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It is supposed to be summer in Holland right now but when I look out of my window all I see is rain. So that means the perfect time to work on this story. On the day I shot the Streetgasm EVO VI I also had some quality time with this EVO X. We met up at the owner's house and talked about photoshoot locations. He just moved there so he didn't really have time to scout the area for possible locations. Once we headed out we quickly found this small church with a lot of room in front of it. The sun was still shining so we parked the car and I got to work.

The EVO X is a car you won't see a lot in Holland. With a base price of 60,000 euro it is a car that is currently beyond the reach of many enthusiasts. Maurice, the owner of the car, however managed to get his hands on a US spec EVO X GSR.

One of the first things that was done to the car was to drop it to a more respectable height. While lowering a car you also want to improve the handling so Maurice went straight to Intrax who make suspension systems for a lot of rally cars. So after some consultation Maurice chose the Intrax HDA fully adjustable system.

The wheels on the car are made by Rota. They come in 18"x10 +22 all-round with a titanium chrome finish. A set of Bridgestone Potenza S001 tires in 255/35/18 are wrapped around them.

With this knob you can adjust both the compression and the rebound.

Throughout the build you will find a lot of carbon parts. Like the carbon sideskirts, rear skirts and the vortex generators on the roof. The standard diffuser houses a dual 3" Miltek exhaust that has a very nice note.

A very nice Voltex Type 1S spoiler adorns the trunk.

The B pillars got these nice Varis carbon add-ons for some extra style points.

More carbon parts by Rexpseed include these intakes and hood scoop.

When we went to the second location to shoot the EVO VI I got to appreciate the true potential of this machine. The 4B11 engine sure knows how to push you in the seat.

I thought this engine bay looked pretty cool with the red accents and the Injen intercooler pipe right across the bay. On the right we see the Injen ram air intake system.

Mishimoto delivered the red coolant hoses while the electronics are handled by EMS ecu. These minor enhancements resulted in 369bhp and 504nm.

The massive front lip is also a Rexpseed item that really beefs up the front end of the car.

The interior is all luxury with all the creature comforts in place. Just below the controls for the heating and cooling you see the Defi management unit.

In the A pillar you can find these two Defi meters that lets you know what the turbo pressure is and the oil temperature.

A set of Recaro seats hold you in your place if you feel the need to unleash all those horses at once.

I really enjoyed shooting this car. The owner of the car is thinking about rebuilding the engine into an 800bhp monster but he also mentioned he was looking at Porsches and Skylines. Whatever his choice will be I'm sure he will make the right decision.

-Jeroen Willemsen


Mitsubishi Lancer EVOLUTION X GSR


Rexpeed Carbon front lip
Rexpeed Carbon intake
Rexpeed Carbon hood scoops
Rexpeed Carbon Side air ducts
Rexpeed Carbon Side skirts
Rexpeed Carbon Rear skirts
Varis Carbon B pillars
Rexpeed Carbon Mirrors
Rexpeed Carbon Vortex Generator
Rota SVN titanium Chrome 18'' X 10J
Voltex Type 1S Carbon spoiler

Xenon headlights
Ralliart rearlights

Rockford Fosgate Composet
Rockford Fosgate rear speakers
Rockford Fosgate Subwoofer
Rockford Fosgate / Mitsubishi MMCS ( Multimedia system with satnav)
Evo X MR leather Recaro interior
Stri DSD 60 MM oil pressure meter
Stri DSD 60 MM oil temperature meter
Stri DSD 60 MM exhaust temperature meter
EVO X MR leather multifunctional steering wheel

Miltek 3 inch exhaust system
EMS Ecutek
Injen Upper intercooler pipe
Injen Ram Air Intake
Mishimoto silicone coolant hoses
Ralliart radiator cap
Rexpeed carbon radiator shroud

369bhp / 504 nm

Intrax Hda fully adjustable suspension system

Brembo Brakes
HKS stainless steel brakes lines



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kinda strange to see high-end aero like voltex on the same car thats rocking a set of rota's . . . if you can afford voltex cant you afford volk?


^^^^ I concur. ^^^^


This is a featured Evo? Kind of sad considering the level of Evo's you showed in MOD a few days back. Any car that is featured should not be running FAKE parts like ROTA. If you can't afford the VOLK RE30, don't bother trying to pass off some bootlegs as them.

