Car Spotlight>> The One & Only P4/5 Competizione

In 2005 Jim Glickenhaus commissioned Pininfarina and Ferrari to build him a modern day version of the famous 1960 Ferrari 330 P3/4 racecar. It became the now famous Ferrari P4/5 that is based on an Enzo with a body that was been designed by Pininfarina.

However, because this car was built as a road car it wasn't allowed to participate in any race. But Jim Glickenhaus wanted more, so in 2009 he set out to build a racecar version of the P4/5 called the P4/5 Competizione. But this time it would be without the help of Ferrari and Pininfarina; more on that subject later. He contacted Paolo Garella who worked with Glickenhaus on the P4/5 but left Pininfarina in 2009. He is now the program manager and responsible for the design and technical aspect of the P4/5C.

Now all he needed was a race to compete in. And he decided that race should be the 24hr at the Nürburgring.

The car would be entered in the E1-XP2 class. Both the BMW M3 GTs campaigned by BMW Motorsport would also enter in the same class because just like the P4/5C they are based on GT2 spec machines.

When I first arrived at the paddock area it was already buzzing with people. First we checked in at the Schubert Motorsport tent to get settled, meet the drivers and see the cars. Quickly after that I made my way outside to look for the P4/5C that I had read so much about. Finally I spotted the tent, it is the one in the middle on the right side. All that was left was to somehow make my way through the crowd.

And there it was in all of its naked glory. What you're actually looking at is the combination of three cars. The Ferrari P4/5 is based on the Ferrari Enzo but this one is a bit different. The team wanted to base the car on the Ferrari 333SP chassis and engine but the organizers of the 24hrs Nürburgring don't allow a carbon fiber chassis nor the 333SP engine.

It was then decided to buy a Ferrari F430 GT2 and mate it with a Ferrari F430 Scuderia. The Scuderia was upgraded with all the running gear from the GT2. The third car is the original P4/5 on which the body has been based on. So basically it uses the F430 Scuderia chassis and drivetrain upgraded to full F430 GT2 spec with a P4/5 carbon fiber body. Using the F430 Scuderia chassis enables Jim Glickenhaus to return the car to road going status, which explains the New York State license plate.

But don't be fooled into thinking that this is just a mash up of parts thrown together. The car still has numerous custom parts scattered throughout the car and the body isn't an exact copy of the P4/5. Instead the body has been designed from the ground up to fit the Scuderia chassis.

The carbon fiber body parts are easily to remove for fast maintenance. Behind them are some of the Pirelli tires. Pirelli is one of the big sponsors on this project providing the team with specially designed tires. They are using the P4/5C as a test bed for their new GT tire.

When all the body panels are fitted it looks gorgeous. Here it is just about ready to go for a qualifying lap. They managed to qualify in 36th position and after the first pit stop they were in 29th position. But a punctured tire just before the Karussell caused several other mechanical problems. They did manage to end the race and that is a victory in its own right. They finished in 41st after they completed 133 laps with a fastest time of 8:49.472.

You won't find any Ferrari logos on this car despite it is being based upon their products. It has to do with the fact that Jim Glickenhaus contracted the L.M. Gianetti organization and N.Technology. Both these companies joined forces under the name ProTo. Together with Paola Garella they have build the entire car from front to end, so Ferrari didn't provide input into the project. The new logo says SCG what stands for Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus. Cameron is Jim's wife's maiden name.

Here is the man himself. I felt like I had walked into a candy store, so naturally I wanted to meet the owner and tell him how great the store wa!. Jim Glickenhaus was very friendly and open and took the time to answer the questions the people had. It was very cool to meet him.

Another famous person that I recognized was none other than former F1 driver Mika Salo. He was one of the drivers of the car together with Fabrizio Giovanardi, Luca Cappellari and Nicola Larini. Here you see him signing a small handout. The father of the kid was standing next to me and I think he was even more excited to see Mika than his son.

Time to roll the car out towards the pre-grid ceremony. At this time I was already in the pitlane waiting for the cars to come out from hiding.

It wasn't hard to find because the car was surrounded by mechanics wearing this jacket. So I knew I was in the right place.

This is the license plate I mentioned earlier, which is a sign of its future intentions. Behind it lies the V8 3996cc engine. Funny thing is though that this engine has less power than a stock F430 because of the GT2 restrictor plate and the fact that it has been destroked. A F430 has 483hp and this restricted version only has 450hp. They even had to carry ballast to comply with the GT2 rules that states that the minimum weight of the car had to be 1230kg.

