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The fraternity of supercars manufacturers has been a very exclusive group. It's a group that is run mostly be two italian companies, Ferrari and Lamborghini. But within the last decade, a new member has joined the fray: Pagani. And to be a part of that exclusive fraternity, you need to make a super car that hits all three p's: passion, panache, and pantomime. Sure, you can make a car that has outright speed, can handle a corner more than decently and looks good all at the same time. But to be part of the group, you need a set of intangibles. And Pagani did just that with their first car, the Zonda. 

Pagani has already unveiled their follow-up car, the Huayra (pronounced wire-rah), back in Feburary. But this past week, they celebrated its North American debut with an celebratory event. The car would be shown for the first time ever on the North American continent.

The event took place at Art Center College of Design, which is nestled in the beautiful Pasadena, California hillside.

Present for the evening's proceedings was Mr. Pagani himself, Horacia Pagani.

Mr. Pagani is so proud of his latest creation that he has adorned the car with his own signature.

It's strange to think that the newest member of the super car fraternity is now the most insane and crazy of the three. 

The new Huayra is a moving work of art.

I'm not going to get into complete detail about the car as Jonathan Moore did a more than fantastic job doing so a previously.

Every single inch and corner of the car is like a brilliant piece of sculpture which is part of a much bigger sculpture.

Think of Auguste Rodin's "Gates of Hell" and you might get the idea.

The detail that's been put into the car is utterly astounding. Nice his almost sculpture like piece which is the sun visor mount. What my camera and what the small resolution of this photo could not catch was that there were little Pagani badges on each sun visor mount.

The meticulous detail even extends to the center locks for each wheel. The centerlocks looks like something that came out of a steampunk comic book.

The steampunk theme didn't stop just at the centerlocks, but also extended to the gear shifter, shift knob, center console, and e-brake handle.

The craftsmanship on each seat makes me not want to sit on it but instead just stare and marvel at it…

…but after seeing the details of each seat, then looking at it as a whole, you get the feeling to actually want to sit on it. Luxurious is the word that comes into mind when looking at the seats as a whole.

These are the rear speakers. They sit directly behind each seat. Utterly beautiful.

The gauge dials. I'll just leave this one here.

Pagani banners were placed generously throughout the event,

Media of all sorts were in attendance at the event. This video guy shoots for Jay Leno's Garage. Drew Philips of the Autoblog fame also was also in attendance.

Mr. Pagani signed a few copies of a photo of the Huayra which was shot by the photography students at the Art Center.

Seeing how the event was centered around an Italian car, Italian fashion tastes was an theme which was hard to ignore throughout the event.

Though, there were a few American guests that kept things very American…. 

A car like the Huayra attracts a lot of attention as is, but when the front hood and engine cover is opened, everyone streams in for a view.

I don't blame the crowds. The attention to detail is exquisite and requires a lot of time just to appreciate it all.

Luckily, there was an open bar for those willing to wait for their time to peek at the car.

There was also food being prepped for after Mr. Pagani's speech. At times, the event felt more like a late-summer outdoor wedding than an event centered around an automobile.

After a few fruit infused sparkling waters, I had my chance to take some quality time to really look at the car.

The beating heart of the car. It's a 700HP built by Mercedes-AMG bespoke for Pagani. The 6.0L twin-turbo V12 was modified at the request of Mr. Pagani to reduce turbo lag and improve response. Let's not forget to point out that the engine covers are a thing of beauty as well.

There's no actual trunk for this car but what it does have is space for a set of Pagani luggage.

Mr. Pagani glossed over some last minute details with his associates before his speech. 

As the evening progress and more and more guests arrived, they occupied their time getting acquainted with the open bar and to each other.

But wait, what's that in the back sitting on the lawn? 

Why yes, its the Pagani Zonda R, the most insane car Pagani has built to date. 

It is a celebration of all things carbon fiber and is the Zonda's last hurrah.

Like many of us, my only experience with the Zonda R was only vicariously through Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear. I've personally never seen a Zonda in person before this event, let alone the R. The carbon fiber weave is absolutely exquisite.

And the ceramic coated headers and four exhausts is a work of art.

I was not the only one ogling and trying to not get drool on the carbon fiber.

When you have a car that looks this nutty and laps the Nurburgring with a time of 6 minutes and 47 seconds, crowds will be a natural part of its existence.

Before I knew it, the evenings main event took place. 

Mr. Pagani took to the podium and proceeded to talk about the Huayra and the car's introduction to the North American market.

After Mr. Pagani's speech, he posed with the Huayra for a few shots for the press corps…

…met with all the VIPs that were in attendance…

…and sat inside his creation as he posed for some more photos for the press.

The instant he sat into the Huayra, the his media professionalism slipped away and you can see a change in his demeanor. He looked like a child which was set loose in a toy store –a toy store with which he created from the ground up.

After Mr. Pagani slipped away from the crowd, all the guests and the press dove in to take a few last minute looks at the car and to talk to Pagani officials.  

The next time this car will be seen in the States is in a few weeks time in Monterey, California, at the Pebble Beach Concours. 

As the guests, VIP and the press corps finished up, they made their way down the lawn for a rather whimsical and elegant bite to eat. 

All in all, it's hard to complain when your evening is filled with free flowing drinks and two of the most exotic and exclusive super cars in the world.

Now here's the important part, where do I sign up for one, Mr. Pagani?


Pagani Automobili



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Like the Zonda R.

The Huayra has way too mutch bling bling :D


Hey Linhbergh, I think his name is Horacio, not Horacia. Nice read again!


jip sick car for sure all the details, and carbon. Maybe also a bit to must. Well at least not probs for me il never own, drive, sit in, or even touch one any ways. Which is fine as it is. doing just fine with Nissans, datsuns and toyotas maybe some day an old 911


Wowwwwww! Best hypercars on earth..... Amazing carbon, titanium and details!

