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I thought I'd go ahead and follow up the latest on Nigel's Hilux build with another pickup built for more than hauling parts. Say hello to Project Novakane, an on-going project vehicle from the folks at Truckin' Magazine.

I spotted the flat black 2004 GMC Sierra at the Hotchkis Autocross event in Fontana and it immediately caught my eye. Such is usually the case with abnormal vehicles like this one.

I wouldn't say I'm a stranger to fast trucks, but I was still amazed at hardcore this build is.

The place where your normally might throw some furniture, hay, or whatever else people load in pickups is taken up by a racing fuel cell and a relocated battery. The fenders have also been removed to fit a very aggressive wheel and tire setup.

20" BMF wheels with 275/40/20 Nitto NT05s and AP Racing brakes. Serious stuff.

Under the hood, the original 4.8 liter V8 was replaced by a GM Performance Parts LSX376 crate motor. If that wasn't enough, a Magnacharger TVS 2300 blower has also been added. When hooked to an engine dyno, the setup made just under 700 horsepower.

The monster motor is connected to a proper T-56 magnum transmission.

Obviously the there's still some work yet to be done, but based on its runs on the autocross course, there's huge potential here.

For a detailed breakdown of this truck's build-up, you can head over to the builds section of Truckin's website.

-Mike Garrett



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Never thought I would see anything from Truckin' on this site. That is one ugly vehicle.


That's about as badass as it gets.


Original. I would love to see rays on a truck lol


im goin go ahead and hate.... it looks terrible, and this isnt truckhunters..


Wow it really did get beat over the head with the ugly stick... too bad since the powertrain is so nice.


the truck is so awesome


soooo nothing on the suspension???


I remember when this truck was just a sketch on a piece of paper!


Let me be the first to hate upon the wheels. The rest is cool.


Drift IT!!!!!!!


I hope you NEVER post another truck. hella flush is stupid enough but trucks!?


Nice to see something different for a change.


700 hp on a truck is insane! Super awesome. Autoclub speedway has some amazing events.


Too much hate here. I love it! This truck is badass!


this might not be truck hunters, it is however speedhunters. thats things running 700 horses. it would whip most cars on the road.


looks cool in a way, like the fact there's decent (very decent) power under the bonnet! good choice on the brake setup.


@ elena: it should have stayed that way hahahaha


I've got nothing against trucks, and would encourage a truck post-- if it was more in line with traditional speedhunters criteria for cars. There are no details on the suspension setup, the wheels and whole exterior appearance of the truck looks horrible, the only thing we know is that it's an ugly truck with 700hp and a cut up bed? That is definitely not enough to sway what I consider the speedhunters audience. If this truck is capable of more than traditional truck stuff (I presume by the cones it's designed to handle a road course of some sort) then tell us why.


Glad to see another truck on here after the Hilux build post! I wish you would have posted more on the suspension setup, though... I'm curious to see what they're using to handle the autocross. Trucks are just as capable as cars, just takes a little more thought and work! Hotchkis Suspension, Nigel's build, and my turbo Ranger is perfect proof of that.


Great truck! Lots of power and a light rear end - should be a blast to drive! May not be beautiful, but at least it's not hellafailed!


I wont stop anyone from hating cause that is their opnion, but I like it. Also even though this speedhunter and..........wait, what am I saying? is there a rule that no truck cannot be posted. get your head out your asses {facepalm}


there is a lot of hate. IMO: i love this truck. looks clean, and obviously they had power in mind, a crate motor, racing fuel cell, blower, brakes, wheels. may not be everyone's ideal truck or something on speedhunters, but with those mods and pushing 700hp, thats enough of an arguement for me besides a roll cage and fire extinguisher


What are you people talking about!? What's ugly about it?! Look at it as a modified truck not as a drifting Silvia. Although we enjoy drifting and TA here on SH, this isn't a site that covers only one segment. Its very name is self-explanatory "Speedhunters". If something is fast, running 700 HP figures and has wheels, this is where it needs to be shown!

If you don't like it, at least respect the work and passion the guy who built it put into it!


That grille is hideous. It destroys the entire look of the truck.


dude, 5.3 liter v8 came stock on these. i drive one :O


so damn sexy. hope so have a truck like that one day


LOL everyone thats saying this truck is ugly obviously didnt even read this post at all.

Mike CLEARLY says "This truck is obviously unfinished..."

Maybe if you guys actually you know, read, for once then you'd think before you post


I think the whole truck would look 10X better if it had a different grille.


Some of you need to get your eyes checked. Truck looks sick. But wait, if it were some super-duper HellaFlush JDM hooptie with the SAME PAINT SCHEME, you'd be slobbering all over your screen.


I can admire this build, even though I don't like it. What could make it more pleasing: Lose the grill with the tacky chrome bits for a simpler one, possibly all mesh that matches the car. Lose the stripes, they look hideous and kill the 'murdered out' theme. Last but not least, those horrid wheels. I hate how truckers pick the ugliest wheels, with the two tone and the bolts lining the inside of the rims. Find a simpler wheels to match that will wrap the package up nicely. Aside from that, it's an evil, intimidating truck that could be better.