Varis b-pillars>Fake wheels to this guy, Sorry this is fail.


Wow what's up with Speedhunters lately. Have you lowered your requirements to post real amazing cars lately. I believe these Evo X's are better candidates than what you post in MOD article and this car loaded with replicas.

Check these more legit Evo X's.


"Not that Fast and Too Furious for Me" called. They need your car for the next film


It's funny how Rota sells extremely well in Europe. So i can tell you guys hating on them definitely arent' from Europe. American companies have been making a lot of EXACT look a likes to japanese rims for YEAAARRRSSSSS....Example Konig and R1 rims to just name 2. Yet i see them pushed in every import magazine but no one curses them for it. Before the import fad became huge in america, everyone was rocking these brands while only a minority had the money and resources to source Japanese rims. Just get over the fact of the Rotas and enjoy the car for what it is. It was his money....definitely not any of yours.

Before anyone "bashes", I'm not European. However each part of the globe has different tuning


Nice Evo! But too bad about the wheels.


What does it matter if Rota sells well in Europe? Rota sells well everywhere. Doesn't mean it's worth buying. So this guy paid a pretty penny for an Evo X and put on a bunch of lame cheap parts like RexSpeed and Rota? To each there own but I don't see how this Evo X is even remotely close to being worthy of a feature on a large blog like this or even a small time one. They're much better looking Evo X's out there that deserve it more then this one. Like the one's "X owner" posted. Now those are post worthy Evo X's.


+1 to everyone on no fakes. Speedhunters need to stop running features on people who rock fake wheels; its killing the industry and you guys are suppose to support it. So much for this being an enthusiasts car blog; these wheels are as fake as you guys.


WTF is up with people hating on wheels?! i bet your car doesn't look half as good as this does! thats even if you do have a car.... and i agree with Clint...yes its a nice looking car BUT there are loads more cars X's that look waaaaaaay better than this does!


respeed, rota, stri, mishimoto... lots of chinese garbage on this car yet he still manages to buy a voltex wing.... what the hell speedhunters?


if Rota sells so well in europe, it tells you something about europeans, doesn't it? i mean, according to YOU they want lying, fake, shamelessly impersonating wheels like these RE30 knock offs. wheels that just look like the real thing so they can get a pat on the back from everyone who doesn't know the difference, or can't get close enough to tell. if he's so unashamed of his fake wheels, why did he take off the "R for Rota" center caps they come with? seems to be a trend among rota owners... but let me get this straight. you're NOT even european, and you're telling me there aren't any europeans that "hate on" fake wheels? you're telling me ALL europeans are okay with giving money to the liars and cons and posers killing the industry? doubt it....

lol the import fad... so back when poser hondas, altezza lights and huge nonfunctional fiberglass wings were popular? when every swinging d*** in america thought he was fast and furious in his automatic civic cx? yeah all the guys and gals rocking rotas must be THE SH*T because clearly the big population is always right.....

"just get over the fact of the Rotas and enjoy the car for what it is." was ist das?? according to you rotas are okay in your imagingary europe. according to you i shouldn't have to get over the rotas because in your world fake wheels are acceptable. lol i'll tell you what. i'll get over people like this feeding money to these poser corporations if you just go buy me some rose-tinted glasses. mkay pumpkin?


this one ticks all the right boxes.. i wouldn't change a thing.


Nice piece of work! Streetgasm seems to have a lot of nice cars!


can't they think of a logo without stealing one??


Another car featured on Speedhunters that features all bolt-on knock-off parts, save for the Voltex wing. YAWN!


Fake shit isn't doing anything for me.


This should be on Jay Bryan's blog, where he'd be ripping this car apart.


beautiful car i also wouldn't change a thing.


Don't get started on the wheels again.

they are fine as a product, and no... brands like rota don't take customers away from the original manufacturers. Anyone buying replica's wasn't planning on buying original's in the first place.

They're just filling the gap in the market, so quit whining.

Keep it going jeroen!


nice, he got all that money from insurance fraud and he can't even afford some real wheels.


Wannabe parts are a huge letdown here. All a bit showy for me.. with little carbon bits n bobs everywhere..

either way. as long as the owners happy.

Oddly, I'm surprised to already see the corrosion on the strut top-mount bolts though! its still practically new...


"Nice Evo! But too bad about the wheels." I concur.


