Car Spotlight>> Not Your Average Skyline

When walking through the extreme paddock at Gatebil on the first night of our visit, I walked straight past this R34 Skyline (not before grabbing a quick wide shot) thinking that it was maybe just another R34 track car. I mean we've all seen them before right ?

Thanks to one of our readers who insisted I take a closer look in the comments from one of the first posts from our Gatebil adventure, I think this probably the greatest R34 Skyline I've ever had the honour of witnessing in action.

All the clues were there for me to see – carbon panels and details all around the car. 

An original R34 GT-R shell. 

Big brakes hiding behind the rims … 

… and twin side exit exhausts. 

Inside was when it started getting interesting – that's certainly not a standard tunnel / bulk head size and / or position.  

Make no mistake, it's all function inside the office of this car. I asked around for someone involved with the car to see if I could have a look under the bonnet and once opened, I got a bit of a shock … 

… the engine wasn't where it was supposed to be.  

I've seen engines pushed back through the bulkhead before but this was on an entirely other level. The Nascar sourced V8 – with a power figure in or around 900BHP – sits entirely behind the bottom of the windscreen.

With the original chassis legs still present, the car remains a full bodied car. 

The car was imported from Japan with a stroked 2.8 litre Tomei prepared RB motor but the guys had lots of trouble with the RB engine. This is why they decided to try and go the V8 route and I'm so glad that they did.

It's cars like this that define the Gatebil events – semi-subtle looking with the most insane build lurking just beneath the skin.  


Paddy McGrath



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v8 = fail




if only this could be in my driveway. its beautiful


There are V8's for a reason. That reason being winning at everything.


Backfire20vt, you fail for even saying that...

Out of the ordinary? yes. fail? no.

I bet that thing has an amazing weight distribution.


NO V8 in a Skyline !!! F... , what had they done, they cut of the P.... of a rocket and reset it with a ...

u know what I mean...


I'm pretty disappointed by some of the comments. I mean this is a well built, well balanced and very powerful track car that was designed and developed to perform. I love a clean RB26 powered R34 as much as the next guy but this is taking things to an all other level.


It would be a very boring world if everyone who owned an R34 stuck with the RB26 just for authenticity.


What about the Sumo Power GT-R GT1s ? They're also RWD and V8 ? Should they have the same level of hate ?


worst thing you can do to a JDM car...

i hate seeing this kind of mod


Ruud is a legend at gatebil. Remember the first time I was at gatebil 10 years ago, his sierra cosworth was in a league of its own. Those where the days!


It's a 900+ hp car...I don't care if it was powered by stale bread and Lady Gaga's fingernail clippings.


did not see that coming....


''How can you do that to you Skyline?''

Well, if you knew about the Car you would know that the RB26 isn't really a reliable engine. I know about one R34 GTR owner in germany who just has trouble with the engine.

It's still a Skyline. And I bet that this car drives nearly the same times as a RB26 GTR would drive. So stop hating!


beautiful build.


@wut: awesome comment is awesome. :D


Hah, great car! I mean, I like the RB engines myself for what they are, but pushing 900BHP isn't something I'd leave to the RB26, even if it's a stroked one, at least not if you're planning to race it hard.

Might as well go for a proven race car engine, and if you're at it, why not go for one with lots of oomph? And, given how far it wa spushed back, it should have an even better weight distribution than one with a normally positioned RB26.

Also, at times, ticking the fanbo... *cough*, sorry, "purists" off is also a welcome addition.


sick car forget the tools that hate it.


Can't believe how closed minded some people are, it's not a RB, so what! Think out side of the box once in a while.


V8 = win. Screw that 2jz rice crap.


"How can you take the RB out of a GTR?" "FAIL"

WAH WAH WAH. Who cares???? The car is awesome!!! Redneck Ricer. Engineering at its best, and well thought out too, Not just another big turbo kit bolted on.I love it!!

Haters need to get a grip (or maybe loosen their grip-if you know what I mean)


Really??People call this a fail? Awesome build, love to see a video.


thats freakn mean


What an amazing display of ingenuity and fabrication! I expect there will be plenty of haters, but this this R34 looks like a beast.


Thats just insane!

But I m not sure 'bout that V8 =/


I can understand most people's qualms about putting a V8 into an R34 but this is one of those rare occassions where a proper V8 makes perfect sense. It's not like he stuck any old LS motor in there, that's a full-on, fire breathing Nascar engine developing large power figures. It's light and compact too which improves the overall car. I love it ! - PMcG


V8 in a skyline ?! BLASPHEMY !!!!!


Is this RWD or AWD?


