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We've already taken a look at just some of the cars that took to the track for the purposes of speed. This post however will look at those who strived to get a little bit sideways.  

I mentioned in my opening post from Gatebil that I have become slightly disillusioned with drifting in recent times but I've got to say, Gatebil has restored my faith in this style of driving. Notice I don't call it a sport because after Gatebil I've become aware that drifting isn't meant to be about rules or clipping points … 

… it's all about having fun.  

This is the Gatebil way of doing things. Rear wheel drive and four wheel drive cars take to the course for no other purpose than to put a smile on their own faces and the faces of the assembled crowds. 

Regardless of driver skill level, you can be assured to return to the pits with a smile on your face.

I first had the pleasure of watching Fredric compete at Prodrift in Sweden and some years back and even then I could tell this guy was one of the best I'd ever seen. Today, his skills have improved even further but he still has the same balls to the wall style of driving.  

It has been a long, long time since I've seen this car. This exact car is arguably the most important car to ever drive in Europe – can anyone tell me why ?

Small and simple lightweight chassis with big power generally results in a car that you can't help but drive at the limit. 

It was only at Gatebil that I realised how little Supras there are drifting outside of Scandinavia. Amazing cars that look great with a trail of smoke hanging off the rear. 

The R34 chassis is another case in point of the above. 

BMW 2002 + 1000BHP + monster steering lock = this.  What's even better was that this wasn't a half spin or stall …

… this kept going right across the finish line.  

Just thought I'd try sneak in another shot of the Drift Monkey JZA80. 

Although obviously effective, watching a big square Volvo saloon drifting brings out a level of giddyness that I can only remember as a school kid.

This story is doing nothing for my E30 lust.  

It is of course important to remind you that the four wheel drives were more than keen to partake in some sideways shenanigans.  

The newly developed Rudskogen track is a drift haven – It has everything from fast entries, sweeping uphill sections and perfect areas to attempt reverse entries. 

The drifting world needs more E46 love … 

… rarely does a near stock car (looks wise) look so good on opposite lock.

I have to admit I'm becoming bored of S bodies – purely because nobody is doing anything different with them anymore. This PS13 Rockstar Onevia however did tickle my fancy. 

Walton Smith made the journey from the UK to partake in the action at Rudskogen last weekend. He was rewarded wtih a second place finish in the 'Breisladd' (wide corner AFAIR) competition, second only to … 

… our own Fredric Aasbo. My next story will take you off the track and to see what happens behind the scenes at Gatebil. 


Paddy McGrath



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Is that Phil Morrison's S14a?


Great stuff i have been waiting for this posts.


This Gatebil Festival was just mind blowing experience. I was there for the first time, and all i can say is that ill be there next year!

Thanks for the organisers!

-Timo from Finland


yeah, thats phils old s14



This car:


has been shown on Speedhunters before, right here:



Ps, nice to meet you at Gatebil :)

- Neffi - me with the red Scandinavian Drift shirt


The black and orange car is the old Driftworks S14 that Phil Morrison drove before building his crazy 2jz S15


That S14a belongs (or belonged) to Phil Morrison, on of the pioneers in the European drift scene. He is from the UK.


Awesome post Paddy! simply love it! :D


way to ruin a bmw 2002 :(

nice coverage though


The BMW aint a 2002, its a 1602. BMW 2002 was never prodused with those taillights, the 2002 have square taillights!, sorry for verry bad english!;P


Yes, that is Phil Morrisons Ex car:)


Could somebody tell me, what happened to the Stian Hafsengen's amazing Escort WRC. The blue one that got destroyed, but was rebuilt . That was the most badass car and driving I've ever seen. Luckily I still have a few videos of that car doing breisladd


That was Phil Morrisons S14a, it's the one he started with and created the Driftworks legacy. The one he drives now is a different one.


Yes jono that is it!


the s14a was the first real european topbuild driftcar,driven by phil morrisson.and it took drifting and driftcars to a new level. but that's just my view. c u next year at gatebil. this edition was great!!


The owner of the E21 said to me in person that the car has 500 hp at the weels, not 1000. But he also said that he probably will get himself an m50 engine and then we are probably talking about 700+? :) But definitely the coolest car @ gatebil!


the 2002 bmw is so sexy going sideways


Need desktop of that first shot of the BMW 2002!!


Your right you know.....the S chassis is getting a weee bit boring even though some of them do look pretty sweet...!

and the BMW 2002?! WTF!!!! lol thats insane amount of lock going on right there!!!!


BMW 2002 wallpaper please..epic steering lock..


Yeah a wallpaper of 2002 and please make a little story of it. Ive seen that car IRL and that's really an interesting car to talk about. (it was built for drag racing and racing at first)


FMR the lock on that 2002 is immense!


THis BMW 2002 Has only 500hp


The steeringlock on the 2002 is pure maddness, and the guys owning the car also sells the parts that is needed for that steering lock!


BAM!!! You did it, I love the classic BMW's got my own racing 02, thanks for the pics! any info on the engine, maybe a spotlight planned?!


Wallpaper of the 2002 wheel lock PLEASE!!! that and the grey E46 Full lock. CRAZY!!!!!!!


The 2002 from estonia with insane lock is PURE SEX


The BMW 2002 is from estonia.... 2,5 liter turbo. U can watch it more in estonian drift sites!


The S14 as mentioned veing owned by Phil Morrison, was probably the first car I had ever seen photos of drifting from the UK.. And I live in the US. It used to look like a street car when I first saw it, sliding around some tiny looking course in the woods. It has indeed come a long way.


"Anton said:

The steeringlock on the 2002 is pure maddness, and the guys owning the car also sells the parts that is needed for that steering lock!"

Asmuch I knew that 2002 owner is one dude but that crazy lock is from wisefab.com dudes. The 2002 was there to show of a little what thous wisefab guys produce. @ moment they sell thous parts to e30 and 36 BMW-s Here in estonia some of ower best drifters are using thous wisefab things and in latvia to. Ower estonian crazy cuy with audi coupe is using thous things aswell. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8barOy8iPg ) 2002 owner and latvian drifters "elite" help'd to develope them :) For little practice you can check: http://vimeo.com/23230201

Have a nice Lock!

Guy from estonia ;)


That S14 used to be Phil Morrisons (Driver of the Driftworks S15) car a fair few years ago now.


here is trailer about taavis bmw 2002



The grill is bored


AFAIK the Hafsengen WRC Escort has been "retired" to the hillclimb scene.. but there were several ex-WRC cars there.