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… because although we’ve finally reached the last part of our Ford Fair event coverage, we still have some spotlights and maybe the odd desktop for you guys coming shortly. I do love me a good Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy reference.

Heading back in from shooting trackside, there was still a plethora of cars waiting for their turn on the hallowed Silverstone circuit.

Similarly, there were plenty of cars just finishing up and coming back into the paddock for a well earned cool down.

I said this earlier that concours isn’t for everyone but for certain cars, I do think it’s important that some museum quality examples are kept for future generations to appreciate.

A small area was set aside in one of the pit garages where some of the local diecast club members had their Ford related collections on display.

This Sierra RS Cosworth is a member / competitor of the Classic Touring Car Racing Club.

It was absolutely sublime.

KW thus far seems to be the aftermarket coilover of choice for MKII Focus RS owners. After spending some time at their factory in Germany last year, I can definitely appreciate why.

The noise, the noise, the NOISE. Incroyable.

It was kept in good company too – Warren Kelly’s Time Attack Series Escort Cosworth was also flying the Mountune flag.

I really like Mountune’s subtle approach to vehicle branding where a less is more approach has been adopted.

I really want to have a drive in the new Zetec-S Fiesta – anyone from Ford Ireland / UK in the audience?

Four door Cortina had the power to back up the looks.

Wait a minute, that’s not a FORD! Steve ‘Baggsy’ Biagioni’s Japspeed 2JZ Impreza on the Maxxis stand. Baggsy, that Cosworth sticker on the bonnet was fooling no one!

You just know this would tear your face off given half the chance.

The two MKIIs from one of the earlier posts just before they left. Beautiful.

The Fast Ford stand was the location where the winners of the show and shine were announced. This Escort Cosworth was literally glowing in the early evening sunshine.

I didn’t envy the judges’ role one bit – no category would have been easy to decide.

MKVI Fiesta on BBS RS – a new really good looking combination for euro-themed cars.

Sadly this is the end of our general event coverage from Ford Fair 2011.

Before I wrap things up here, I just want to say a huge thanks to Tom Davis and Simon Woolley at Future for thier hospitality both before and at the event. Also all the staff of Fast Ford, Classic Ford and Fast Car magazines for taking their time to entertain my questions during the day. A truely great bunch of passionate guys. Thank you!

I’ll be back in just a little while with some of the cars I think you folks might enjoy …

Paddy McGrath

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Amazing work Paddy! Thanks for shootings some of my all time favourite cars!


Great write up, but isn't Baggsys' Impreza a 1JZ?


i love the mint MK1 RS1600 in Blue.. have those tyres ever touched the tarmac? they look like they've been nourished with some moisturiser orvsomething all their life - wicked. MK6 Fiesta+BBS looks well turned out too. bring on the feature spotlights. Thanks


Very nice coverage. Makes me want to buy a Ford :) Looking forward to the spotlights (after those I'll probably will HAVE to buy a Ford ;))


Zetec-S Fiesta's are a relatively cheap & cheerful base to start having fun. they're quite tuneable, as i'm now beginning to find out! - respect is due to those cool MK2's - i'm surprised not to see any ST's rocking up to this one(?) or did i miss that?

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Too bad the opening shot isn't on the back of a Ford Prefect... That would be extra-hilarious.


spotlight the white mk2 pls........it is begging to be in the limelight


Cosworth does make Subaru parts now, so it's not like he put a Ford Racing decal on the bonnet/hood!

Ye gods, does the Mk. II Focus RS look good! I'm even angrier now that we in the States never got it! We had to suffer through half-assed refreshes of the base model Mk. 1s while Europe got the sweet Mk. II. The Mk. III Focus ST sounds good on paper, but I'm not a fan of the fish-face.


5th pc from the bottom- that white MkII on blck three-pieces is perfect, utterly PERFECT!


The best event ever covered on these pages. A little bit of hard parking for the posers and some proper hardcore machinery for the others...