Event>> Volksdub 2011

On Monday we asked you guys what kind of Speedhunting activities you had done through our Twitter channel. Shortly after that I got an email from Ronald Veth who paid a visit to the Volksdub event here in Holland. After looking at some of the pictures it seemed that the event itself wasn't very big but the quality of the cars was very high.

Like the Golf MKIV above. You don't see many Golf's in this red color but it really makes the car standout especially with those split Porsche rims.

A nice and clean 4 door Seat Leon on a set of RML Snowflakes distributed by Fifteen52.

One of my personal favorites is this MKIV with ground scraping clearance.   

A classic MKI in pristine condition. It takes a lot of elbow grease to get your car to this level.

Even a few bugs showed up. This one looks to be a regular on the quarter mile with its turbocharged engine, rollcage and drag slicks.

This Golf came from the UK and I saw this in person at the Wörthersee event. The exhaust hints at a diesel engine but in fact it is powered by a 2 liter FSI turbo engine.

We are looking at one of the most famous MKI's in the world. The name Ron Huijzer should sound familiar if you have ever had an interest in Volkswagen. I'll have a lookout for this car at the upcoming M.I.V.W. event and shoot a proper spotlight.

I absolutely love this color. Brown should make a comeback.

The Audi A6 is in itself a beautiful car but with the help of airbags and polished wheels it becomes a real stunner.

-Jeroen Willemsen




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I've slowly seen more and more Sepang Bronze as of late... always been a fan of it! Also, a proper spotlight on Ron's VW is definitely in order!


yae i love the brown color on that mk1 to a real nice one!


Finaly a Seat! to few Seats on speedhunters. Only VW's and Audi's! Jeroen, you should do a shoot of Race Eend's Seat Ibiza Cupra 1.8 20vt which has 403hp on stock internals! (you can find him on Team Ibiza or at JD Egineering because he works there!)

http://img808.imageshack.us/img808/2748/markibiztdi.jpg (Dyno sheet)




Not that big? i would call en event with almost a 1000 cars and 1400 visitors big, but that's my opinion....


I'm sorry Jeroen, but I disagree with you all the time. The Audi in the last image for example is absolutely hideous! :(


Que hermosuras... Muy buenas fotos!!


850 cars is a small show now?? and about half the cars there were brown......


There sure is a lot of coverage of these boring and slow fwds. May I request some coverage of old English sportscars, and old skool French and Italian cars? Just not seeing the appeal of boring recent-model fwd econoboxes getting slammed and with big wheels.


It was not such a small event, on Sunday there were 1300 visitors and 900 cars. Only on Satrurday there were only 300 people and their cars. Great pics!


@Backfire20vt: talking about a sleeper. You wouldn't expect that if you see the car!


Imba brown MK1


@pstar....you don't have to look at the link if you don't like the content! See the title, VOLKSDUB, generally tells me there won't be many English/French/Italian cars on offer.

If the VAG scene here was anything worth commenting on I'd be all over it with some sort of Golf.....but no, people here just aren't into them. Maybe I need to move OS. As for brown needing a comeback, it seems to be very much the colour of the moment, don't know where you're looking!?!?!?


Wrong dyno sheet i posted lol!



Here is the correct dyno sheet for the Seat Ibiza Cupra posted above!


Note: make sure your facts are correct ;)


looking good so far 'coverage-wise'.. but you know i'm going to ask for some Corrado's.. i know there was some there.. 'cos mine was - albeit in the car park! Hon. mention the biege Beetle!