Event>>cars & Coffee 7-9-11 Pt.1

Somewhere in the middle of my busy Speedhunting adventure last weekend, I found time to drop by Cars & Coffee in Irvine for a little while So, what was to be found at the July 9th edition of this gathering? Let's take a look.

Well, there were lots of cool vintage Porsches for starters. Not a surprise though, these guys show up to C&C week in and week out, making me think of things I can pawn off to get an old 911 in my life.

I also caught this S30Z rolling in, painted in a great shade of Datsun blue.

VR6 Corrado plus BBS RS equals beauty. One of the nicest Corrados I've seen here in California.

The modified GM A-bodies I'd seen the day before in Fontana had the moves, but I'll always have a place in my heart for original muscle cars.

Now let me tell you what Melba Toast is packin right here…

E46 wearing a very tasty Azenis and Enkei NT03+M combo.

Has anyone seen how affordable used C5 Z06s are these days? So tempting.

Or maybe a Corvette of an older vintage is more your thing?

Every week there are one or two cars that steal the show. Last Saturday the honor went to the black Lamborghini Miura that you can sort of make out behind the huge crowd of people.

Even stock, the Porsche 993 cuts one mean shape.

This TR4 was one of many British sports cars that were in the lot on Satuday morning. Fab.

Let's not to forget the Italian open-tops though…

This Roadster brought plenty of traditional Hot Rod personality to the gathering.

Cars & Coffee would not be Cars & Coffee without some Ferrari lovin'.

This NSX was one of the few Japanese vehicles that was out there on Saturday. Kind of surprising really.

A Viper GTS R looking as beastly as ever. It's nothing unusual to spot these types of cars at C&C every week.

But honestly I find myself being just as impressed with the less exotic cars, like this Mk.1 Golf.

Ground scraping Riviera. Nice!

Something about this Mercedes makes me want to head out into the countryside for a picnic. Strange I know.

I'll finish up part one right here, as I still have lot of photos to sort through from the weekend's travels. Stay tuned for lots more.

-Mike Garrett



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We started having a local cars and coffee here in Prospect, KY, not as big but allot of nice cars still show up



too bad every "affordable" C5 is gonna have almost as many problems than as it's worth in cash


Oh man what I'd give to see that GTS-R in real life. Childhood favorite, right there.


The Mk1 Golf and Z got my attention the most <3


I wanna see the Ghia behind the Golf Mk1


Loving the E46 and Corrado!


the z06 pic is a great shot. well done!


You should be fired for not taking a proper shot of that Lambo. What is wrong with you?


i still cant believe that this is a WEEKLY show!!! :o


def gotta love those Porsches specially the old 911


"I know you got this thing out of a comic book Man, I seen the ad, right there next to the Sea Monkeys"

LOL, you know what I mean Mike!


Corrado, Mk1 and Riviera are my picks......I scan over the other stuff, but those caught my attention the most! Oh and the PRE-A 356 too!


That riviera is just incredible.


My people! I can't wait till I can attend this event.


Fantastic E46! Never knew Japanese rims fit Euro cars so well....can't wait for more photos!


lastima que aqui en durango mex no alla de eso, hay una que otra exibicion de autos pero estan muy mal


That's my E46 M3! Thanks a lot for the shot!!! :)


i'd like to have this blue datsun wallpapered


Nice and tasty selection of cars right there. What I like the most about C&C is the wide range of cars and the vibe, it looks like the perfect place to enjoy a nice weekend, even if you're not necessarily a gearhead, it still draws a good crowd!


I love how snug those wheels fit on that S30z without using overfenders.


You should go again this week!

Hillbank Motorsports will be there, so plenty of Cobras should be there!


That C5 got me drooling, so good looking.


Nice corradorims