Desktops of the Zonda R please?


approved, cosigned by zonda R


the Zonda R looks insane!


the cars are absolutely Beautiful both of them are a work of art like Mona Lisa with 4 tires Id sell My family and both my balls just to own 1 of those the coverage was so detailed you can tell from just reading that the photographer had so much passion and that he thoroughly enjoyed this shoot.

to think such Beauty is Drivable


I think the Huayra is over the top. Not in a good way. Don't have the "awesome" look that the Zonda had. Too many details


Linhbergh shooting with a flash ? BLASPHEMY


In as much as the details of the Huayra, I personally don't like the styling of it. I truly love the Zonda R, and that's just an exclamation point of what Pagani is all about. However, the details on that Huayrah is just mind-boggling!


Can we get some wall papers of that Zonda R?? I know its not the center of attention in this post but its such an awesome car. My personal favorite so please forgive the request hehe.


great write up

lovely car

real piece of art


Make a desktop version of the Zonda R!! Hehehe... Stunning photos. But i still prefer the Zonda F or CInque =)


Although I don't particulary like the front of the car, the rest of it is absolutely amazing.


Please make a desktop version of the last picture.


i'm still not sold on the interior but the rest of the car is absolutely amazing. still if by some grace of god i get a chance to choose between a huayra or a R i would still take the R


Very nice details, precise - super!!!


Newcastle brown? WTF


absolutely stunning.. the amount of detail on this car is just mind boggling


i think that the new one is really over done...but saying that there is some incredible attention to detail in that thing....Personally id take the Zonda R!

and it looks soooo much better with them black wheels rather than the usual yellow ones!


Astounding piece of art


please desktop the photo of the zonda r it just looks amazing


i'd rather look at an old Tiburon than the Huarauyray but the Zonda R is pure hotness


Don't like interior at all.


pagani's are always exquisite in detail mental but the small touches make them beautiful the huayra its really nce in that red combo but not so nice in silver


pagani's are always exquisite in detail mental but the small touches make them beautiful the huayra its really nce in that red combo but not so nice in silver


Luxury at it's best. All Pagani cars are works of art.


wow. amazing coverage, lihnbergh. what an experience.


Huayra is great - I saw it at Geneva earlier this year.

Looking forward to watch "R" at the race-track.


Wallpapers of the Zonda R. PLEASE! Also tell me you are going to do a full feature on the Zonda R???


The Huayra is a beautiful work of art and an exquisite hyper car but I still cant get used to that face (especially the mouth). I love how you said "The 6.0L twin-turbo V12 was modified at the request of Mr. Pagani to reduce turbo lag and improve response." as I had no idea turbocharged engines that big would have noticeable turbo lag. Mr. Pagani is indeed a perfectionist!


desktop version of zonda R! =D


I cannot describe how amazing this is. Every last detail has been done to perfection. The seats, the cluster, the interior as a whole, as well as every last detail on the exterior is all perfect. It would be a God-sent experience just to be in the presents of that car.


looks typical of where car design has been heading for the last few years. doesn't really 'buzz me up', but i can appreciate it from a design perspective. if i was in the market for one of these i'd probably leave it and spend my money on? well i'm not sure.. Thanks for a good write up and decent pics! Thanks


Definately need a desktop of the Zonda R


@ first Comment: Too much bling bling!? What planet are you coming from, friend? 1 It's all functional; 2. Even if it's shinny, those cars are no show queens, they really do deliver! Too much bling bling :)) Friend, get yourselft a Y2k and replace the engine with a rocket and some mud for a paint job, maybe that'll suit your taste. As much as I riot, I respect your opinion, but you should also consider and respect mr Pagani's work.

Wanna be hardcore, do it like Ferrari, go out there and build yourself your own cult supercar!

As for this article it's a big pile of awesomeness! Great pics, awesome cars and engineering! Really a pleasure.

Now I'm gonna go back to work!


Zonda R with a clossy finish looks so much better


Great write up Linhbergh! From what I saw while standing near the Zonda R with Cliff it looked like a great time where all the press was. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to get up close and personal with the Huayra but I could admire it from a far.

Visit my flickr page for pictures of the ZONDA R!


definitely the most dramatic car in existence today.

beautiful is an understatement for this car. a new word for something this ridiculously epic looking needs to be made. :P


I really want to like the Huayra as Pagani has made only hotness until now, but I just can't. I'm sorry, but I'm not feeling the styling at all. The body looks like the Zonda mated with a TVR Speed 12 and slightly retarded baby. The interior looks like Pagani tried unsuccessfully to copy Buggatti's interior, and the end result is chintzy and gaudy. I don't think this car will sell even close to what the Zonda did, and I also don't think it will perform as well as the Zonda. I agree there has been a trend of supercars becoming bit softer however, and I guess Pagqani is trying to follow this trend. I don't think this rendition of Pagani's supercar will last very long, At least I hope not.



Wow, if I'd have known this was going on, I'd take that 2-mile drive from my house to Art Center in a heartbeat!


Excellent write up of one of my favourite companies. Thanks for sharing.


DESKTOP OF THE ZONDA R!!!! please please please!!!


Saw this up close at this years Goodwood Festival of Speed. Parked next to the new Agera - awesomeness!


You guys catch this bit of unfortunate news:

cliff: The Huahyahra will not be for sale in the US because it doesn't have passenger sensors for airbags.


I am, by no means, new to press events. But to this day, I still find them to be a strange affair with