It's RWD [:)] - PMcG


Backfire20vt have all the resason, V8=fail ,V6 biturbo its better


@backfire ...V8s don't win titles at Le Mans (OVERALL before you twist it), SuperGT, BTCC, WTCC, FIA GT1, Nordschleife 24hrs, etc. The only reason V8's 'win' is because the titles they win are in series which V8 engines are the only engines ALLOWED. If in championships like NASCAR and F1 where its V8s allowed only, you gave them the choice of any engine, its a given that they would jump straight to V10 or V12. The proof of this is when they were allowed any amount of cylinders in F1, they BACKMARKER teams had V8 engines while the ones at the sharp end had V10s and V12s.


I'll think you find, that in this case, it was the RB that failed..

"...but the guys had lots of trouble with the RB engine. This is why they decided to try and go the V8 route and I'm so glad that they did."


damn thats scary right next to all that power


O NOES ANOTHER V8!!!!one!!11!!

Shut up you losers, this car is awesome, and if you could DEPENDABLY get 900 hp out of a RB, then stick with it. Otherwise, stick your head and comments in your a$$. THIS CAR IS GLORIOUS.


No more boat anchor V8 swaps!!!

Yes the fabrication skills on this particular car are awesome.

Yes I can appreciate the amount of work that went into it.

But this really sucks!


Thank you Paddy, you summed it up very well. Authenticity doesn't = winning


im mad bro


Skyline with a ''NASCAR'' V8. Sh!t. Sacrilage. What's the point!?!


NASCAR sourced V8!? You mean this is a carburetor powered Skyline!? I like the looks, but the choice of powertrain is... weird. I mean why not put that engine in a Corvette or some other muscle car? I'm not saying this Skyline is bad but it's odd. I'm not even sure if I like it.


only if its AWD....




"Stroked 2.8 litre Tomei prepared RB motor..."


You are not doing it right.

Both engines, Inline 6 Turbo(s) and V8 have their success' in their own ways along with different characteristics.

Hence the car will drive / perform differently.

Either way I can think out of the box, but saying it had troubles with a Tomei build engine I fine hard to believe.

What were the reasons?

I can agree with t_s about the amount of time and effort for the fabrication skills and engine conversion that has been done.

It is well done.



The language barrier made it a bit difficult to find out exactly what went wrong, but they suffered three RB engine failures in a short period of time from what I believe to be oil starvation issues (common enough issues on hard used RB motors) I love the RB26 but I'll be the first to admit that it does have its faults. - PMcG


this thing is amazing, i wanna see videos!! F the haterz!


Wow very very cool build. However, if it's a Skyline GTR, it must retain the RB26 in order to wear the GTR badge. Besides, 900+ rear-wheel horsepower is an easy task with an RB26. Just ask the Japs or the Aussies, they/we do it all the time without any issues. Just cost's a lot =)



How does "v8 = fail"?

Are you saying V8 engines like in Ferrari, Formula One or Nascars are engines of failures? Don't get me wrong. I've own cars with SR20, 4AG and 13B but I've always had respect for the V8s because of their power outputs and sound. So if you are going to make a comment like that could you at least be more specific on why "v8 = fail". Thanks.


You can love it or hate it but you can't ingore it


Amazing surprise especially considering the location!!!! Awesome sneak attack of an article, sad to see people be negative towards a car that must be insane fun on track! More of this insanity PLEASE!


People who hate on this car are clearly idiots, I'm a die hard JDM freak but I'm also a car lover in general I applaud anyone with the the creativeness, skill and sheer balls to put a car like this together. Surely this sort of extreme build is why we all love modified cars isn't it?


Nascar V8 ?? What are the specs on the motor ? Ford ?? Chevy ??

Nice looking machine i would love to take 10 laps and a turn to shred some tires !!


why so much hate? this is sick! haha imagine how much fun this thing must be..


Guys; the RB26 swaps in Silvias and crap have to come from somewhere :P

But yeah, awesome awesome awesome build.


this car is SICK, "no replacement for displacement"


OK this freaken awsome (stop hating) this is so unique and kool i love the whole v8 swap thing its beast to see wat they do with those. ON another it does not matter wat engine you put in a car if hepls it performe better then its good I LOVE RB's alot but u cant drive 500+miles any where with out problems. and all the extra low end tourqe with 4 wheel what self proclamed car would not LOVE that >>>?????


would not want to try and work on that at all.


I imagine that the folks that don't appreciate this build have built something so much better.

I for one have never seen anything like this. A video of this car would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.



