Event>>mooneyes Open House Pt.1

The fourth and final stop of my recent Speedhunting trip to SoCal was the Mooneyes USA shop in Santa Fe Springs. The crew at Mooneyes was hosting their annual summer open house, and I knew this wouldn't be one to miss.

For a few blocks around the distinct yellow building on Norwalk Boulevard, the streets were lined with all sorts of Hot Rods and Customs.

And they weren't all of the American variety either. Check out this hot little BMW 2002 I spotted.

This has is surely one of the coolest patina patterns ever.

After finding a parking spot and making my way over to the shop, I found the place packed with gearheads and supporters of the Mooneyes brand.

And how could you not want to support these people? Mooneyes pulled out all the stops for this event.

Free lunch? Check.

Music? Check. The swingin' sounds were provided by the Hot Rod Trio.

Once the band had wrapped up, acoustic-duties were taken over by a pair of front-engine dragsters that came out for some cackle action.

The crowd seemed to enjoy the sounds quite a bit. Who wouldn't want to be shaken and stirred by the sounds of a thumping Hemi?

"The Rocket" – a Mercury Comet gasser was also there to lend some of its race car cred to the festivities.

Speaking of race cars, I peeked in the shop area to find the Mooneyes Bonneville car. Not too long until the salt flats pilgrimage.

A couple of Chevys sandwiching a Ford in the parking lot next door. Since there isn't a whole lot of parking at Mooneyes itself, the Rods and Customs took over the neighboring lots.

Dig the low slung looks of this Pontiac. Lowrider or custom? You decide.

A raw looking Chevy coupe. If the pinstripes are on the primer, don't expect to see a glossy paintjob anytime soon.

There were lots of traditional style custom bikes that came out too.

What do you think of modern Red Bull colors of a classic Triumph? Interesting combo.

Bright, loud, and in your face. Just as a Hot Rod should be.

As with most Mooneyes events, Wildman Ishii came from Japan to work his magic with the paintbrush.

Here's something a little different – a Subaru micro truck.

There ain't no party like a Mooneyes party. More to come in part two!

-Mike Garrett



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that 2002 was so much cooler before it got all rusty-d. weak.


Liver spots on the 2002? way to ruin a cool car.


so much like in this post:- the BMW 2002, with those cool rims and turned out in patina/giraffe combo, the band especially the cool 'chick' on the upright Bass.. smokin'.. plus a grounded Pontiac looking sweeet! - i think the Triumph bike rocking Red Bull colors looks just about right too. i would've like to have seen some of Wildman Ishii's finished work tho'. - Honourable mention goes out out to the Subaru micro truck, which looks cool in that Sunflower Yellow hue and 'want-to-be' Mooneyes wheel trims. Thanks!


Pretty dope. But I do not understand why some people think that rust looks good. Don't get it...


a load of clean cars there! that's my friend's 2002 also


more of the bikes in part 2, pretty, pretty, please !!!!!!!


LOVING the red bull on the old triumph! guy did a great job. also digging the primer pinstripes. and that 2002! looks like a fun time all around.


That bmw is mindblowing. Any more shots of it please?


whoa there 'Daddy-O', loving the Beemer, and the Addict liveried drag car, with a Hemi engine spilling out - awesome. looks like some cool bikes made the trip too. - Mooneyes events most definately seem to "Rock" and by the look of that 'Rocket' gasser.. "Roll" too.

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People are hatin on the 2k2 but that things hood as fuck!! It takes balls to be different and doing a rusty giraffe-ish print takes major balls. I'm not a huge rust lovin fella but that vehicles interesting... not a clinkin bit of rust on wheels like that Rusty Slammington was..


That Pontiac, (I think it's a Bonneville?) is all the way custom, true lowriders were/are never that low.


2002 feature request !


really.............. strange? this Bmw 2002 !!!


@ Speedhunters... Not to be a jerk here, but everytime I read the word "lowrider" it is accompanying a lowered 50's-70's American classic on Cragers. Those are not lowriders at all. Heck, lowriders and Mooneyes have nothing in common to be honest. As for lowrodders, that's a different story!


You have to see why that BMW 2002 fit in so well with those guys at the Mooneyes gathering... It rubs right in the face of all that is traditional and so mainstream boring. This is my buddy's car and your will see it in next months Euroturner Mag and in video. Purists Suck!


I think a BMW would be really great if it was on Cragars or Astro Supremes.


Everybody has there own taste and style which was well represented at this event. Much love to my gear heads.