Event>> Rx-7 Annual Gathering 2011 – Umihotaru Pa Pt.2

Words can't describe how epic this year's RX-7 meeting turned out to be. With participants coming from all areas of the Kanto region, not to mention the usual participation of iconic tuner cars like this Scoot FC3S, this is one gathering people won't be forgetting in a hurry. But this was a small look at the 7's Day celebrations, because rotary enthusiasts met all across the country, not to mention the various circuit events that were organized. To find out more about these local meetings head over to RE-Xtrme, where Russ has already posted some pictures of the meets that were held in Kansai and Shizuoka. 

Back at a very windy Umihotaru PA this is what the ground level was looking like at around 10 pm. Some cars were beginning to take off, accelerating full throttle down the exit road, while others kept rolling in keeping a constant flow of stunningly modified machinery.

Here is a great find form the third level of the PA, a dark purple Abflug kitted widebody FD. Impossibly menacing! 

Another A-spec!

But wait, the rear end has been RE-Amemiya-ized!  An interesting combination. That's the great thing about the FD, it can be transformed in so many different ways by mix and matching aero parts.

After arriving onto the covered area of the parking via the steep on-ramp, you can drive around the whole level…

…to find a parking spot or head to where the main access to the escalators, from which you can go up one floor to the shops & restaurants or the observation deck on the roof part of the massive building. This is where the RE-Amemiya crew was parked up and where, probably because of the better lighting, the Video Option crew was doing most of their filming. 

I see this Tamon Design FD every year on 7's Day but it always looks so damn fresh. One thing about Tamon Design is that their kits and conversions are always tested and fine tuned in the wind tunnel so you know you are getting something functional. Now if only they made more products for a bigger variety of cars!

Knight Sports is located just across the Aqua Line close to Haneda Airport so it wasn't surprising to see a few cars of theirs at the meet.

More FDs…

…including this very eye-catching widebody creation. Interesting positioning of the mirrors.

With the commotion of rotary engines piercing through the calm of the night I headed back down for a final time…

…and it seemed quite a lot more cars had arrived like this R-Magic kitted beauty.

The 40+ mph winds glazed my lens with a salty deposit from the sea, which didn't really help out on those long exposures, so you will have to forgive the unusual flare on some of these images.

Some shops stopped by Umihotaru on their way back from the Tsukuba event that was held earlier in the day.

Here is a tightly packed group of FDs on one corner of the ground floor. This is where you can exit the PA through the toll booths, choosing either to head back to the massively built up Bay area of Tokyo, Kawasaki and Yokohama or head the opposite direction to the peaceful countryside of the Chiba-ken peninsula towards the cities of Sodegaura and Kisarazu. The recently opened Sodegaura circuit is about a 30 min drive from Umihotaru.

This slammed drift-spec RPS13 looked like it was just about to start drifting around…

…there was certainly enough space to have a little play.

More RE-Amemiya cars! It's funny seeing all these ex-demo cars, vehicles I have all shot over the years after each Tokyo Auto Salon and that have graced the pages of quite a few publications, like this Super GReddy III which I shot back in 2008.

You can always expect some exotics to stop at any PA along the highway system. Before I came across this F355 a pair of Lamborghini Gallardo's drove in and almost instantly drove back out in a concerto of unsilenced V10 goodness.

Seeing this GT300 kitted RE-Amemiya itasha reminded me that the famed Chiba-tuner should soon be hitting the track with its new Hurricane 7 that we all saw back in January at the Tokyo Auto Salon.  

I hope you all enjoyed the coverage from this year's meet, I know I did, this was one epic car meet if I ever saw one. Roll on 2012!!

RX-7 Gathering

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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please tell me that's not all the coverage!!!!


what wheels are on that rps13 at the end?


Best meeting of the year, no, wait, the best meeting ever! Thanks a lot for the coverage, I'm so jealous you got to see such amount of beautiful cars. Mazda rotaries have a special place in my heart.

Now, please... like I always ask, upload some high res photos! The pictures from all these posts were great, as for this one specifically, I'd say that the second, the last one and (ironically) the one with the RPS13 looking from the right would be great as walllpapers.

Once again, thanks.


even though this chassis is old, i love seeing that there are many ways to modify the car so that it fits the taste of everyone. drift, drag, time attack, show, or just plain stock, this is one of the best collections of 7's i've ever seen.


Great coverage of an awesome event. My hankering for an FD just grows and gorws...


I just want to expierience this once in my life. Awesome!


Um, the GT300 kitted RE-Amemiya RX-7 is not an itasha. It looks like it's a replica to me!


Scoot FC, wallpaper, do it.


Um, the GT300 kitted RE-Amemiya RX-7 is not an itasha. It looks like it's a replica to me!


That's a GT-C, not an A-spec. Although, its most likely just a GT-C front bumper, rather than a real GT-C. Nice pics.


the 2-tone 180 was the best looking car out of all of this coverage


Um, the GT300 kitted RE-Amemiya RX-7 is not an itasha. It looks like it's a replica to me!


I want more SA22C


sweeeet! nice coverage....i thought i would have ended after Daikoku! but how wrong was i?!

the last picture is awesome!

PS can we have more of the matt black BNR34 in pt1 please?


I too hope there are more pics on the way, I just can't get enough of the 7.

Ceylon is right, thats a GT-C not an A-Spec, cool nonetheless.

However, Benigmatica obviously doesn't know what an itasha is.....

Thanks for all the amazing pics. I think the salt glaze adds to some of the shots too.


I find it strange how trends from the U.S. go straight back to Japan. It's just our take on their tuning. It's strange looking at hellaflush cars in Japan that aren't Zoku-shas. Great coverage though!


FC RX-7's have never been may favorite (I'm an FD man); but Damn. That FC in the lead photo is downright crazy/awesome/sexy as all get out.

Love it. Love it. Love it.

Desktop please!


Awesome stuff! I wish I would speak japanese and be able to move to Japan!