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This is one of those stories that regardless of your brand allegiance or your opinions on the finished product, you can't but help be completely awe struck by the work put into this car. During the early 1960s, Ford built a prototype called the Ford Saxon. There was only ever one built as far as we know and the above photograph is the only surviving image of the car. To cut a long story short, the car was never approved for production and was destroyed.

I'm sure all of us have at one stage have seen prototypes that we would love to see put into production but for whatever reason never make it to the assembly line.    

What you see before you is the result of what has to be – in my opinion anyways – one of the greatest home builds of all time. Having seen the image of the Saxon, Colin Ginn decided that he liked the car so much, he would build his own using just the one and only rear image of the original prototype for reference.  

Using a Ford Cortina as a donor car, he went about making the car a staggering nineteen inches shorter to suit the short wheel base of the Saxon. 

With no front images of the car having survived, he was forced to create his own interpretation of what it could have looked like.  

I think you'll agree about how much of an accomplishment this is.  

You just cannot argue with how stunning the craftsmanship is. You have to remember that most of this build was down to one man's creativity, perseverance and skill.

To create the wheels, he used Volkswagen Beetle 15" outer rims with Ford Focus hubs and the wheel trims are from a Hillman Minx.  

The hardtop was a complete custom build from scratch, one of the highlights of the bespoke build. 

The doors are also two inches deeper, the rear quarter panels have been shortened and the car has been strengthened underneath to offset the loss of rigidity due to shortening the wheelbase and adding the hardtop. All the little details like the hump in the boot / trunk lid, the flat rear panel and a thousand other things that we would never notice that had to be carefully considered and crafted. I'm pretty much speechless to be honest and I can't even begin to comprehend the amount of thought and work that went into creating something as special as this.


Want to know something even more impressive? The car was built from scratch in exactly one year. Moreso, it was only worked on Saturdays.

Thanks to Simon Holmes from Classic Ford for giving me the low down.


Paddy McGrath

Ford Fair 2011 Coverage on Speedhunters



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only thing to say to this is wow, give the man props for his dedication and hos ability to adapt a car from a pretty poor pic...


well played sir, well played!


Wow. This is beautiful.


What a build, unbelievable. Do you know how long it took him to build?


It went from concept to finished article in a single year AFAIK. - PMcG


needs moar low.


Jared said:

needs moar low

Hellaflush Saxon in the works? doo iit! lol


This is the work of a true artisan!!




This is so beautifull it moves me so close to tears...


what a beautiful car. Shame on the executive who axed this project in the first place. I'm sure the original designer would be proud.


I am completely blown away.


Thats crazy. The front looks unreal for something that he did by himself. Great spotlight paddy


man thats amazing I saw that picture on the internet one time and was trying to find out what it was. Now I know the name, shame it was never put into production its a such a pretty car. Kudos to the builder I can't even imagine building a car like that from scratch.


That is simply amazing. I love to see stuff like this done from time to time. I wish I had half the creativity of the builder. With only having one rear photo? That's just AWESOME!


Seen this a ford fair I also read up about this a few months ago flawless car and it goes to show factory fresh is possible not impossible :)


Nice to see all nice comments here. (No Vtecer(While only one Hellaflusher))

Great car. But the front IS O M G

This guy has hands of a god !


This guy awesome. In one year built such a great car. Respect.


Beautiful! Lovely find, Paddy!


Hellaflush. \m/


I can't believe they never put in production, defenitely if it looked like this! It is stunning. I want it!


An amazing car, built by Colin Ginn at Prestige Coachworks in Clacton. The most amazing thing was that the car was built in 1 the day!


Absolutely stunning!


Just Awesome, the level of detail is outstanding, do a search for it on google and read through the build thread, have a brew at the ready, you'll be there awhile :)


absolutely amazing!


It's amazing to think that such a car could've been built in a maximum of 52 days, I'm in complete admiration towards this man.


Ford or any motor company should give this man a job as a designer or something since what he did is CRAZZZYYYY


he just ruined a Mk1 Cortina. Dick move IMO


BRAVO! Bravo to you sir for something that's more than a masterpiece!


This is one of the greatest posts i've ever seen. What does this guy do? What is he trained as? In one year? Only on saturdays? Am I reading right? Look at the finish on this! This is unbelievable.


Hi guys im colin the guy that built the Saxon thanks so much 4 the amazing comments i am so pleased with the way it turned out and even more so the way it drives , the car has been on the road 4 about 2 months now and iv done just over 2000 miles with no problems , theres stil a few jobs 2 do 2 it but il do them in the winter , the complete build thread is on buysell cortina . com thanks again ATB Colin.


thanks spud i take it you dont like it then lol.


Love it! Amazing work Colin!


that is simply amazing



i actually googled for more info on this, after the pic was posted amongst the ford fair coverage. its so great - really top notch work..


Seems pretty cool but his car also seems a bit narrower and a tad taller than the original pic. But still fucking amazing job.


Amazing build!!! RESPECT !!!


Unbelievable. That may be the greatest build I've ever seen


When I first saw this a few posts back, and read that the guy created this car using a single rear view picture for reference, I wondered how would he be able to make the front part without any pictures. Mad props for creativity! Truly amazing build!


give this man a medal... PLEASE


i bow to this! its not my style of car, but full credit to the mastermind of this build!


This is AMAZING! True dedication.


f__king awesome!


Awesome build!

What's powering it?


It has a 1500 gt engine as i said the full build is on essex classics forum or buysell cortina.thanks again 4 the amazing comments im stunned.


This is a build of epic proportions if I ever saw one.


Completed in one year on Saturdays only? Lets say average 8 hours a day thats only 416 hours.... pretty amazing if this is true!


Hi Voloce it is true i did complete it in a year and we did work on mostly saturdays but i had a friend helping me most of the time and done long hours we added the hours up as close as we could we think it was close 2 ,1200 hope you like it Colin.


Just seen her at Little Gransden air & car show awesome looking car !!!!!!!!!