Event>>cars & Coffee 7-9-11 Pt.2

As I wrap up the event coverage from my busy SoCal weekend, let's take one more look at the July 9th edition of the Cars & Coffee. It's ALWAYS worth getting up early to visit C&C as you are guaranteed a huge variety of great vehicles week in and week out.

Here's the rear view of the S30 from the first post. Love the original "Gardena Datsun" license plate frame. Gardena was of course the home of Datsun/Nissan's US headquarters before they packed up and headed for Tennesee a few years ago.

A very clean BMW 2002 wearing Falken Azenis. A backroad joy no doubt.

One of my favorite cars of the morning was this mint (both condition and color-wise) Mk.1 GTI.

The interior was just as spotless of the exterior. What a beautfiul steering wheel design…

Even the Corrado steelies fit well with the overall theme of the car.

From the first generation of the Golf to the latest. Nice example of a tuned Mk.6 GTI here.

The new Boss 302 Mustangs are starting to hit the streets. Extremely capable cars from all accounts.

Ferrari beauty. What more needs to be said?

A very clean and very original looking Impreza 2.5 RS coupe. There's been rumors that the coupe body style might be coming back with the next gen WRX. Let's hope so.

You know your car is cool if its name sounds like an experimental fighter jet. This wide-body Fiat X1/9 looked dramatically different from the normal version.

What better to have at 7:00 on a Saturday morning than a Martini?

A '52 Olds project that looks like its coming along rather well.

Slammed and racked Audi A3. Are you Euro enough to handle it?

There are so many great big body luxury sedans out there, but sometimes you just can't top a Benz.

Can Am for the street? Sign me up.

A '59 Chevy Wagon with a surfboard on top for those fine Orange County beaches.

A Peugeot 205 GTI is NOT a car you see often on the streets of SoCal.

One of my favorite Mustang body styles. Maybe not as popular as the earlier fastback models, but still great looking.

That will do it for this edition Cars & Coffee, save for a very cool Porsche spotlight that I have coming up.

Keep an eye out for it soon.

-Mike Garrett



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"A Peugeot 205 GTI is NOT a car you see often on the streets of SoCal"

we don't actually even see much of them in France these days lol


daytona wallpaper, please and thank you


Rims on that Merc was awesome!

If you wanna see peugeots, we got em in Sweden >P


Good pictures ,but not really....did you have to take 3 shots of that vw rabbit??? and what about that run of the mill, dime a dozen subi impreza??... and you did not take any shots of the awesome bmw csl running on alpina wheels,next to the vw......sorry bro but not your best work!!!!!!!


Remember sudakakakaka that our every day car we might see more often is rather rare elsewhere in the world.


i relly love the green mk1 !!!!


Peugeot 205 GTi

Né en 1984 avec la 1.6 de 105ch

1985: Kit Peugeot-Tablot-Sport: 125 ch

1986: Suppression de la 1.6, pour un 1.9 de 130 ch

1990: Restylage de la 205

1993: Arrêt de la 205 GTi

Autre 205 Mytique

205 Rallye: 1988: 103ch

205 T16: 1984: 200ch, Kit PTS: 300ch

205 T16: Argus 2011: 35 000€

Concurrente des VW Golf GTi, Renault Clio S16, Ford Fiesta XR2i, et RS

Peugeot 205 GTi

Born in 1984 with the 1.6 105hp

1985: Kit-Peugeot-Sport Tablot: 125 hp

1986: Removal of 1.6, a 1.9 of 130 hp

1990: restyling of 205

1993: Judgement of the 205 GTi

Other mythical 205

205 Rallye: 1988: 103HP

205 T16: 1984: 200hp, Kit PTS: 300hp

205 T16: Argus 2011: € 35 000

VW Golf GTi concurrent, S16 Renault Clio, Ford Fiesta XR2i, and RS


That upcoming spotlight has to be the '71 East African Safari 911. A framed B&W print of another 911 in the same livery from the same race used to adorn my living room wall.

Shocked you didn't include a pic of the ratty "barn find" Ferrari 275 GTB. Amazing.


