Laguna Seca's Corkscrew – one of the most famous corners in the world – is usually remembered for one of two things: its steep 18% drop in elevation or that pass. Of course, the overtake that I'm talking about is from the 1996 CART series where Alex Zanardi made a move on Bryan Herta on the last lap to snatch victory. With the win seemingly in the bag for Herta, Zanardi divebombed up the inside of the Corkscrew, narrowly missing both Herta and the subsequent concrete barrier.

It was a memorable, last-ditched effort from Zanardi to claim the victory. After seeing the pass, Jerry Blair, one of the people who helped construct the Corkscrew, simply said "Zanardi has huevos."

What's your opinion? Does this overtake deserve to be so fondly remembered, or should Zanardi have been penalised for running off course?

- Charles Kha 



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it DEFINITELY should be fondly remembered. that sh*t took BIG balls. indycar today can't hold a candle to that. but frankly i think he should have been penalized for going completely off course


Alex Zanardi has "huevos" and big ones!


Only persons like Bernie Eccleston and all the fuckin boring FIA staff could think that Zanardi should have been penalised...

Incredible overtake,but this is not "Top 20 overtakes", This is "USA top 20 overtakes" ;)


I think he cheated, should have been penalised. But it doesn't erase the fact that Zanardi is crazy, or has massive balls to do that.


I'm with DRFTmonkeh on this one


Its got nothing on

If you ride motorcycles, you know that what rossi did should be possible at the speeds he did it.


I say pure genius I don't think that was foul play. He had to make his move. Plus I highly doubt that it was a personal move. In that situation I would just want to get 1st. Great move!


wow that was amazing. im loving these posts!


Massive, yet I consider it cheating. I agree with DRFTmonkeh, he should of have been penalised.


biggest balls in the fucking world.


I thought this move was from michael schumacher.. guess i was wrong


That was crazy to attempt much less pull off! He should have been penalized but if the stewards didn't do anything and the other team didn't protest then alls well that ends well.


That was an epic pass. Ive only recently become interested in F1, anyway I saw this F1 greatest passes compilation on Youtube where the driver (cant remember who) passed on the outside and locked up the brakes to sort of block as he slid into the turn and that was pretty awesome. Anyone know which one im talking about?


Awesome move. Valentino Rossi did the same thing in 2008 but on 2 wheels


Briliant pass from a former briliant series. Zanardi was a king in CART. Although little can be said about his f1 career. Its a shame about his accident in germany, loosing both his legs, but the man is an inspiration, if you ever watch his interviews.


Pretty much the most bad ass pass ever. Back then it was legal as long as you had two tires on the the macadam which he did.


I've made this argument to my friends before: if you go completely off the racing surface, regardless of whether or not it's banned in the rules explicitly, then it doesn't count. It would be like winning a marathon by cutting down a side street. No matter how small, you still cut the course.


Big balls but he went off course a little too much. I mean, that overtake wouldn't have been special if it was ok for drivers to go off of the course like that normally without getting penalized. I mean, we don't see people scrubbing off that as a line when they hit that corkscrew.


Alex lo pasa antes de salirse de la pista, a puro huevo


nice pass but he did cut a rather large chunk of the track there....that would be considered as gaining an unfair advantage and he would have to give the place back....but hey this was a long time ago


Ayrton Senna would be amazed by this move. Personally I think he went out a little too much,but still the will to win counts, not skills and your car.


Josh, don't be posting stuff that requires you to pay for it.


FoUL!!! He get points for bravery but technically he went ofcourse!!!


Been tracking @ Laguna for years and i have to say that pass is absolutely mental lol. This is the best overtake @ Laguna ever.


all four wheels on the other side of the curbing to execute a pass, i dont know what the rules say but im sure thats not kosher.


A move emulated by many a Gran Turismo races for years to come.


im sure ive done that in gran turismo a million times thats not that special.


iv seen Valentino Rossi pull off better moves than that at the same corner against Cassy Stoner, but that race was a constant battle.


Ayrton Senna would be amazed by this move. Personally I think he went out a little too much,but still the will to win counts, not skills and your car.


He gets points for bravery, but had this been F1 he would have had to give up his position.


In Spanish... Huevos means balls....


He might have been out of the boundaries of the track, but I think he should get a pass on it due to the fact he risked severely damaging his car and not even getting second place.


@ qqq, I can lap the 'Ring in under 7 minutes in Gran Turismo but it doesn't mean I can do it in real life, have you ever seen the corkscrew in person? It's unbelievably steep, you must be trolling.


Great stuff from a great era of CART. I wish the Indy Car series returns to Laguna Seca and Surfers Paradise. They made the championship for me.


he's clearly off the track but he went there balls of steel first so i guess penalizing this is just impossible.


Pure and utter genius.

All of you people saying that he's off track fail to observe that he completes the pass before he ever leaves the course, which is technically legal.


FOR LAZLO the epic overtake you are in search is when NELSON Piquet pass AYRTON Senna outside


thats how I did on Gran Turismo every time hahaha