25 years ago, two Formula 1 legends went head to head in the Hungarian Grand Prix. Nelson Piquet and Aryton Senna (each a triple World Champion) had a memorable battle and, if my memory serves me correctly, the lead swapped between the two drivers three times during the race. In our post about the Barrichello vs Schumacher tussle we mentioned how hard it is to pass on the Hungaroring circuit. Piquet, after sliding wide when trying to pass Senna on the inside of Turn 1, decided to have another go a couple of laps later. This time he attempted a move around the outside on the dirty side of the track, just managing to keep it all together. 

- Charles Kha



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My wife's uncle has a ranch in Brazil - Piquet lands his helicopter on his property and they fly to Rio and party - must be fun.


One of the clips of what 80's f1 was all about. Too bad we don't see this kind of thing with the high downforce f1 cars of today. Amazing!


THE best overtake ever in F1 (and a lot of other disciplines)


Anytime I watch vintage clips of F1, it really makes me wish that SpeedTV or somebody would play old F1 races like once a week.