Car Feature>>the Drift Union Soarer

For the second of our three features on the cars of Drift Union, we have Steven Thompson's 1993 Toyota Soarer.

Being an American I first mistook Steven's car for a USDM Lexus SC300, but then I noticed the right hand drive cockpit and remembered that our friends to the North are able to bring in cool J-spec rides by the boatload…

Steve actually hails from Australia and that's where he got his start in drifting. He was out of it for a bit and then started again after relocating to Canada and picking up the Soarer.

The big body Toyota was originally white in color before Steve repainted into signature Drift Union Purple, better known as "DUrple". This was made easy by the fact that Steve spends his days doing body work and fabrication at OZ Designs in Richmond, British Columbia.

Steven's Soarer may not be show quality, but do we really care? No. This is a drift car first and foremost, and one that just happens to look awesome while doing it.

 Zip ties and body damage are what give drift cars their character, and this Soarer is full of both.

WIthout these battle scars, they would be nothing more than rolling show peices…

When I shot Steven's car at All Star Bash, the body work had seen its fair share of abuse, but its since been refreshed.

Even without a front bumper, the BN Sports Blister Kit gives the Soarer as positively wicked look.

The custom drop-vent hood was done in-house at OZ Designs.

Under the hood lies a JDM 2JZGTE with a Borg Warner S300sx turbo, a twin scroll manifold, and 580cc injectors just to name a few of the engine mods. The V-mount intercooler setup was also crafted at OZ Designs.

In its current form, the 2JZ lays down a respectable 330 horsepower to the wheels. More than enough for Steven to slide the long wheelbase Toyota around.

The stripped out, functional cockpit is a stark contrast to the luxurious confines of the factory Soarer interior. The roll cage is another example of the work done at OZ Designs.

A 10,000 rpm Stack cluster can be seen behind the twin spokes of the OMP steering wheel.

Steven changes gears in the R154 transmission via this ultra custom 473ml shift knob from Red Bull…

The Soarer gets its low stance from a set of D2 coilovers. OZ Designs also did the rear upper control arms and front knuckles. The front upper control arms have also been replaced with adjustable pieces. Meanwhile, the front sway bar has been modified while Steven removed the rear bar completely.

If I were to make a list of my top five favorite wheels of all time, the Work VS-KF would most certainly be included and I know I'm not alone in saying that.

.Steven's VS-KFs are sized 18×9.5 -27 in the front and 18×10.5 -18 in the rear. He also has an extra set of Work XSA 02Cs for good measure.

When everything thing comes together, dramatic, ground scraping slides are the result. The note of the 2JZ makes things even better.

Just like Shawn's FC, Steven's Soarer is full of that "flashy and rough" style that defines the Drift Union trio.

And speaking of that trio, I'll be back soon to wrap our Drift Union features with a look at Logan's Subaru Legacy.

-Mike Garrett

Spec List

OZ Designs Rollcage
Sparco Pista drivers seat/GTR passenger seat
Stack 10000rpm cluster
Custom hydro ebrake
OMP 2 spoke steering wheel
Full interior paint in black with red flake
OZ Designs rear firewall
Suede wrapped dash/steeringwheel/ebrake handle
Red Bull 473ml shift knob

Full BN Sports Blister widebody
DUrple paint
Gutted doors
Clearenced front inner fenders
OZ Designs drop-vent hood
Gangster Gold tinted windshield

JDM 2jzgte
Borg Warner s300sx, extended tip, 1.0 a/r turbo
Twin scroll manifold, Fully divided to 50mm hks wastegate
580cc injectors
R154 transmission
HKS triple plate clutch
OZ Designs v mount intercooler/radiator
Turbosmart boost controller
AEM wideband
ATI super damper
3 inch downpipe and exhaust splitting to twin 4 inch tips

D2 coilovers
OZ Designs rear upper control arms
OZ Designs front knuckles
Adjustable front upper control arms
LS 400 front calipers
Powered By Max subframe bushings
Diff bushings
Modified front sway-bar
Rear sway-bar removed

2x Work VS-KF 18 x 9.5-27 front wheels
4x Work VS_KF 18 x 10.5-18 rear wheels
2x Work 02c 18 x 9.5 – 10 front wheels
2x Work 02c 18 x 10 – 28 rear wheels



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man! this thing is fucking haggard. but in a good way (because it gets driven hard)


Does he drive that thing to work by any chance???


I'm usually not one for drift cars. Which is ironic that I check this website everyday. But this drift car is just bad ass and has a ton of character!!




