Car Spotlight>> Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari

While roaming the paddock at the recent 24hrs Spa event, I came across several special, spotlight worthy cars. One of them was this limited edition Fiat 500. It is called the Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari and is obviously a tribute to the prancing horse.

The car is painted in Ferrari red with two silver stripes running from the hood all the way to the back. The stripes reminded me of the F430 Scuderia.

After some research, I found that the ‘695′ refers to the 1972 Abarth 695. This newer version with its 1.4 T-jet engine has 180bhp and runs from 0 to 100km/h in 7 seconds. It’s maxspeed is 225km/h that is pretty fast for a small car like this.

The 17″ wheels are filled with Brembo calipers and rotors. Abarth also addressed the suspension by lowering it and making it stiffer.

This version was number 219 from a total of 1199 produced cars. It was for sale so if you are interested and have 37,500 euro laying around this could be yours.

-Jeroen Willemsen

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This is all due to the EU's ridiculous emissions standards. Without the Fiaterrari, the Ferrari fleet would be too inefficient to be sold in the EU.


Love this version of Fiat! and the Hummer Golf Cart looks great :D haha


Seen it in reality.Every 500 is fantastic but this one is really epic.

I wonder why us (Europeans) don't use 500 for tuning.It could be great platform for such thing...


$40,000 for a $20,000 car with a ferrari badge, no thanks!


hmm. interesting little thing. :D


Cool. What about a spotlight on the Hummer caddy? lol


Cute car, and surely fun to drive but 37500€ ??? Fuck it


TO CHRIS.Know your stuff before you make a silly uneducated comment, especially on a car blog. You are NOT only paying double for a Ferrari badge; you are paying for numerous rediculous-quality items on an exclusive and unlikely little car. You get Ferrari pain, brakes, paddle shift and a lot more power, without mentioning the Ferrari interior. Blatantly not a 20 000 car for 40 000, an exclusive cult car rather, that will soon become a rare status symbol. WAKE UP


"for a small car like this."

It weighs more than 2,400 pounds and it's over 59 inches tall! It isn't small and it isn't light. It is a mid sized compact body with a kei sized engine. It's a Mazda 3 with 1/3 less displacement. As a small car or a reinterpretation of the original Fiat 500, this car is an utter disappointment. Not even as close to the mark as the New Mini, and nowhere near the potency. Not enough engine displacement, poorly designed solid beam rear axle, and jacked up like it is trying to be a SUV. Perhaps when we eradicate obesity, people will be small enough to fit back into small cars, and auto makers can make and sell real small cars again.


Phil, how stupid are you? This isn't sold as a ferrari. it's sold as a special edition of the abarth fiat. I know, ban all socialism, emissions requirements are the wrok of the devil. Why have breathable air when we can all live in a libertarian wonder land where corporations aren't held accountable for anything.


Meh, lame attempt at a supercar. Next please


Did you also do a spotlight on the mini Hummer golf car?


Drove one recently : good engine with reasonable lag, 'flappy paddle gearbox' works OK, and exhausts makes a lovely -albeit fake- burbly sound.

The electric power steering was awful though : almost vague in the middle and over-weighted once the wheel was turned. That did not inspire trust with the car. Also but that's probably me I wasn't really confortable with such a short wheelba


Thirty seven thousand euros for a Fiat 500, which is based on the Panda??? No, screw that, €37k for a FIAT???

Pass the crack pipe.


I saw one of these in Paris a couple of weeks ago. It was alright but I saw some other Fiat 500 models which were better looking.

The Teal coloured Murcielago SV was a bit nicer - i'll post a pic on the speed hunters facebook


Wow that ken guy is an idiot. The post CLEARLY says it 's a TRIBUTE to a supercar. As for purchasing one...I got 5 euro laying around :/


wheelbase in the long curbs (add no infos from the steering)..


it looks the part, but its probably not as light & 'small' as you think, once you more than glance at it.. i'd like to see someone modify the engine to squeeze some more power out of it. Thanks


So it costs $53k? Oh, it must be because its a tribute to Ferrari. So being a tribute to Ferrari... it must mean that they built it entirely out of carbon fiber? No? So it must be producing 180hp out of a naturally aspirated 1.4l, right? No? Then it must be that its tuned and tested to run around the Fiorano circuit in less then two minutes? No again? So what are you paying $30k extra for and what is the tributo Ferrari have in common with a Ferrari? Just a Fiat 500 Abarth with some Scuderia stripes, wheels slightly similar to Ferrari Challenge Stradale wheels, paddle shifters, a little extra horsepower and a badge saying Ferrari on it? Anotherwords... if you buy one of these then you'll more then likely get an invitation into an exclusive club for massive tools? Makes sense.


what a joke of a car, putting a Ferrari badge on this piece of junk and selling it for €37 lol


It's probably not for us ordinary people, but for people who already have 2 or 3 real Ferraris, and need a car to go from between the house and the garage.


Lame!! Really??!! Next please!


Makoto: "Perhaps when we eradicate obesity, people will be small enough to fit back into small cars, and auto makers can make and sell real small cars again."

err.. theres more leg room in the back of a 500 than in a Mini. Yeah I know, it sucks not to know what you're talking about, right?

Its a fun car with the wrong badge. Abarth 500 are awesome for the smiles per mile, not the outright perofrmance numbers. Yeah so making a Ferrari tribute wasn't the happiest marketing choice, but its such a riot to drive!


In a case i'd much rather pay 53k for a car like this than plainly pointless Mini "inspired by" Goodwood...


This is great! Its like if Vespa built a scooter tribute to Ducati and sold the pathetic thing in bright colors and painted on carbon decalling for $12,000.


I swear I read this thing three times before I realized its a tributo - not a triturbo - LOL - yes try a turbo you will love it! or this has 3 turbo's - buy it!!! ugh - my world - it's a comical place