Super cool. I wouldn't exactly call it semi-subtle though! Would love to hear it bellow around the track.


this build is pure win. i love it


This is amazing! So much time and effort put into such a well done, and F*cking crazy car. Stop the hate guys, this is godly.


Good on them for putting numbers infront of what the idiot fanboys thought about being JDM or not.




Really nice mechanics , but im not the only one to think that this is just a big mistake!! XD


Really weird engine position... I like it!


^^^Ladies and gentlemen, your daily JDM-OMG FFF's are here. (If you read MotoIQ, you should know what FFF means.)

Seriously man, I love JDM as much as anyone else. I love RB26's, I love R34's, I love Tomei Genesis RB's, I love the Mine's engine packages, and I love JDM purity, all that good ish, just like the rest of you. But seriously, what the hell is up with you guys? You guys have no open mind to the possibility that something might just be better than the RB26. I bet every person here that just put down the V8 placement in this car loves Matt Powers' car (albeit even secretly) , or loves the Sumo Power GT-R (as mentioned above) or any of the GT500 cars in Super GT. Liking any one of those cars have immediately made you a hypocrite in downing this build.

I don't get you guys, sometimes. You guys can never make up what you like, and always come up with some asinine comment or arguement. Fanboys, you're amazing. I love you guys. (See what I did there?)


Exactly what luminis said, that V8 will gladly make 900 horses all day without a problem.

It's hard for me to say since I love skylines and all but I'm afraid the RB26 just can't do the same. I mean, it CAN produce upwards of 900hp but reliability is thrown straight out the window.


Thats a monster!


Don't think you could think of a worse complete a v8 conversion in. AWD is gone also. May as well started with something cheaper - a bit of a waste of an R34 GTR tbh.


You cant hate this thing. You just cant.

Its been built for a purpose. and i bet it has acheived it.

Like said before, it doesnt matter what is powering it, with 900 horses....who cares. :)

No body gets "too" upset when a JZ find its way into a skyline.

Makes perfect sense to me to chuck a better, more reliable motor into a track car.


So cool this build! Fantastic! Anyway, the later JGTC R34 GTRs also do not have RB26 inside and are RWD also. They also wear GTR badge! So not everything that wear GTR badge must have RB! This is super build. Thank you for such super article!


fully agree with what Medic Esichi said, i love rbs and have owned a few, but id take the nascar engine anyday of the week. must be a mission getting the engine in and out with the placement thou


My gosh everyone worships the skyline. It's just another shell. I'm glad they did something different. That thing is serious business


The important question is: Is it still AWD? That would be amazing


Stop teasing with little pictures of random things and take more pictures of the whole engine bay for fucks sake


LOL @ wut.


I've come to learn that most purists usually drive something stock,or *mildly* modified, with no worthwhile experience building cars. Don't waste Your time on them.


video :OOOOO


since its a japanese car he should have used a natural gas engine from a nissan forklift


Firstly, congratulations on a fantastic build! V8's are great and this car must be awesome on the track! Having this over an RB makes perfect sense, lighter, more linear power delivery and wider torque range plus the responsiveness over a big turbo required to get teh RB up to 900HP.

Next, for all the people who are hating this and saying it can't wear the GTR badge, well, i can't spot any GTR badge on the car.

Also for abit of education, if you know about the JGTC R34 GTRs that were successful, they did it because they got rid of the RB and put in a VQ and surprise surpise, RWD too! These R34 JGTC GTRs DID NOT HAVE AN RB, DID NOT HAVE ATTESSA, DID NOT HAVE AWD.. yet they wore the GTR badge. And finally, i am an R34 GTR owner and i think this car is so cool, awesome stuff!


that's mean a full RWD right? imagine if its turn out become a drift car....hahahah

nice post.....


Great pictures and an amazing feature, Thanks!


lol i was wondering when a v8 would be in a gtr


Why not a drysump instead of tonn of work and losing awd?


Nice. Haters can call a wambulance.

When you see r34s everyday its nice to see something original - my theory is that the haters hail from where this isn't the case. Or maybe not... but if that were the case I can see how cutting up a Skyline GTR could be traumatic. Thankfully many people can obviously see the build quality here, even if the armchair and cheque-book mechanics cannot. Even RB26 fans know nismo had to develop the n1/24U block to support high power.

There's a lot to dislike about NASCAR as motorsport, but to piss and moan about Sprint engines is to sell them short. Yes, they have iron blocks (like the RB26) but the v8s motors don't weigh much more. Sure they have carbs, but they get driven at WOT. 900bhp and F1-like piston velocities, people...


