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The recipe for the Meguiars BBQ was simple – Cool cars, cool people, sunshine and of course a BBQ.

What better way of spending a lazy Sunday afternoon than chilling out with your mates with some stunning automotive eye candy to look at.

Since my first visit to a Stanceworks meet, I have become a big fan of the ultra slammed Euro look. One of the first cars i saw was this clean MKII on air, the owner reckoned it needed to be cleaned before I took some photos … Ehm, how clean is clean?

The Golf was very well represented with examples from the across the whole spectrum.

I had not seen a Mini on LMs before … we like!

BBS really was the wheel of choice for many of the cars …

… and looked especially good on another frighteningly clean MKIV.

As the meet was held at the Meguiars unit, it's no surprise that as each car arrived out came the polish and the detailing began.

I was quite glad my filthy old E34 Touring was hidden in a corner out of the way.

Really sweet Caddy on air and Rotiforms.

I've seen Bentley wheels fitted to a few non-Bentleys now but never a TT. In black with perfect fitment looks awesome!

I was really surprised with the turnout. By mid-afternoon nearly 70 cars had arrived.

Sometimes simple is best – MkIV white on white. Perfect!

You would be forgiven for thinking this set up was on some Italian Supercar exotica …

… and not on a Golf!

Ive always liked the Audi A3, the level of detail in this one was just stunning.

Azev' on a MKIII..Coffee and cream!

MKI on BBS is a winning combination …

… and finished of with a G60 supercharged engine. Perfect! 

There was quite a few immaculately prepped MKIs in attendance.

My favorite was this freshly painted TDi model. Everything about it was just right.

Another TDi was this carbon fronted MKIII estate.

With the carbon theme extending to under the bonnet.

Stephen Brooks was in attendance with another unusual filming rig.

The level of detail in the cars on show was amazing. Down to beautifully plumbed and presented compressor systems.

Not all the cars on display were from the Euro scene, this 60's Buick scraped in just oozing cool.

One of a few immaculately presented Civics.

Black RX7 convertible on banded steel rims. Very sinister looking car.

Not quite as sinister as this E class though..

Air suspension and polished wheels – great look for a big Merc.

One of the few pure performance orientated cars there – RK tuning R32 Skyline.

BBS rims go just as well on EK Civics as they do on Golfs.

Nicely prepared S2000, with flower motif extending through the engine bay.

Every time I attend a meet I come away with a mental shopping list. Hmm, a MKII on BBS, now there is a thought.

This was the first Meguiars BBQ meet and it was a great success. And hopefully a sign of many more to come. Many thanks to Ben Chandler for inviting me up for the afternoon.




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Feature on the sinister E Class, pleeeease! The first pic is absolute sex. Desktop??


stance hunters? Please, please don't feed this fad of ridiculously lowered cars with either BBS wheels or some high end OEM wheels. We've seen it already...time to move on!


They did a nice job on those hardlines! Don't see that much attention to detail with air-ride installs.


"The recipe for the Meguiars BBQ was simple - Cool cars, cool people, sunshine and of course a BBQ."

And then you had to ruin it Ross!

Nah I'm just kidding, great pics.


lambo rims on a golf??? two of those rims must cost more than the car itself


I'd love to see more of that Skyline


amazing shots, looked like a great time! will there be any posts from honda day this coming month?


Only car even remotely interesting = R32.


Not a single good looking car in that post, apart from the R32 :(


BTW...I come to this site for beautiful car photography (which it typically provides)...but this is not it. Sorry!


I totally agree. That merc looks really cool!


Tell Stephen Brooks he isn't first :)


no love for the e34 touring? i have one and it is sexy time. Post up some pics.


@05Z02WRX ,Because they haven't been covering every drift event, and GT event?


I'm in the back ground of the photo of the black RX7 'vert :D


Awesome pics Ross! Thanks for coming along on the day again.


feature on the 50 thousand dollar golf on lambos plzzz. im curious how he did the fit and what kinda price tag


feature or more info on the golf with the lambo calipers please


More pictures on that RX7 on steelies!


You should really try taking pics of just the front fender and wheel..


oh wait... .. I mean you shouldn't


That RX7 looks awesome on steel wheels


I spot at least 2 sets of fake BBS's there...


Love that RX7 and the Mini on LM's sick as FCK!!!


That E-class was definitely my favourite, closely followed by the Buick (if only it was set up so it could 3-wheel too!)! Thanks for featuring my RX7 though!

Scarface - that skyline was mental, huge trumpet on a T51R HKS turbo, didn't speak to the owner, but must have been putting down mental power!


Man the Lambo wheel and brake set-up is worth more than the car it's on. O.o


That Mini Cooper is on replica LMs, BBS don't make four stud LMs wheels.


Am I the only one that actually despises this whole Lambo/Audi/Bentley/Mercedes wheels on a VW or whatever fad?


@ 05Z02WRX: STOP! Just stop already. You had to come back with a second negative comment? What your looking at is a certain style that many people enjoy. CLEARLY, these cars are not track ready, or built with a sh*t load of horse power, but who cares?? They're built well, and with A LOT OF CARE, believe it or not. Just because these cars don't live up to your standards doesn't make them any less of anything. It's all subjective, so stop being an a$$h*le. Remember, if you have a problem, ITS YOUR F*CKING PROBLEM! Let the people enjoy themselves.


looks like it was a quality meet with some top notch detailing.. i'd have loved to seen some Corrado's or original Mini's in attendance. - Thanks for the post tho'


So much posing!



mad photo set . keep em coming!!


wooow! golf with the lamborgini wheels! very very nice!


Wow, fake brides, fake bbs's, cheap plastic lips and a 1.4 engine and you can get on speedhunters now? Embarrassing that they fooled you


The skyline looks good!


[View:http://vimeo.com/26996933:600:375] Those of you that enjoyed Ross's recent post on the Meguiars


was a really good day awsome turn out and great people!

Dont get all the negative people out there if it makes you smile and enjoy what you drive who cares what it looks like or how fast it is as long as its done well thats all that matters!


Sleeper or 'Q car', the names are different but the meaning is the same. A car which hides its


Feature on the VIP Merc E Class pleeeaassee


more fake parts than you can shake a stick at.....

So sad where the scenes are at these days....


Was an awesome day with such great people there!! Shots of the mini look sick by the way :) love em.

Yeh some people don't like the whole euro style thing but it's down to personal taste and there were cars of all tastes there :)

Good crowd cannot wait for the next one!




As a european, I always hated the way tuning is practiced in Italy, and in Europe too.

All we do is importing other countries style, but with fake parts.

And the cars shown at this event is the proof.

It's not hatin', it's just my opinion: tuning in Europe it's just a matter of ricing up cars to the limit, and the few examples of well tuned cars are from the north side, England first.

Putting Gallardo OEM wheels on a Golf IV is just a blasphemy.

By the way, good looking RX7 and 911 964.