...and that's why i gave it a 1-star. really speedhunters? fake wheels? i'll say it before and i'll say it again... i thought you guys had more class than that. SMH

+1 @Clint


+1 @X owner

+1 @4g63PWR

+1 @john



I noticed that as well, excellent quality from Mitsubishi?

I like the car like this though, Evo Xs always look nice imo. The wheels are indeed questionable on a car like this, I mean on a 'cheap' car I can live with it, because the owner probably really not has the money for authentic wheels (which are about 1600-2000 euros per set, 2500+ dollar) and otherwise he/she whould just have stock wheels. On an expensive car like this it's a bit different. I'm sure the owner is happy with them though which is most important I guess.


WHAT! Mate could that be at a church in a town called Renkum? Because I swear, I've seen that car parked at the gas station like 100 meters from that church!


God I hate Rotas. If you can spend the money on Varis, then you can save for some Volks...


This is one sick ass evo!!!!


Lot of haters out here.... In holland it is really, really hard to get volks or advans ect...

However a set of volks ce28's are on their way to fit my car as we speak :)

I want to thanks jeroen for this great feature


im having trouble grasping the "fake wheel" argument , that obviously are volk fakes , as there not trying to be , like bigjoe said about rota's in europe , there popular. the day when people stop looking at cars with premade judgements on parts is the day you will start to see some amazing cars with vareity . just my thought , nice example of a daily with some practical mods , love it . fuck the rota haters .


This is and stay's a amazing Evo X

In real life its more beatiful to see


This car is in real life more beatiful .

Keep op the good work


Wow, how did I guess everyone would get so butthurt over Rotas. Calm the fuck down people, Overall it's a damn nice street car.


I didn't say once that there weren't ppl in Europe who hate on Rotas too. However each market has rims that are look a likes of Japanese rims. Check the English sites. Check German sports rims. Everyone copies each other in some form or fashion around the globe. However, since these manufacturers are not from Japan then does that mean that ALL rims which have a similar face to them are knock offs then?

If YES, then MOST American Wheel Companies ARE KNOCK OFFS...Just go to and check them and see. Therefore I wish guys on this blog and in the American car forums would curse the other American companies who sell knock offs as well. I'm not defending Rota, that's the thing. I'm just stating that as a person who's not from Europe or even American i sit on the outside and watch you guys in forums, blogs, magazines say things without looking at the entire picture and just curse 1 manufacturer when you should curse nearly ALL of your wheel manufacturers. It's so funny to me lol.



I think all the mods are perfect, but why is it saying stri gauges while i see defi on the pictures.

Love to see a wallpaper from this car


Meh. 80% of the cars on EvoXForums have more power and more handling upgrades.

Don't even get me started on the parts.... Almost all knock off stuff. Looks like you got lucky on fitment, rexspeed is known to be really awful.

PS - Those are ebay tail lights, rallart (2010) tails have yellow corners. I think the ebay ones look better, but just puttin that out there :)


Jeroen, every time i look a a car you made pictures of I see the car get's hated on in the comments. Allthough I respect that keep photographing what you like yourself it might be nice to show some other cars which the commenters would like for a change. I know holland has lots of cars which are built with a lot of quality (and quality parts), do not have fake wheels and would get some more positive comments. Make some more spotlights out of the time attack car's or the dutch supercar challenge or look around on sxoc or the skyline club. Hell, I think even street racers like low profile or the guys from sneaky tuning would get a more positive reaction on this forum than showcars like this.

Anyway, don't take it as hating. Lately I havent seen much of your random snap's which is a good thing and I have seen some pretty interesting articles from you. Just think about it :)


Speedhunters, pay attention! A large % of your readers don't want to see fake sh*t, Period.


Really nice car, easy to give shit comments while you can not even afford such a car :) :)


Wow -- this just proves Speedhunters is just going downhill. I can see this fake knockoff clad trash on the forums all day long. Why feature this when there are plenty of super legit Evo Xs (posted above)?

Maybe it's the Need for Speed influence taking over? Either way, your viewers don't want to see shit like this, unless you want a whole bunch of ex-viewers.