One misconception about V8s is that everyone thinks that they are all sluggish and slow to rev like a truck, but the C5 Corvette LS6 actually revs pretty fast and has a lot of high end.

It just has torque for all the revs below redline so that it can not be stopped by stupid things like going backwards.


Woah, one look at the engine bay shot, you already know it's RWD. No front transfer case anymore. Awesome! Master build man, just awesome!


@ R

"The proof of this is when they were allowed any amount of cylinders in F1, they BACKMARKER teams had V8 engines while the ones at the sharp end had V10s and V12s."

WRONG. Schumacher became world champion in 1994 in a Benetton V8 while other teams had V10's (like Williams) en V12's (Ferrari).


My God, what a bunch know-nothing, backseat-driving, racegame-playing idiots......

Most of you have never even driven either a GTR or V8 Nascar. And you actually believe you are the proper authority to comment on someone who, judging from this build, knows more about cars then most of you who have bothered to comment on this video together.

Just because you've seen a few vids on youtube and play FORZA or something similair all day, doesn't mean you actually know anything about cars or driving them.




V8 or not, it push's the boundaries of making car's go faster around a circuit to find a perfect balance and lap.

The question isn't if you like it but would like to drive it?

Enough said!


Why not a drysump instead of tonn of work and losing awd?


Medic Esichi

"I love JDM as much as anyone else. I love RB26's, I love R34's, I love Tomei Genesis RB's, I love the Mine's engine packages, and I love JDM purity, all that good ish, just like the rest of you. But seriously, what the hell is up with you guys? You guys have no open mind to the possibility that something might just be better than the RB26."

I share the same view with this fella right here. I am a die-hard Skyline enthusiast. It's a Skyline, just with a different motor. Personally, I would like it even more if he kept the engine swap in the family but props for going different. How is it a blasphemy? I read the exact same thing when the 2JZ Camaro went public and all the Internet warriors/mechanics/doctors/psychologists/and so on started swinging their keyboards at each other, blasphemy this, sacrilege that, ruining this, butt-effin that. At first, i thought "WTF? Why wreck an engine like that putting it in a Camaro?!?!?!? OMGWTFBBQ!!!!111" Then I gave it some thought. I put fanboyism aside, and I liked it because it's something different. People react negatively to anything different, and this has been proven countless times. Same with this one right here, It's a Skyline GT-R, and it has a V8 instead of a RB series motor. The comments are negative. You need to realise this. IT'S NOT THE ENGINE THAT MAKES THE CAR/GIVES THE CAR IT'S IDENTITY. It's a track car, built for fast lap times, handling, reliability, and function. Props for the car, great build!


Amazing! I think it would be a good idea if Speedhunters did a spec list with these little write ups as it would be nice to have some actual info about the car.


As soon i saw all that weigt reduction = v8. Sorry i not a fan at all installing a v8 in a jap car especially a r34 , makes me sick....everything else well done expect that engine


I want that hated car in my garage. I'll pay the transport


Spark said:

V8 = win. Screw that 2jz rice crap. - This comment is fail due to sheer idiocy.


Luv the build, but can't say i think of it as a Japanese car anymore. It's broken/soul-less.

I am from Norway and it's in our genes to like all Norwegian things, but then i also drive a GTR and love the sound of japanese turbo engines. If you ask me, the sound of a V8 is just noise.. They are all the same to me.

It's like watching a stunningly beutiful babe that sounds like a man!

When will there be a Honda powered Corvette or something?

If someone builds it, the people who loves the V8's might understand what the import entusiasts mean about broken... It's just wrong:P

Btw I understand why people swap engines. Some may be used to work with VAG/Volvo/Chevrolet engines, or some are just plain sick of engine failures with the original engine.

I'd say stick to the original one....


heh is every1 here believe that rb26dett can produce 900hp and run without flaw as a track car , u guys are the 1 who fail

dont compare a drag car

a drag car total millage it get from outing for 5 years is less than 100miles

grow up


What is the car used for? Grip? Then give us figures to prove its worth. All of its 900 nascar horses would not mean much if the car wasn't competitive.


usually i'm against ALL V8-swaps in japanese cars. but when done right (like this) i'm impressed. you can see the car means serious business from all angles, and that really has to be a dream to drive with that weight distribution and 900 hp. norweigans sure know how to impress!


V8? Fine.. V8 From a Nascar... WRONG!!!!! if they put VHR35 in that car.. that mean it's the best skyline ever built...


To the haters-

did you know that the SUMO Power GTR's don't even use their tt v'6's. They use V8's. The balance on that car must be insane and I'll bet that NASCAR V8 can rev like a bike engine. Basically its the perfect GTR can't beat the beauty with finally a good engine and balance. Hell even in Initial-D the R34 drivers hate on their own car's. JDM hipsters should at least know that.


