Event>> Evergreen Speedway Fd Qualifying

After Thursday's rain showers, cancelled practice session and then the uncancelled practice session, the party cloudy blue skies and sunshine was a much welcomed change while arriving into Evergreen Speedway for Friday's qualifying day.

There may have been patches around the track which served as a reminder to the previous day's rain, but the track itself was as dry as it gets. A dry track results in some very happy Formula D teams and drivers.

It was a bit sad to see Ian practicing with the Pro Am guys rather than with FD, but it was nice to see him out doing his thing none-the-less.

His new Titan V8 is something to behold. It sounds great as well.

Apparently, Ian likes juggling tires before he heads out to do some drifting.

After his crash in New Jersey, many thought John Russakoff would be taking the rest of the season off, but lo and behold…

…he found a new Corolla chassis to drop his existing K24 as well as everything else…

…and was able to make it out to Seattle in those few short weeks. Now, that's dedication we must give respect to.

Unfortunately, he ran into some problems and was unable to qualify.

And with that, let's take a look at the top ten qualifiers.

Sitting pretty in 10th is Ryan Tuerck. 

Dean Kearney put on his best performance (wing removal and all…) of the season and qualified in 9th.

After having a bit of a slump for a few rounds, Fredric Aasbo was back on top of his game with an 8th place finish.

Joon Maeng sits in 7th…

…and the New Jersey event winner, Conrad Grunewald, qualified 6th.

Odi Bakchis also had his best performance of the season and qualified 5th.

Daijiro Yoshihara, who is currently sitting 2nd in the driver championship, put down some 

phenomenal runs and is sitting in 4th.

Rhys Millen poured out the smoke in the Hyundai Genesis and qualified 3rd.

The man who is currently sitting 1st in the driver's championship, Justin Pawlak, rocked down some amazing runs and qualified 2nd.

The number 1 qualifier for the 5th round of the 2011 Formula D season was none other than Tyler McQuarrie. He will be going up against the 32nd qualifier, Luke Lonberger, during tomorrow's top 32 battle.

Michael Essa sits in 11th.

The FD robot, Chris Forsberg, must've somehow shorted a few circuits as he was not up to his usual thundering self. He qualified 15th.

Otto Graven's 350z was given a South African flag livery coming into the 5th round at Seattle. Though he may not have the most amazing looking car on the grid, he sure can drive the pants off of it. He qualified 18th.

The qualifying king, Kyle Mohan, seemed to have an off day and qualified 22nd.

Samuel Hubinette is looking to sit out the rest of the season (with the exception of maybe Irwindale…) and in his stead is the other Norwegian driver, Kenneth Moen.

Matt Powers qualified 13th and will be going up against…

…the #20 qualifier, Charles Ng in the top 32.

Matt's Teammate, Fredric Aasbo will be battling…

…the #25 qualifier, Ross Petty in the battle of 32.

Ken Gushi was looking very solid with tons of smoke billowing out from his Scion during practice, but he lost that consistency during qualifying when it really mattered. He qualified 25th.

The Northern California native, Ryan Kado, was also looking to qualify well during his practice runs but was only able to qualify 30th. 

The other Northern Californian native, Matt Field, qualified just a bit higher than Ryan Kado. He sits in 21st. He has a tough battle tomorrow as he will be going up against Vaughn Gittin Jr. 

Then there was Taka Aono. He kissed the wall of the bank a bit too hard and was unable to repair his car in time for his second qualifying run.

Vaughn Gittin Jr.'s first run was botched as he had ran into transmission issues. But things were buttoned up just in time for his second run. He qualified 12th.

His fellow teammate, Darren McNamara, qualified 19th.

Hometown hero, Walker Wilkerson put in some solid runs but was only able to qualify in 14 place…

…and the other hometown hero, Rolland Gallagher, qualified 24th.

With clear blue skies, a few patches of clouds, some balmy temperatures and some rather exciting Top 32 battles, the 5th round of Formula D at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Washington is looking to be quite the show.

Take a look at the complete qualifying list below, and after doing so, what are your predictions for tomorrow?


