook leden van Team Ibiza, dus er waren meer Seats dan die ene Leon :P zul je vast wel gezien hebben ;) ik baal nog steeds dat ik niet gegaan ben, had graag nog een Seat extra aangevuld daar :P


Everyone has their own style so deal with it! Those are cool. Even though I'm not a VW guy.


I love the whole prestige OEM wheel thing the VAG guys are doing, it just simply works! Why hate on it, what would you rather them have, some sick 22in Lexani shit, or FatYo JDM Volks which don't suit Euro's? These are Euro cars fitting much higher spec Euro car OEM wheels, it's nothing new and I reckon it's great. Get over it, and if you know these topics are going to be full of cars like that, don't look, and moreso don't comment.....too much hate!


As a VW owner/fanboy it's cool to see all the effort these guys are putting into their cars. It would be sweet if there was some representation of VWs built for speed on speedhunters though. My favorite thing about my 'dubs is when you're pushing it to 10 tenths, the little four banger screaming, tires howling and people looking at you like "How is that little sh"box going that fast?"

The stance thing is cool, but this is speedhunters, lets see some speedy cars please :)


You know, we even have a sticker for this: "I love haters" and "I hate hater haters".

Guys, we even had a prize for the best JDM style... on a VAG meet... and then to say that everyone hates VAG, i just don't know where all this hate is coming from. If u don't like it, then don't reply. The thousends of visitors on VAG meets like this and Worthersee are somewhat unseen in other car scenes


People forget that most those wheels are stock from higher up VAG cars since VW owns bently, porsche, lambo, so really its just another vw wheel going on. And wheels are wheels stock wheels don't always look best on the cars they come on so that is why most people go aftermarket.


quality coverage.. not mega exciting or new going on, but i still love seeing what others are doing with their Dubs/Audi's & Seats! wouldn't have minded seeing some more of the older 'Rocco's tho.. and as always "where the Corrado's at??" - Thanks!


If you want to see more Scirocco's, UK National meet from a few weeks ago-




@VWisweak and 99roadster:

Well i dont know what you guys drive or what your cars look like but

its pretty obvious by your comments that you two

are douche bags...

@ VWisWeak: Although our cars are a partial reflection of ourselves, you shouldnt judge someone's character

by the style of modifications. Grow the f**k up.

@ 99roadster: should we call u Chavez or Castro?

Welcome to the real world, everyone has differet taste, styles, and goals with their car.



Im going to break from the crowd and just admire that airbagged skateboard haha thats a piece of art in itself