New Cars>>bmw M3 Dtm 2012 Concept

BMW rolled out their concept for the new look 2012 DTM series this evening in Munich, ahead of this weekend's DTM round.

New regulations for next year have been introduced to reduce costs with a standardized chassis and other parts. Aero changes will also lead to more exciting racing, back to the Golden era of 90’s DTM. This also allows 2 door coupes such as this M3 and Audi’s S5.

These new regulations have already resulted in BMW Motorsport returning to the German series. The carbon fibre bodied race car uses a 4 Litre V8 engine producing 480bhp, limited by an air restrictor. Exact chassis rules have not been made public, so don’t be surprised if the car's appearance changes during testing. Visually it does remind me of the older DTM cars.

BMW also announced their first two DTM drivers. Team Need for Speed Dubai 24 Hour winner Augusto Farfus and Andy Priaulx were also introduced by new BMW Motorsport Director, Jens Marquardt  as the first two DTM Drivers. 

BMW were very successful in the DTM between 1984 and 1992 with three titles, 49 wins, 64 Fastest Laps and 30 pole positions.

Audi is due to release a S5 concept soon, while Mercedes will run with a C-Class.

-Andy Blackmore

Images: BMW Motorsport



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Looks like the Germans are trying to copy the look of Japanese race cars!


Germans already done in the race game alot, they really dont need to copy nobody, look at the DTM cars, they'v been around 4 a long time. It looks like the car is ready 4 LeMans.


If anything I would say the Japanese are copying the Germans. And if the series turn to coupe's only it'l lose interest. I love the Saloon DTM cars(even though the DTM cars had nothing to do with the road going saloons it looked like.)


DTM + Super GT racing in one series...someone make it happened!


looks sick! as all DTM cars do....would love to see what Audi can come up with the S5....!


wtf copy?


I think i'd like to see a saloon version of this as well. I think that Audi should stick with the S4. The stock S5 looks quite a bit bigger than the M3 already.


BMw is back in dtm my life is now complete


BeZtoaG - What planet are you on? This is back to DTM looks from the mid 90's way before Japanese GT started growing huge wings, diffusers and canards.



You win an award for super moronic comment. Get your shizz straight first.

Germans are ahead of everyone. Always were. Always will be.


DTM vs. Super GT500 cars please? Why can't anyone make this happen?


The car looks amazing in the flesh. I live 5 minutes from the "BMW Welt" where the car sits atm and the pictures don't do it justice.


That should fit on Japan Super GT.....


O YEA FINALLY BIMMERS BACK! n btw thumbs up @coLLab!!!


Just so we all clear.

The DTM has had meetings with the Super GT organizers. This is help one car race all over the globe, so they can sell these cars to customers in Japan. This also mitigates the need to develop cars for the various series around the world. I understand V8 Supercars may also change to some thing close to the rules.


mark & BrZtoaG: I take it you completely missed mid-90s JGTC then? But there's no copying, all this dates back to around 70s & 80s silhouette racers. Everybody does if the rules permit it, aerodynamics are all the same no matter what country you're in.

Not a fan of the design though, or the modern DTM and Super GT designs in general. Both should go back to what they were in the early nineties, not these front-engined prototype racers with bodies that might resemble the original car just a little bit.


Matte black is played out.


Does it really matter who was the first to style their cars like this? It's like saying one company is copying another by putting 4 wheels on their cars.... All that matters is that both DTM and SuperGT are awesome. Plus, if you really study the two series, you can easily point out features unique to each of the two series.


lol@ BrZtoaG


that does look like japan GT if you look closely.


does not*


And when I thought that the M3 couldn't get any more extreme... Boy was I WRONG!


Not very stock at all is it.


i´ve seen it on tv ... it looks very good :-) ... i love it


@BrZtoaG: Leave it to some asshole to run a muck with his blasphemy. Japan wishes it was Germany.


What does it matter about copying or not? Everyone borrows ideas from everyone. If it works, I'm going to use it. Whatever it takes to help me win. Big wing. Canards. Carbon body. Fock yeah! 07WRBSTi said:

DTM vs. Super GT500! That would be awesome to see a race that pits Euro DTM and Japan GT together.


Standarised chassie?

Hahaha. what a joke.


nice to see two former touring car drivers get a spot been a shame not seeing augusto and andy not racing often team to be reckoned with.

style of the car does remind me of the early 00's dtm cars when mercedes ran the clk and opel ran the astra.

anyway less downforce normally means better racing.


Very, very cool. However the standardised chassis concept does nothing for me - much like our own V8 Supercars. I like to see differences in a manufacturer rather than just different bodywork. With a standardised chassis less technology will be transferred to the road cars, and that's not a good thing in my opinion.

In saying that, if it allows more manufacturers to compete and keeps everyone racing then it's a posiitve move.


Amazing M3! And great drivers line-up too! : ) Priaulx and Farfus are both excellent drivers!


thats just viscous looking, hmmmm when will an overpriced toned down version be available at your dealer!!!!!