Event>> Rx-7 Annual Gathering 2011 – Daikoku Pt.2

I don't think I've ever had to shoot so quickly at a meet like I did at the 7's Day in Daikoku last week. With the Police making it very obvious that they wanted everyone out as soon as possible, people began to leave pretty quickly once a couple of patrol cars began driving around the parking area. With the rumble of rotary engines being floored on the spiraling exit roads that bring you up onto the Wangan

…I started to run around, trying my best to immortalize as many cars as possible, like this very nice line up of FCs.

I asked around and it seemed, that like in previous years, the meet would move on to the Umihotaru PA on the Aqua Line. Once cars began to take off more and more followed by the minute, probably not wanting to risk getting left without a decent parking spot at the next venue.

And so the cars continued to flow out.

I ran across this pair of R-Magic customer cars every year, probably some of the most colorful at the event…

…after the itasha-ed RE-Amemiya FDs of course!

You can always spot a Veilside-kitted ride a mile away, this FD wasn't as extreme as the Fortune models that were used in the Fast & Furious movie but it's still an attention grabber.

Yep, more FC goodness…

…as well as a very cool 13B-powered sedan. Can anyone guess what that is?

Looking at the long history of rotary powered cars that Mazda has produced over the years, I just can't help but wonder how it will all continue in the future. Mazda is currently developing the next generation of Wankel engines, said to be a 1.6L all new twin-rotor unit, but it's still unclear what car it will power and when exactly it will be released. Let's hope they don't forget to slap a couple of turbochargers along with it this time round!

The variations of styles, colors, bodykits, wheels and fitment in the world of rotaries really boggle the mind. I'm sure most people will remember this BN Sports FD with RX-8 front end, now rocking a roof rack for carrying spare wheels. 

You can already see how the parking lot was emptying out. This was around 6 pm! Most definitely a record. Obviously the Wangan Police doesn't have much to do during the day!

Bye bye everyone, see you at Umihotaru.

Might not be rotary powered (unfortunately), but it would have been rude not to take a picture of this cool little stock NC.

By 6:15 pm most of the remaining cars were ready to leave too…

…not much point in staying any longer.

I did my last round to grab a few final shots…

…including one more of this stunning Cosmo, before jumping in the car and joining the mass migration over to Umihotaru PA.

Make sure you check back for Part 3 to find out why this was without a doubt the biggest 7's Day meet I have ever seen. 

RX-7 Annual Gathering

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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13B Powered Nissan Gloria. Whats did i win?


its a 88 mazda luce.. or a rotary converted 929, friends got a real nice black 1 on black 20s


Hmm... I'm gonna throw in the Mazda Luce as my guess.


hi guys, where can i find the high res pictures of this event, i mean on forum or something, thanx


the sedan is a mazda luce.


Love the white first gen rx7. I must find out where to get a vented hood like that one!??


I would have loved to be there. This meeting is always mindblowing!

The white SA22C looks very clean, and the FDs always look pretty. It's a beautiful design.


just out of curiosity, since i don't know anything about japanese motoring law, but why exactly is it so easy for the police to force everyone to disperse? what sort of repercussions are you looking at if you don't leave?


wrong! it's a mazda luce


Nevermind, I Suck. Its a Laurel.


89/91 Mazda Luce/ 929 choice plenty of those here in NZ with rotary repowers.


!3B powerd sedan = Mazda HC3S Luce


I would have loved to be there. This meeting is always mindblowing!

The white SA22C looks very clean, and the FDs always look pretty. It's a beautiful design.


I thought this was part 2? lol


The mysterious 13B powered sedan is an HC3S Luce Rotary Turbo :-)


are there some more pics of the FD with rx8 front end and roof rack?


ooo some sick cars there!! i love the yellow FD3!!!


Now I really miss my fc3s , nothing quite like a screaming rotary with 3inch straight through exhaust to bring a smile to your face.


Holy crap. 13B powered Mazda 929.


That's a 929, and it looks great...!


got any more pics of the green one in the first pic, that thing is sick


Sick coverage so far, but more FC's please!


Aqua Line and New Belt Line - I've heard those names many times ,but I still dont know wich part of expressway Is this

Can someone explain?


what is the front fender on the 5th to last picture? the black and gold rimed FD???

They make the side look so nice!!!