Car Spotlight>>sr20-powered Datsun 620

Each year the Nisei Showoff is full of mouth-watering vintage Japanese cars, and the one I caught my eye this year wasn't car at all. It was this bright red Datsun 620 pickup truck. I've seen this unique truck at a few different events in the past and thought you guys might want to take a little closer look at it.

When you think of modified mini truck, you probably picture airbags, billet wheels, and maybe even one those sweet sideways license plate mounts on the tailgate. This 620 though, is more of a mash-up between a mini truck and a modern tuner car.

The redtop SR20DET looks right at home in the engine bay of the 620. The bay, like the rest of the truck is spotless.

In the cab, red and black striped seats preserve some of that 1970s vibe.

Equally as cool are the six-lug 18" TE37s and Wilwood brakes on all four corners.

I've always thought that the Datsun 620 was one of the best looking mini trucks ever made, and it's very nice to see someone building one to this level. It's just as cool as Datsun 510 or a 240Z, and much more unique.

Well done!

-Mike Garrett



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These kind of pick-up trucks also drive allot on the Greece Islands, In 2008 I have seen allot of them on the Island Lesbos and I also spotted some on Crete this year. I like them very much, They have never been on the dutch roads...I would like to own one.


I think it would look a lot better lower, and with older styled wheels. I don't think the TEs look good. But otherwise it's a pretty sick build and really clean.


Mike, thank you for the write up on my 620. It's been 14+ years work in progress starting from stock.


This is proof that TE-37s look good on anything.


I fell in live with this truck ever since I first saw it in SS magazine a few years back.


Nice one Lawrence!!


6 lug TE37s????????? Were those custom?


this truck is awesome but the wheels are too big, would look better with 16's


@ Jun... Domo Arigato

@ J240... Yes, had to wait three months from Japan.


...Lesbo Island lol


My brother had a 620 king cab a couple years ago, we were planning on putting an SR20 in it and everything, however there ws an issue with the person we got it from and he wasnt really suppose to have it, blah, blah, blah and ended up giving it back to the rightful owner. I am so glad that someone has the same taste, this thing is so beautiful. mad props for owner, this just made my day! Thank you for giving my brain an orgasm :)


Ill say it once and ill say it again, their needs to be more truck feature/spotlights/whatever on speedhunters and other auto blogging sites. Major props to the owner of this truck! i almost got a single cab Tacoma over my civic si. If i had the taco it would of been a nice street truck just like this.


All of this guys cars are top notch. I'm not the biggest fan of a breather filter on the cover, but I doubt the owner does anything too spirited in the car for it to matter.


Wow! I did not know that you could get TEs in 6 lug.


Lawrence....I saw the truck while it was getting built...Looks GREAT finished. Hope to run into you agian @ Cold Stone with the truck this time.


Great truck, really nice guy, He completed his swap just before me. please come over to and check out another sr20det datsun 620!!!


Lawrence. YOU SUCK!!!!

Love ya Bro


@ chirez... Thanks for the Kudos...


Sick, but shoulda got concave face'd TE's in 17's.. Well thats my style atlest... None the less sick ride man


this truck looks great, love that interior. what steering wheel as he fitted, can't quite see it fully? (it being on the floor) - i can't fault it it looks the part. "Salute BRE510", you've got a good one here! - Thanks.


Nice to see something unique.


wow amazing! I love the truck! No surprise though, I drive a nissan hardbody so of course i love this truck! I did not know the TE's came in 6 lug :D maybe i will be picking some up soon then!


lol what the dropping a sr20 into a truck


@BRE510 Mannnn, Now I have to try and one up you to get my 620 featured in SpeedHunters.


THIS IS NOT BETTER THAN A 240z I take that very offending. lol


Cool truck, one of a kind. Hey Jun Imai...this belongs in the Hot Wheels collection.


I remember when Super Street featured this truck. Still cool.


i saw this truck long time ago..on superstreetmagazine..

it was pretty tight wit the oldskool engine..cuz now evryone has sr20s n shit...

still lookin good from the outside tho


This is why I love japanese cars <3


Sick truck!


rays make te37s and gramlights in 6 lug...i actually have some 6 lug gram lights with burnt titanium lip for if anyone is interested.


rays make te37s and gramlights in 6 lug...i actually have some 6 lug gram lights with burnt titanium lip for if anyone is interested.


It's a little strange. but this is the second Datsun 620 pickup I've spotlighted in as many months. While both of the 620s are powered by SR20 engines, they otherwise couldn't be more different. The one we saw last month was a turbocharged