Speedhunters 2011 FD Seattle Coverage

Top 32 qualifiers:

1. T. McQuarrie
2. J. Pawlak
3. R. Millen
4. D. Yoshihara
5. O. Bakchis
6. C. Grunewald
7. J. Maeng
8. F. Aasbo
9. D. Kearney
10. R. Tuerck
11. M. Essa
12. V. Gittin
13. M. Powers
14. W. Wilkerson
15. C. Forsberg
16. A. Lee
17. A. Pfeiffer
18. O. Graven
19. D. McNamara
20. C. Ng
21. M. Field
22. K. Mohan
23. T. Yohioka
24. R. Gallagher
25. R. Petty
26. K. Gushi
27. C. Martinez
28. R. Nishida
29. J. Jones
30. R. Kado
31. D. Mertzanis
32. L. Longberger



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k24 COROLLA !?!?!?!

more on this setup please...!!


*awaits Daftmonkeh's NASCAR comment*


Yoshihara will Take IT.


Nice going Otto :)


Sooo what was the deal with the live stream during ProAm?


Seriously why the hell would you put a roof scoop on that dodge viper, it looks wank!


I am really looking forward to the bosso and aasbo match. should be intersting


finally the nicest looking s15 gets on the grid again i wanna see ross petty rock this shit


Man i would be so upset if someone referred to my driving and style as "Robot"


were going to have to start a campaign to save the all the leftover AE86s from drifting...


Id say that the turbo K24 swap is probably what gave the car complications in the long run.....But bravo for pushing something different and not V8 like everyone else! :p


good to see robbie nishida is back!


is there any way we can get a feature/spotlight on Dai's car with the new aero? notice the front splitter and the uprights at his spoiler


Friday was awesome, thanks for the awesome pictures!!


Regarding this: http://edition.cnn.com/ did Aasbo do something special today?


Huge ups to the guys keeping there roots and rocking the VK.......FUCK LS SWAPS!!!!!!!......


holy Alex Lee! Great job kid!


Rhys Millen car reminds me of a little RC car with the double cameras on top and the clear windows!


Know why John Russakoff didn't run? CAUSE HONDAS CAN'T DRIFT, they SUCK. Look at every crazy Honda that's tried to slide. The Element that pops up in FD ATL every now and then ALWAYS spins out, and even back when Vaughn Gittin, Forsberg and the rest of the DA guys were scrubs in D1 USA there was some dude with a RWD teggy that spun out. The Stanceworks PS13 with a K24 in it also spins out multiple times, and when Papadakis used the S2000 it still wasn't as competitive as the other cars (unfortunately; I actually like the S2K). The only successful Honda drifter was that guy from Japan, the "FF Master" with that EF Civic but FF drifters aren't competitive cause FWD FTL. Nuff' said. Russy's better off running an SR20 swap


shit man, that r32 with a v8 is a letdown.. keep it RB!!


Are you kidding me?......your now gunna edit my comments so they comply?.....you goosesteping fascists........I'm done with this site....keeps getting worse and worse anyway.....f*#kin no style Hipster followers....how bout creating a style instead of just copying one?....oh wait,that's not possible when you don't have any.....thank you for your sti and miatas on poked steels.lol.truly making waves in the industry


^^ definition of a hater :P. is it just me? or does the PNW have the coolest s13's out there? (besides team burst)


The day was packed with great drifting and the weather was badass! Sick pics...


What wheels are on the R32?


nismokid is stupid as shit


liking the photos.. the action seems to be thick and fast - Thanks


".thank you for your sti and miatas on poked steels.lol.truly making waves in the industry "

AHahaha, my thoughts exactly

But why the hate of the k24 corolla? He (John Russakoff) has been doing pretty well, the k24 is probably the best part of the car (I hate the Civic nation as much as anyone). You can't say peoples cars are spinning out because of the brand of engine they transplanted, that's full retard, and you never go full retard man.


Good run Fredric Aasbø!

Love from your home country, Norway!