I'm looking at the comments, and wow. Just wow. Paddy them can actually reply to us?!



love the car but hate the engine swap!! the gtr is made for rb26 not other engine!!!

an r34 gtr without rb26 is not an gtr


I think most people are just aggravated with so many cars running V8's now. Wether it be in drifting/time attack or whatever, so many cars are making the switch. I personally think its awesome and the fab work looks top notch.

I think if we saw something like a Engine out of a 3000Gt Vr-4 in a skyline would be cool or a Subie engine in a saab. Something crazy like that would really stand out.


Now that you guys have quoted me twice, let's have more fun. Say my name fast, slur the two names together. Yeah. I got quoted twice with the whole name and I just wasn't sure if you guys got the joke or not.


I'm gonna say my .02

I love this car. I love everything JDM, but this car is well thought out. You can't argue with that.

Great weight distribution (something the R34 with a RB26 doesn't have). The RB26 is arguably heavier than this NASCAR engine, plus the torque of this engine it's probably insane. Although the ATTESA AWD of the the R34 is a great system, going with a FR layout reduces a lot of weight.

Again, as much as I love JDM and all its flavor, this R34 is a great example of think-outside-the-box.

Thanks for sharing Paddy.


Thanks for clearing that up PMcG!

And from memory, the R34 GTR JGTC's all ran RB26DETT's.

It is the new R35 GTR JGTC / GT500 that ran with VH45DE (4.5lt V8's).


so much hate in this thread. just respect the build!


Awesome car i think some ppl are taking this build way to seriously what that Mustang from Fast n Furious Toyko drif that had rb26 i was like cool (even though the stunt car used a V8) but think the car culture need cars like this to mix things up and keep thing interesting i love all sorts of cars and engines id love to see an RB 26 in an t bucket or an 370Z convertible with a V8 and bug catcher style superchager siting out the hood.


I think it's cool to have a few Skylines in the world with crazy swaps but I hope it is not something that catches on. The RB series is a terrific set of motors with lots of potential and it stays true to the original heritage of the car. With V8s taking over in the racing world, cars with V6s and I4s are like the underdog superheroes. I congratulate the people involved in this build for creating something very impressive but please don't ever do it again.


For all you "if its not RB and AWD it shouldnt have that badge" fanboys, if thats how you think then in reality if it doesnt have a S20 powering the rear wheels then it isnt a real GTR. GTRs have been rear wheel drive longer that you guys have been alive. Thats the tru oldskool mad tyte JDM OMGG OMGG sh** right there so screw off.


Let the haters hate! Babies!!!!

this is a very unique skyline and i love it!


Having issues with your Tomei prepared RB26?



Woah, this article made my day. Awesome stuff! Now to properly educate the readers here, you don't need an RB26 to be a GTR. In middle of 2002, they switched the JGTC R34 GTR to a VQ.

check this out... and watch 1:38 of the video onwards.

Awesome car man, thanks again for this article!


That must be one insane drive to work.


Fail or hail V8 or whateva, I don't care what others say; This car is AWESOME and original. A shock indeed, when I saw the shot with the whole in where the engine was supposed to be, I thought "WTF!? moved to the rear? Hybrid? Rotary? What is going on?"

Thinking about it, if I'd have the means to have such fun, I would do the same thing... Yeah yeah, engine back... Let's put the engine inside the cabbin!

Cuddos to the guys that had the vision and built this thing, just AWESOME!


Look V8 or not, it should have been a nissan V8 or at least a Japanese manufactured V8. Thats how i feel


I would love to see a video of this. Does anyone have any links? Looks amazing. 


I would love to see a video of this. Does anyone have any links? Looks amazing. 


I would love to see a video of this. Does anyone have any links? Looks amazing. 


Yes please! Video!!!


Yes please! Video!!!


 @Patrick_Redman  @ericbauer Awesome thanks for the links. I want to see more. 
What a crazy beast


 @Patrick_Redman  @ericbauer Awesome thanks for the links. I want to see more. 
What a crazy beast


Hi you can also folow the car here :


Hi you can also folow the car here :


Hi you can also folow the car here :


Hi You can alos folow this thred for more info :
more pic and movies are coming ;)


Hi You can alos folow this thred for more info :
more pic and movies are coming ;)


Hi You can alos folow this thred for more info :
more pic and movies are coming ;)


Perfection. Best use of a NASCAR motor ever. Throw a ME sticker on the side & let's run this at some left turn track.