We hope you've enjoyed our Top 20 Overtakes, and what better way to round out the series than with the spectacular battle between Rene Arnoux and Gilles Villeneuve in the 1979 Dijon GP. Trainspotters will know that we've run this video before on Speedhunters, but this battle – which is undoubtedly one of the most famous duels in F1 history – was just too important not to include in our Top 20. The only question remaining is, which particular overtake in this monumental struggle is your pick of the bunch? Was it Villeneuve diving up the inside with his Ferrari's wheels locked, or do you prefer Arnoux's wheel-banging barge on the last lap? Or perhaps it was Villeneuve's counter attack, taking back the position going into Parabolique?

I don't know about you, but I could watch this over and over again. In fact, that's exactly what I do!

- Charles Kha



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Gilles Villeneuve by far way the FASTEST driver ever in F1 including

Senna, Schui, Prost in fact anybody you can think of the only driver I have seen who came close was Belof...and Villeneuve didn't need the politics and imtimidating tatics of a later generation of drivers to go racing


Vilieneuve vs. Prost or Senna vs. Prost ?

Both were epic, and nothing today comes close to those battles.


villeneuve's lock up under braking pass into the first corner is the best pass ever!!!!!!!!!