Love all the drift union cars, boro boro style. the despoilered rear is very sexy too, cant what to make a replica on forza 4 when its out




Nice enough actually, would have been nice to see a front bumper do!!......Ye man forza 4 will be class, thing is do they give you the worst selection of alloys in the world and also no dish??.....what's up with that? (no widebodys either :( ) drivings class do! :)


Was this car in the pits at FD WA? i saw a purple RHD Soarer with white panels and i couldn't tell if this was it....


such a good car :)


Thanks for the write up Mike. Dakota Dewolf, yeah it was in the pits at FD WA, i was driving pro-am. It now has full new kit and new widebody that i received the night before FD that's why it wasn't painted. Thanks for the kind words guys!!!


"flashy and rough" how about "built by tweens" - I've actually seen nicer cars come out of tuning shops in poor areas of Tijuana that are nicer than this.


2jz and deep dish wheels = killer combo!

This is how drift cars should look like.


driven to death.. plenty of battle worn medals on this one. i like what i see here!


Big props on not being a trailer queen but this just looks like another haggard drift car. Speedhunters: can't find something better?


BN Blister???


Thats no Blister kit!


So is he saving up to buy a front bumper? I think it looks horrible. Each his own i guess.




What a bucket full of is this cool? Driven hard or not, it looks like crap! Learn to drift and maybe you'll be able to keep your car in nice condition. And to the the guy that said it has how Amy Winehouse had character? Character comes with age, and only old cars have character, not some beat up drift mule. End rant!


Love it. Functional, decent power, Toyota Soarer on coilovers with Works... It does the trick just fine :)


Big Shout to Drift Union!! <3


It's making less power than a BPU, but it's running a single? Weak.


Yeeaaahhhhhh saving the best for last! The RX and Soarer are RAD but the Legacy is RADDER!


of course this whole car is SIIICCCCC but my fav mod ="Red Bull 473ml shift knob"


Thats not a BN BLISTER kit. NOT A HOPE! Cool cars but don't see the point of the feature. Battered car that has a lot of good bits but makes no power. Turd...putting these in a video game would be a ridiculous waste of resources. So much cooler shit out there.


@Da11ap# I love how this website isn't a drift site. Anyway this car is SICKNASTAAAAAYYY It really makes me want an SC300/400/Soarer now. But I still love my Zs...


@Dakota Dewolf, yeah that was Steve's at FD. He got the widebody in the night before Pro-am and didn't have time to paint.


that was the shift knob i was planing to make .. :( boomer


Character is a matter of opinion, so why argue aboot it?

To the antis: you know what the chaps who make speedhunters are into by now, so if youre not into the same stuff, why torture yourselves?


What a piece. of warm brown... that vent looks like it was made by a school kid in shop class.. haggard v mount set up...



Hard to have "clean" cars when you drive like a boss all day errrrrrr day


Fuck all these douchebag keyboard drifters.

This car is sick and you would be shaking like a bitch if you went for a ride along. What a bunch of clowns.


Blergh! - You obviously don't know anything about drifting because unless you're pro, or have a real rich mummy then your cars going to get beat. You can't dirt drop erryday and keep your shit looking like gold. Haters goooon hate!


I had no idea Speedhunters would have trolls.... Faggots.


Haggard as f*ck. It looked MUCH better when it was white. He fucking destroyed what is probably one of the nicest interiors too. It's got "character" and he drives the piss out of it from what I've seen, but it really needs some love in the off-season. Also, how does a 2J with a big single only make 330 hp?


I <3 drift union!!! soooo sick!


I'd smang it!!!!


so many people eating so many bags of dicks in these comments. This car says a million times more than any of my insults could ever hope to. Youtube these boys and be prepared to shit your dacks.


Hey guess what guys, you dont need 600hp to drift. 330 is safe, spools fast as shit and should last forever. Its at the end of its second season already and the only issue its ever had was throwing a serpentine belt at FD. Also, the car now has a full new widebody kit and should be repainted this weekend. hate on haters!! :)


Seriously, that has to be the coolest soarer evar!!! I've ben thinking of picking up a soarer, when i reach 18, and maybe giving it some light mods, for drifting and some little street racing. Those Works VS-KF:s are the coolest rims in the whole world, but they cost a fortune!! Also love the shifter knob!! :D


Show car cry babies don't know what a car driven by a man looks like...


Car looks beast!

Clean drift cars with no damage are drift cars that aren't pushed hard enough.

I'm glad you did that shell justice steve! <3


Just looks like a broken car... Period


LOL at the guys saying function over form. If this was purely functional, there wouldn't be any aesthetic mods done to it or have that gay color. What is functional about a car that can't go over a speed bump LOL.




Don't forget the clear tails and make sure to slam the car to ground so it becomes a bitch to drive.

+10 cool points yo!


That's a mold-breaker. Great thiknnig!