As you would've read in this month's editorial, for the month of July we'll be looking at the Top 20 overtakes from a variety of racing disciplines. To kick things off, here's a fantastic move from Tomas Scheckter. Sometimes drivers find themselves in the right place at the right time, and Scheckter capitalised on such a scenario in the 2004 Indy 500. Entering turn 3, Scheckter sees an opening and finds just enough grip on the high groove to pass seven cars in one corner. Amazing stuff.



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Amazing not to see even a slight break in traction or wheel correction when entering the corner that fast, Serious Skill.


Speedhunters, big advise right here. You HAVE to include Lewis Hamiltons GP2 race in Turkey. Otherwise, you're badly dismissed. THIS is what im talking about: watch it, so awesome!


Oval racing is so boring, if thats a highlight of it, than the other 90% of races must make your fall asleep


With that much more speed and on such a wide track, even i could pass so many cars in 1 turn...


The 2005 Lotus Trophy race at Bathhurst - Dean Evans reading the field like nostrodamus - still my all time fave -


If we are making surgestions , I think the clip attached should be right up there with the best . It is not a big name drive or even a big race series , But this guy past the entire field of lotus's at bathurst In the space of track between start line and forrest elbow . To say that some of the place's that he passes have a low success rate is an understatement ! It is so crazy that you could mistake it for a video game . The two i like the most are the pass going around the outside at reid park and the three car pass through Skyline to the dipper .


might i suggest this beast of a man?


zzz said, go away, your opinion is not valid when you consider the difficulty to do that at Indy. Besides, for those of us that love the 1988-1999 era of CART, ovals and road courses were a great combo.


Is it just me or does he only pass 6 and the 7th pulls away..


WRONG!!! He passed 5 cars on 1 straight. Was side by side with another for 2 turns, and that 7th stayed out ahead the entire time.... Lame pass. Has speed hunters got too much interest in drifting that they have forgotten what a corner is?


Dude got BALLS! :)) Diving like that at such high speed so close to the wall is a high risk! When I saw that move, I couldn't help but think of the countless Indy crash videos... Although this move looked more like one to be performed in a video game than in a real race.... As for the people saying that oval racing is boring and they could do it better, well I partly agree, left turns forever gotta get boring at some point, but to claim that that was an easy move when you could die at that kind of speed... Try to drive fast every once in a while, racing games can't compare to the real thing!



Haha Same clip .

I agree that it was a beast of a drive . Dont think that he is high profile enough to be included on the list , I think it is top 20 passes by people you have herd (to keep the readers from the us & a interested )of not top20 passes full stop . there are two of three pass in this clip alone that could be considered for a top 20 list on sheer difficulty and outright ball .


yeah, not 7 cars in one corner! 5 cars on a straight and 2 cars on a 90 degree corner, not even a 180 degree corner.

still he did know just how much room and grip he had, so nice work on making it all stick