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The Jenners yard in South Auckland seemed like the most unlikely place for a bunch of drifters, their cars and a Maori Warrior to be congregated, but this was Team NZ ready to load the cars into containers for the journey to Australia for the Tectaloy International Drift Challenge. With the help of MGN and Untamed motorsport we thought it best to send the boys off in true New Zealand fashion.

Make no mistake this team is heading to Sydney for one thing and that’s war. Trans-Tasman rivalries exist in every sport with iconic battles taking place each year and now drifting has one.

It was evident in the eyes of each driver that there had been a hard few months to get the cars ready, most undertaking near full rebuilds.

The warrior lays the challenge and offers the fern.

Curt Whittaker accepted the challenge on behalf of the team.

Some looked to be a little unsure as the 6 foot weapon of death was swiftly waved only inches from their faces. But it was defiantly sending a clear and decisive message to the Aussie camp.

As I mentioned before all the guys have been busy rebuilding their cars. Curt reckoned two weeks out there was so much left to do he didn’t think it he would make it, but with the help of his hard working crew the R34 was ready.

The R34 now has a Jerico 5 speed box which required the tunnel to be enlarged and the 2J received a full freshen up at Dobson Dyno Tune. The team all so fitted all new brakes, bushes and rod ends throughout

Gaz Whiter is a three time D1NZ Champion and has also fully rebuilt his super wide S14.

A new engine, all rear panel skins removed, full rewire, new kit and paint work. All that is left is a tune which will take place in Sydney.

Cole Armstong probably looked the worse for wear of all the drivers, whether that was caused by his antics the night before or the build he has just carried out on the 34 is anyones guess, but I know he has been hard at work burning the midnight oil reworking the front end, installing the new dry sump setup and chasing as much lock as possible.

The brutal RB is now also pushing a few more HP to the rears. The engine bay was looking immaculate.

Daynom is sending his jet setting 20B bat over which is fresh from Formula D Asia. This car has also undergone a full rebuild with a new 20B that utilizes 13B housings and rotors.

Strapped to the side is a monster GT47. The team suffered a few teething problems but are quietly confident it’s all ironed out.

Fanga Dan has picked up a new sponsor for the event, Juice Polishes and had MadMike from CRE8GRAFX do the signwriting on the car.

He had also had the Commodore on the dyno in search for more torque. As well as a few other small changes and tiding things up.

The problem with drifting overseas is the amount of spares you need to take with you. This stack of tyres is for Curt’s car alone and he still doesn't think there are enough to last. Multiply this by six drivers and you get my point.

The last thing you want when heading to another country is being unable to compete because of breakages, so the teams are taking everything they can possibly fit in the two 40ft Jenners 'Cartainers' including a spare block or two. 

Looking at the amount of stuff the Jenners crew have to pack, it will be a busy time in their yard this week.

Were you wondering where Mad Mike and Team RevolutioNZ EVO are? Mike was still busy working on both cars.

The team is ready and can now relax for a few weeks. The only question left to answer, is Australia ready for us? I guess we will find out on August 5&6, see you all at Eastern Creek.

NZPC Magazine

Photos: Adam Croy
Words: Marcus Gibson



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Here's a behind the scenes video to, for those interested in a bit more of the what went on


Kiaora!!! That Commodore is Beautiful!!!!


Whats that lurking in the back of the container second to last picture?

Also, shot NZ.


i love that commodore! for once a holden with fresh wheel fitment and styling, why can't more aussies do it?


A waste of cars in my opinion. They should all be competing in the time attack against the clock.


NZPC, such a blowout.


What is the car on 6 photo below o_O?


good luck boys!!!! cars look freaking awesome!


this is gonna be good to watch! go the kiwis!!


I think the Australian drifters are in for a shock. The K1w1s are professional and have had lots of track time in their D1 series. Good luck boys. May the mechanical gods smile on you.


Achilles atr sports are the only rubber i run on my cars. A little hard to get but way worth it. Cheap, hard, and last forever ("That's waht se said", you can go ahead an laugh, as i was while typing it). That blue r34 is pure sexy time.


i hope those aren't real GTR's what a waste of an amazing car. keep it original


Good luck boys!

Was also nice to see a little bit of culture from the home country. Been a while since I've seen that :-)


Man this makes me embarrassed to be Maori. Sorry on behalf of all Maoris for this cringeworthy display.

New Zealand has a problem with this plastic Maori dance routine whenever we do anything.


that will take you to all the team car. Both skylines are R34 GT-Ts, one has a 2JZ, the other an RB30DET,

Its an Impala you can see in the container, it was being unloaded.

Thanks NAC insurance, Jenner Cargo and all the drivers sponsors


Both the R34's are GT-T's.

We shared a pit garage with the Green R34 at Manfield earlier in the year and it takes brand new 275's from stickers to steel belts in 5 or 6 laps - quite amazing.

Very professional team too, hope all our boys do well over there!


wow, they using achilles tyres,... achilles is made in indonesia :)


Vet awesome cars


"cool_cat" - the R34's are GTT's not GTR's.


Cringe cuzzy!! Got to agree with "w" a bit on this one.


all these cars are boring


nice cars!! to see more nice cars check out my blog....


dont see why there had to be a silly moari there with a silly piece of stick ruining the pictures


First pic desktop? amanzing cars.... Love the blue R34


you left one guy out, Mad Mike!! i love the style that kiwis build their cars in. TAKE NOTE AMERICA, no nascar V8s and no tube frame chassis.


nice to see what other folks are doing! love the Blue R34!


The Maori rubbish is not needed to be honest, what has that got to do with drifting.

Good luck anyway guys, you will kickass


wow.. i like the warriors' stick! - as for the cars they all look the part. nothing innovative but they along with their drivers are 'whats going on' right now!

[via NuggetG60YorkshireUK's computer]


who cares if it was a genuine GTR anyway, its a sick car as it is, its just a skyline at the end of the day..


Whats the coil/spark set up on Cole Armstrongs RB?

All Awesome looking cars!


I gotta agree with "Human" on that one i mean were allowed our opinions and all but at the end of the day its their cars not yours they like what they have and honestly don't care about what you think about the cars and they are the drivers not you. But all in all the cars are sick!


Wastespark setup on Coles R34 looks like the coils from a VS 3.8 V6 Commadore.


i reakon the maori buzz is the shit!!!! its all part of the hype and at the end of the day...whos out their repping nz?? the guys being keyboard warriors or the ones in the photos?


skyline with 2j is FAIL!!!!!!!!!!


2j skyline is epic bud, good luck over there boys


Cheers, we are dying!