Car Spotlight>> Touring Style E30

Have you guys got a sense of the difference between a Car Feature and a Car Spotlight on Speedhunters? In general terms, a feature will normally include an art directed shoot, in depth conversations with the car builder, detailed shots of the exterior, cockpit and engine and a full spec list. A spotlight on the other hand can be anything as short as 4 or 5 photos, without us having specs of any sort.

The spotlight category is useful when we find cars at events that catch our eye, and want to share the photos with you, even if we don't know much about the build. This is one such car, an absolutely mint, modified BMW E30 I spotted at the Gatebil Festival in Norway a few weeks ago.

The first thing you will notice about the car is the conversion to single lug wheels. That's pretty hardcore stuff!

Wow this is clean! The engine looks like an E36 M3 sourced 3.2 liter s50b32, a popular swap from the standard M20B25 E30 engine. Also notice how the roll cage has been nicely tied to the struts.

The showroom perfect finish carries through to the cockpit. While the dashboard looks like a brand new OEM unit, you can make out that the gauges are aftermarket, and the floor has been stripped out for obvious weight savings.

Fuel Cell… very nice.

I shot the initial set of photos as the BMW waited in-line for Gatebil tech inspection, but bumped into the car a few days later after it had seen several open track sessions.

The owner seems to have a fetish for running proper Group A race rims on his E30… check those OZ Racing rims!

Impressive huh? This E30 is the type of car I would expect to see in the pages of Performance BMW or Eurotuner… it literally was that clean a build. So just thought I would share.

Ok I'm off to Belgium tomorrow to start our Spa 24H coverage with the help of Larry Chen, Jonathan Moore and Jeroen Willemsen.

Talk soon!




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what a amazing car! perfect build! <3


That's freaking awesome!


more inspiration for my build! awesome!


hmm I want a monowiper on my E30


A set of BBS motorsport e30 or e50s would have been killer too. Such a cool car.


If I were to build an E30, I would want it to look exactly like that *drool*.


I know it's cliche to say "wheels make or break a car..." Perfect example right here, IMO. Absolutely love the OZ's and truly dislike those BBS's. Roll cage into the strut supports -- SICK!


Thats one sharp E30, after an year or two I'll probably pick a 2 door 320i to work on :)


Sweet! Cars awesome


Damn this thing is so dope.


See you at Spa! Looking forward to finally see that Mclaren in action


I agree with max. Perfect build!


This car needs a Feature! Would LOVE to find out additional details.


Sick. Truly clean.


Centre hub wheels. Win


This car is what this place should be all about. It's absolutely perfect. A solid on-track car doesn't necessarily have to be all about cable ties and four foot panel gaps.


An S50 married to an E30 is such a match made in heaven. This car is one of the cleaning swap builds I have seen to date. Nice car and nice find!


looks the part.. nice choice of alloys too.


last pic for desktop pls


BMW 3-series in Europe is like a Honda Civic in North America. Dime a dozen.


Facethetruth... you're a dick


Beautiful car!


After seeing the popularity of the E30 blow up recently I have become a little jaded on them. This car however, is making me FREAK OUT!! Everything from the part spec to the color choice to the execution is perfect. Thanks for sharing this and props to the builder!


Man, this makes me wanna see mine and my dad's E30 put up here. I managed to get a picture of it up in a vintage cars post a while back, but that's it. Its an '89 325IS that was converted into a track car for training on Road Atlanta here in Georgia. Its not as clean as this one but its frickin' sweet for having the original paint on it and over 300K miles on the chassis; and its the sound that's to die for. An original M20 bored and stroked with a diesel crank makes a beautiful sound.

Somebody tell me what I have to do get it featured! >.<


Form and function in its true form. :P