Event>> Rx-7 Annual Gathering 2011 – Daikoku Pt.1

You will have to forgive me for the delay in starting up this 7’s meeting coverage, but over the last few days I’ve been buzzing around all over the place, spending the day with Nakai-san and Toshi at Rauh Welt on Friday, blasting up and down mountain roads yesterday with a bunch of sport’s car loving people and attempting to catch a little shut eye in the interim. But before I show you all some cool widebody Porsches and action from Hakone, let’s head back to Daikoku PA…

…for what has to be the biggest 7’s meeting I have experienced. I probably say this every year, but for 2011 it looked like rotor-heads went full out to enjoy this special day with the largest turnout I’ve ever seen.

With so many cars already there upon my arrival I quickly got my camera out and got busy.

I found it quite interesting that at this year’s meeting a few more vintage rotaries joined the line up, like this drag-spec RX-4 (knows as a Luce rotary in Japan).

I’m really not sure what is going on with the ghetto-spec supercharger implant!

This was the first time I saw one of these second-gen Mazda Cosmo’s, known as the RX-5 in other markets.

It’s unique cars like these that really grab my attention, and from the sounds of it, there was some pretty heavily tuned rotary powering this thing!

No-fuss interior was upgraded with a few modern parts including a slightly tacky, but at the same time impossibly cool JDM shifter.

FD perfection!

Little RX-2 coming in to join the fun.

I headed over to check out this shiny FC3S with Russ from RE-Xtreme, we both got attracted by its spotless exterior. Things weren’t much different under the hood!

I will always love the front end of the A-spec.

Two 7’s and an 8.

I noticed someone complaining at the blanked out license plates in the Preview post. I know it’s not nice to see but we do need to respect the privacy of the owners. Sometimes however we can let the main number show, like on this Abflug kitted space ship…oh sorry, Supra. Anyone care to guess what those numbers stand for? Think metric…

Drift spec FC

And this is what everyone was at Daikoku celebrating, the great and incredibly simple Wankel engine.

The FC is without a doubt a modern classic and as I notice every year, more and more people are dumping lots of money into their cars to make them look like they just rolled out of the factory.

A nice line up of RE-Amemiya FDs.

It’s always impressive to see just how many aesthetic alternatives RE-Amemiya has created over the years, from this track-ready version, to the more design oriented GReddy 7 in the opening picture.

Pretty unique 3rd stop light!

Gotta give some love to the SA22 too of course.

There are always a few of these present every year and make up a very important part of the RX-7’s history.

This owner was taking some down time in his car, it’s tiring to stand around for hours on end.

As I was shooting on the top corner of Daikoku I heard the unmistakable sound of an aggressively ported 13B, and was met with this beauty when I turned around.

FC’s have so much character, especially when they are little more than street-legal race cars!

Can’t forget the drop tops.

There are tuning styles for everyone in the rotary world, it’s really up to the owner to create something unique.

Even as the Police began to make announcements telling people to leave, cars kept on coming off the entrance ramp.

Itasha anyone?

With mere announcements from the PA-system doing little to get people to leave, a couple of Police Toyota Crowns began making their way around the parking lot, kindly telling people that if they didn’t pack up and get out of there, they would get into trouble. Not wanting to miss any cool cars I stepped it up a gear and continued to frantically grab as many pictures as I could…

Stay tuned for Part 2!

RX-7 Annual Gathering

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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This is heaven! I can't wait for Part 2.

And I really like that Itasha FD, I have seen it quite a few times in your posts. Oh and, do you have any pictures of that black FC with lightnings airbrushed on it? (It's in the background of the picture with the red "ported" FC). I remember seeing it in the past year's meeting too.


Cool pics. Not sure bout the RX3 tho, looks rather like an RX2 to me?


is that Supra 2.2m wide?


gorgeous cars, and photos that do them justice. the photoshopped license plates blend in perfectly as well. :)


Wallpaper of the fd3s with 997 headlights, pl0x


I've seen that XXXL-wide body Supra before. It's distinctive but you have to ask who would consider that attractive ... sometimes being different is more than it's cracked up to be.

On a more positive note, so many sexy RX-7s! Love the FDs ...


What kind of hood is on the red FC with white wheels?


More itasha please.


Link at the bottom of post reads, RX-7 Annual Gatghering (sic)

Awesome post. Some very tidy cars there indeed.

I agree with Sten S on the 2.2 meters wide for the supra plates.


Love these posts, thanks for sharing!


I'm in heaven haha.

I wish I coulda kept my FC but I just don't have the money for it right now. I plan on making a comeback into the rotary game later on though ;)


Love the Keisuke replica FD ^^


cool i wanna go there with a mustang


That must be the width of the rear axle ))) 2.2 meters )))))))))


I think the guy sat in his car with a psp has a camera attachment on the top of it ;) Great pics


"Abflug kitted space ship" that made me lol pretty hard xD

I need to attend one of these meets someday!


the license plate/privacy thing blows my mind a little. Maybe here in California where theft is rampant and practically anyone can look up a plate number and find your registered address you might be paranoid about showing your plate---but Japan? Seriously? Are people going to travel thousands of miles to a tiny island to steal rotary parts? Japanese thieves certainly wouldn't be looking on Speedhunters for any ideas---I imagine they would have a local source of info, or more likely they'd scope things out themselves (that's what the chimpira in the yakuza are for).

You show us tuner shops that have dozens of cars parked outside, ripe for the picking---and then hide the license plates of random cars. Makes no sense to me.


Is the supra tag meaning a metric tonne or 1000 as in how much horsepower it has?


Great coverage! A feature on the scoot FC from the warm-up post would be sweet. Love the Red FC with what looks to be a carbon splitter. Did you score any interior shots?





i love the rx7 it's my dream car.


is that a sc14 i spy in the drag rx-4?


these photos are amazing! what lense is that?!?


tokyo po-pos always trying to ask them to leave....hopefully NOT for an official event...