Is Ian's V8 Titan motor Chris "the force" Forsberg's old powerplant? Was thinking about it at work today, the Titan v8s not the cheapest, lightest or the best for HP, plus it doesn't have a standard tranny it will bolt to (the NOS V8 Z car had a custom bellhousing to the 350Z manual).

Really wouldn't make sense to run it unless it was the fabled Forsberg setup.....................



the roofscoop on the viper has the same principle of the Swedes old Viper, it is to biuld up pressure inside the cabin so smoke from the outside will not enter in the cabin.


what are the formula D leadership point standings as of now?


@dmcc 28 Ian's V8 Titan motor is from Mark Arcenal. Mark was trying to get the V8 into his famed S14 but apparently things didn't follow through (according to him, some people didn't hold to their word), and he ended up giving the VK to Ian.



lol Daftmonkeh.. so clevah.. so witteh.. the nickname is so cute i wasn’t even going to respond at first. but of course you’re d1rge.exe. you comment so much on this site that they mentioned you directly in a post ...which is why I’m surprised you’re making such a shallow comment here. but anyways.. in response..

"Please just stop posting in the FD blogs if you hate it so damn much already!" you assume I "hate" Formula D because most of my posts are negative, but you're just getting the wrong idea. i LOVE drifting and Formula D, even in its current state, and that's precisely the reason I'm so harsh on them. i want Formula D to be the best experience it can be for its fans. drifting is supposed to be about fun and action and putting on a good show. it still does the latter two pretty well-- FD is as exciting and action packed for drivers and spectators as its always been-- but at a distance it seems that some of the "fun" has been replaced with "profit" and "competititon." just as with the D1 Grand Prix, these have become the new motives behind the sport.

"This is a RACE CAR. THIS IS A PROFESSIONAL BUILD. WTF do you expect?" i'd expect nothing less from someone trying to make their car as competitive as possible so that they can win/keep sponsorships and get more money for those sponsors. i wouldn't want my competition car any different. but how many fans do you think want to see every competitive car on the FD grid become exactly the same, like in NASCAR? (only differences being brand of V8 and whatever FRP/carbon shell is draped over the outside). that isn't completely how it is now, but that's where it's headed as a result of more money and competition. looking back at posts like Darren McNamara's FD New Jersey 2010 driver's blog, the literally violent level of competition in some cases is clear. and you, YOURSELF once commented about how a certain driver was awarded a win because of his sponsor and that sponsor's contributions to the Formula D corporation. all of this sounds a lot like NASCAR--some of it good but a lot of bad.

"Keepin it real pure, yup. Real JDM, so true to its roots." if your sarcasm is implying that i'm some JDM fanboy that wants to see drifting stay exactly the same forever, you're just being prejudgmental again. i'm fine with V8s. i'm fine with american cars in drifting and all the "progression" whatever that some fans preach. this isn't Japan. this isn't D1GP. but unlike some fanboy, i recognize that and i'm fine with it. hell, i've been considering a JDM/LS1 swap myself for a long time. what i don't want to see is every car exactly the same. and that's what i'm starting to see with big-sponsor builds like the Falken's cars (a team which i am a fan of nonetheless). you shouldn't make such simple assumptions about my views like that.

"you guys in whateverthehellfrozenplace are building 1000+hp drift cars" i have no idea what you're talking about or how it's relevant to me at all... im in Socal right now. i take a university shuttle and longboard to class twice a week. i don't even (technically) own a car atm. if you're implying hypocrisy, it just doesn't hold.

"Dude you're a broken freakin record. Every comment is NASCAR! NASCAR!" why complain so much about my posts when people who don't even put this much thought into it post the samet things? i didn't think I mentioned NASCAR quite THAT much but obviously you've been reading my comments more than i thought anyone did. if you've been responding to them, I wouldn't know because there aren't reply notifications and I usually don't remember to check back-- a small part of the reason i repeatedly post. In continually pointing out the negative aspects of Formula D's similarities to NASCAR (apparently to your annoyance), i would hope that other fans would push to keep those aspects subdued, but still promote the positive aspects of the trend. Keep drifting fun, but still acceptably profitable

that's why i post. now deal with it.


FD needs way more alex lee