The interior is pure racecar with a rollcage, flocked dash and carbon everywhere. You can also see the extra padding inside the seat for the driver. Every driver has their own so they can switch it out quickly during driver changes. 

Lots of buttons and switches dominate the control panel. The driver changes gear using the lever because according to GT2 regulations you aren't allowed to use paddle shifters. Behind it you'll see a map of teh Nordschleife for reference. 

When it threatened to rain the mechanics quickly put up a tent to shield the car hence the red reflections. Here is one of the mechanics going through some of the final checks.

Another mechanic was making sure everything was okay and checked the latest telemetry.

These final shots were taken during qualifying before the actual race.

During the night the car would gain some extra headlights. They are used to have better visibility but maybe even more important they are there for the other cars. This way they see you sooner as you come up in their rear view mirror

Another great shot from Rod where we see the P4/5C dipping into the Karussell.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Speedhunters 2011 Nürburgring coverage

P4/5 Competizione



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Intresting car. Must have been intresting putting all those cars together to make just one. Quite a testament to the team for the car to finish the 24 hours.


SO Sexy! one of my alltime favorite Ferraris!


I still think it's ugly as the first time I ever read about its development..!

Ugly as sin!


There are many ways to participate in the N24, here are two approaches...

Option 1 - Buy a 911 RSR direct from Porsche for $586k US (best entry cost of any GT car on the planet). You get a performance-proven platform with more real-race R&D of any car and an unlimited supply chain of spare parts. Not to mention it's one of the best-looking cars of all time. If it could win 5 out of the last 6 N24s it must be pretty decent right?

Option 2 - Spend $4million US converting an Enzo into a carbon-fiber monstrosity. All testing is done by yourself (when you blow all your money on bespoke spares you test at go-kart tracks apparently - ). With performance way off the pace you sit and PRAY that you can at least finish.

Maybe if this car wasn't so outrageously bad looking I might have a little more respect for the effort. But seriously you could run the entire Manthey operation (7 or so cars) for the cost of this... thing. The P3/4 was a decent looking car of its time, the design being limited by the technology available 40 years ago. Why anyone would want to duplicate the shape on a modern car is beyond me. But hey, to each their own!


i love the rearview mirrors, would buy this car if it was for sale.


"a map of teh Nordschleife" Hahahah


What an incredible engineering feat. It's a shame they had poor luck with the punctured tire. Could we get some desktops of some of the shots from above?


Money apparently isnt a thing for the owner..

& JW can i have the remaining parts of the 3 cars used on this car!! =D


A truly amazing build.


wow! for a car like this i would have thought that i would have loads more power!!! and i wonder how much it cost to get it racing on the track!!! i think quite a few coins where spent....


So pretty, and the engineering and design behind it is top notch, I can't wait to see this race in person.


Great to see this car raced. Unlike most one-off Ferraris that just sit in the garage of their owners, this thing was built for racing! Even if it didn't get a very good result on the N24 it was still a joy to watch!


What would stand out more..winning with an already successful Porshe, or with a car you design on your own? Oh, and to hell with it now?


I wish I could make some carbon fiber pieces like that. Awesome car


Money is a non-issue for the owner, hes a billionair. He cleans off the toilet seat with a hundred dollar bills but wipes his ass with regular TP beacuse he has sensitive skin.



This is what it costs to do it on your own. Buy a Porsche or make your own car, which gets more respect?

And I think it looks pretty damn good. And functional.


What happened to the F1 style periscope exhaust that the regular P4/5 had? It seems like it would make more sense on this version of the vehicle...



This is what it costs to do it on your own. Buy a Porsche or make your own car, which gets more respect?

And I think it looks pretty damn good. And functional.


If you're not first... You're last!! J/K but seriously. The car is pretty cool conceptually but it looks like they have a LOT of sorting out to do if they want it to be a real competitor.


Are you allowed to mount extra lights in the night that weren't on the car during the day?


I smell another wallpaper coming......


Yes you can mount extra lights at night and remove them suring the day.

F1 style exhausts aren't allowed by rules.

We got hit twice in the rear which put us in the Pits for 3 hours. We still finished 39th OA (Out of 210) and second in class. We also got a Constructors Trophy.

If we're given a bit less HP restriction and allowed a DRS system we may be back next year.

Our Adventure


This was a fantastic car, the exhaust glowing during the night was one of the smaller details I remember seeing this in the flesh.