Car Spotlight>> Not Your Average Mazda R100

During our recent trip down to Sydney, Dino and I came across this intense Mazda R100 sitting inside the Hi-Octane Racing garage. With the 21st birthday of Jamboree  – one of Australia's biggest drag meets – coming up in a few days it was perfect timing!

This R100 is a very serious build, but what was surprising was to see how immaculate it is for a drag car. At the rear are the ubiquitous Weld Racing rims…

…Which live within custom tubs. 

It's refreshing to see a drag car sans any signage. Simply stunning. 

I really am looking forward to hearing this 13B roar at Jamboree. Drag racing is one of the scariest motor sports I've covered, but the noise, smoke and atmosphere make it one of the most enjoyable. Standing only a metre or so away from an 8 second car whilst it's on the limiter, spitting methanol into your eyes is just the start.

While the car looked spectacular to me, in the eyes of the Hi-Octane guys it was filthy!

For a vehicle that is older than many of our readers, it was amazing to see it's transformation with some cutting edge gear. Being a drag car, weight is kept to a minimum so certain areas are left exposed…

…Like the transmission. I would imagine things would get pretty hot in here during an 8 second pass.

There isn't too much in the interior but definitely a lot of safety items. Keeping weight to a minimum in a sport such as this is vital.

At the time the motor was out of the car, however we hear a very serious methanol 13B will be dropped in for Jamboree!


Hi-Octane Racing




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Anything that comes out of the Hi Octane workshop is impressive.

Did you shoot the busa (it's stupid fast) or Kyles VL there Casey?


Sucks that the motor was out. My balls are so blue...


Car runs consistent mid 7's with its current fastest to date being a 7.45@184 on a low boost setting.

Here is an in car from one of our runs at last years Jambo.


It is a pity the motor was out because it's engine bay is 2nd to none in the drag field with show car like quality!




yep.. your right on the money with this one - its not your average Mazda R100 by any stretch of the imagination. but Hi Octane workshop do put some quality builds. this is very impressive, putting down good times too - Thanks


"Being a drag car, weight is kept to a minimum so certain areas are left exposed..." If you are suggesting the car is run down the strip with the transmission exposed like that you are sorely mistaken. Sorry if i am misinterpreting you, but that is my impression of what you are saying.