The wheel in the Green mk1 GTI is actually from a mk1 Scirocco...


That Daytona is sooooo HOT!


Amazing! I really need to make it out to this, just once in my life.


Anyone know if they happen in mid-November? hahaha


"A Peugeot 205 GTI is NOT a car you see often on the streets of SoCal"

You would be surprised how many of them you see in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne like Hawthorn and Camberwell. very few clean examples like that, they are mainly sitting out in the street, under a tree and with P plates on them. I assume a hand me down from someones parents for their first car.


Nice 205 :)


S30's looking great!


I saw a guy driving an old right hand drive Mini to the grocery store the other day. God they're soooo small, hahahaha.


@sudaka 666

What you said was just blatant selfishness and highly unappreciative. That Subaru is very clean and it's rare to see a coupe that clean. I don't know where you live but that's pretty rare over here in California.

What if he posted 3 shots of the same car he really enjoys to look at? He is just simply sharing with us, something I can easily appreciate. Sure he didn't post up pictures of the most high-end cars at this meet but that doesn't mean it's bad.


@crossmember True, but judging by the focus and light in some of the images, Mike must have been having a bad day at the office so to speak


Mk1 GTI > 3.0cs.

Boohoo theres 3 pics of an immaculate volkswagen. Thanks for the coverage.


the 205 GTi is actually quite a rare car in Europe too nowadays :D


The Pug GTI is also rare in the UK especially one thats not had a huge body kit fitted or slammed to the floor :)


Are you Euro enough to handle it? I am dutch, and that could be euro, if they replaced the fornt to a full chrome later spec one. spraying the grill black makes the car cheap suburb style.


But the 205 GTI that is (exept for the wheels) real euro. that must supprise a LOT of people, at the lights!


nice pug 205 gti and with pts rims (peugeot talbot sport) !

have you got 1.6 or 1.9 in usa or both ?

handling and power weight ratio is great on these cars they achieve to oupassed their master the golf back in the day


Une 20 GTi ? o.O

Même chez nous, on n'en voit plus ! ^^


I leave in the south of France and there is quiet a lot of 205 GTi... just difficult to find a good one, with no shitty tunning, not crashed and never used for rallye... I have a 122hp GTi with short gear box, white with Griffe rims. It is DEFINITIVELY the car I prefer in the world ^^ Made for lil road of France.


Let's see that Porsche spotlight, Mike!



Cars and Coffee is every Saturday morning in Irvine, CA rain or shine, hope you can make it out sometime, its amazing


@benmi16, they didnt get 205s in the states, just the 405.


I want to move to Cali just so I can go to this cars and coffee events. I don't think there is anything like it in Aus.

Monthly gatherings for any car enthusiast. Bring it to Aus!!


love the coverage.. such a good idea. nicely shown Mk1 Gti, good to see them get props now & again the original 'hot hatch!' - the Fiat X1/9 looks imposing rocking the wide body styling too, designed with women in mind i'm told! the BMW 2002 looks ready for a thrash down the 'freeway' - what a cool event this is.. come on UK lets have it - Thanks.


@Frozzy @crossmenber A two door subi is not a rare car buddy,sorry but that s a fact,by the way if so rare, how come the shot shows mostly the front grill,instead of the rear lines of the car??... Rest my case....@frozzy to answer your question,I live in Whittier,OC California, aproximately 15 minutes from Irvine,where this takes place every saturday in the morning,I can take my own pictures, even though,belive it or not, I've never been to this meet,yes, I know.....Anyway,I'm a perfectionist, do it properly or don't at all.....One last thing, I've never said it was bad.... just mediocre, rather poor or inferior quality.....Have a great weekend!!!!


The X1/9 has to have rust on it somewhere!


I was actually there that day in the A3 and there were a lot of nice cars, I think the coverage is good since he covered a wide majority of cars and not just the expensive high end cars that got boring. The MK1 Rabbit was in amazing condition and was my favorite car of the show too. I took more photos of that car than any other. Thank you for the great coverage and keep it up!


That 205 is way too awesome ! Maybe a first 205 feature on one of the few 205 in the USA?!