There are rivalries in all forms of motor sport. During Michael Schumacher's reign in Formula 1 he had many of his own, such as his championship battles with Damon Hill, Jacques Villeneuve and Fernando Alonso. But the one person he singled out as his most respected opponent was Finnish legend Mika Hakkinen. In the 2000 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps, Hakkinen experienced how difficult it can be to pass Schumacher, but as they lapped Zonta he found the smallest of windows, resulting in one of Hakkinen's most famous overtaking moves. Luckily for all the drivers, back-marker Zonta held his line rather than move over to the side. Here's the view from Zonta's onboard camera.

- Charles Kha



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Absolutely stunning.


Seeing Spa at that speed it seems so small and tight. Amazing Focus.


Talent, pure and simple.


Not wanting to sound like a 'Oh hey I can do that too!" but I think how Mika managed to do it so well at that bit was due to the really large low pressure zone created by 2 cars.


Absolutely stunning.


Great Pass


The move around Zonta is fantastic, but the first move by Schumacher, turning across Hakkinen, is just another example of Schuey's dodgy racecraft. Taking a defensive line/blocking is one thing. Deliberately turning into your opponent, when he's partially alongside you, is another. Especially at a track like Spa.


Hakkinen is absolutely my favorite F1 driver of the modern era. Always a class act, unlike some drivers (Schumacher). I have a cat named Mika Hakkinen because she is so fast, yet so calm and precise.


Bet that backmarker felt like Hakkinen and Schumi's plathing...hahaha


I've always admired the drivers who were not scared of Schumacher and his antics.


Mika Hakinnen is my favourite F1 driver. He may not be as great as Senna, but he just has his own flair that other drivers didn't have. Funny listening to his interview too, He doesn't talk as much as the current drivers that's for sure.


The best overtaking manouver ever


A great driver, a great car, and the greatest track in F1. It was meant to be i guess.


@Tan Yee Hou ...that comment just shows that you don't even know what a low pressure zone is :/


I don't understand why this is considered such a great overtake. Hakkinen had a much quicker car, yet he couldn't find his way past MS even in such a fast track like Spa. MS obviously made a mistake choosing the outside line overtaking Zonta. Hakkinen chose the inside wisely, and job done. No thrills but for the MS haters who keep repeating the same bullshit about how good Hakkinen and Senna was, as opposed to MS.


hehe... "the michael"


This is a great series! It's pretty obvious, but I hope "The Pass" by Zanardi in '96 makes in. Epic.