I know you yanks build your cars to look good in a car park with other rich kid douchebags however

Here in Europe country lanes are where performance cars spend most of there time so if I'm gonna hit a pothole I want to fuck a rota wheel so it's no big deal i can just grab another, and spend the saved money on tires, brake pads etc things that count.


why do people keep whyning about replica's

it is not your car we are talking about, if you dont wanna run replica's that's fine but stop saying that replica's are ruining the car scene.

and i would also like to see the cars of the people who say that the car suck because it has replica's.

also it is hard to get jdm parts in holland without paying 4k for wheels.

i also wanna bet that when you drive in this car you wouldn't be like "i dont like the car because those are replica's" but smiling and not giving a sh*t about replicated wheels.

so stop crying.

jeroen nice coverage of a nice car


Major typing vault:... the electronics are handled by EMS ecu. ??These minor enhancements??... That is only one enhancement. Or is Jeroen a "tupperware-tunert" who thinks "the red coolant hoses" helped gain the engine on power?

I mentioned the Injen intake pipes and ram intake system in the previous shot didn’t I?


I agree that there's a lot of better car out there that deserves a post but hating on the wheels? Come on,,,they are an OEM supplier for a lot of car manufacturers. They might rip off the design from others but a 'cheap' knock off brand they are not


I think that would be a great update. nut it's really not so hard to get a real wheel.

On my skyline i have Enkei nt03's, got them for a nice price also. well under the 1000euro's.

And on my crx i'mn rolling on desmond regamaster's. and even those are bought for well under 1000euro's.

so dont you guys be hating on the dutch/european people. because there are people over here who do

get the real deal and don't cheap out


He should buy real wheels before he does anything else..


rota haters probably wear varrstoen wheels.


Does it bother anyone that the tires are worth $400 more than the wheels? And the tires are just mid range summer tires, nothing like RE-11s.

Also, performance would benefit more from carbon fiber hood, fenders, doors, and trunk lid, than replacing every possible trim piece with the carbon fiber equivalent.

But it is a pretty thorough half-assed job.


These sheeple riding the "fake shit" train being perpetuated by other car blogs. I'm sure most of the people whining are rolling in a stock Corolla S.

I daily 2 cars with cheap wheels. If you have anything other than a trailered show car, it's a waste of money simply due to wear and abuse. I have to replace 2 wheels a year on average. When that shit costs $500+ a pop there's no way.


I own four sets of Volk wheels, and not a single piece of carbon fiber. There's a direct correlation there. I did not waste money on carbon fiber trim pieces, which do not reduce rotating mass, therefore I have money for good quality wheels which drastically reduce rotating mass.

And don't give me some sob story about Volks not being available in Europe. Every set of Volks I own were purchased on the ground in Japan and I arranged shipping back to the US. It doesn't get more difficult than that, and it isn't any more difficult for me to do this as a 'merican, than it is for anyone in Europe to do exactly the same.


Duggan: can't agree more. I rather destroy Rota wheel, than some original wheel which is like three times more expensive in europe and the money I save on wheels, can be put into nice set of tires and brakes.

I hate these companies, which make fake things, but also I can't afford more, so I have to be good with it.

On my fun car (RX7) i do have only real things like Enkei, SuperNow, Foresight, Re-amemiya and others, but on daily drive I'm good with copies, because I do not care about them much, if I destroy one rota wheel, then just buy another one cheap.

For that EVO, it do look good as complete package.

PS. If Jeroen did not say they are Rotas, no one will hate :)


its funny the pics show defi guages and even talks about them but yet the build sheet says that the car has stri meters? cmaaaan. speedhunters if you guys want to hire some proof readers... let me know LOL


Duggan said:

"Here in Europe country lanes are where performance cars spend most of there time so if I'm gonna hit a pothole..."

You think potholes are unique to Europe? Here's a news flash, with the global economic collapse, almost every state stopped repairing their roads, and they didn't do much to fix them when they did have money. But us silly yanks don't run the biggest wheel and shortest sidewall tire possible, because we know our roads are crap. Your desire for fashion has overdriven your common sense. Don't run zero aspect ratio tires and you won't be driving around on bent rotas all the time.


Wow, why did my comment not get put up? Is speedhunters embarrassed by their feature? Are we not able to post links to better evo X's out there? :) I though you guys were better than that!


im not a rota hater but have to agree with most of the guys up here...why rota when u can affort so much carbon add-ons and nice mods???!


fake parts suck


I have now opinion about fake parts. I don't buy them, but I just don't care what other people buy.

Just a few questions for you fake wheel haters:

Did Japanese invent the wheel?

Are Watanabes knock off Minilites? (Looks the same but are made from cheap aluminium instead of magnesium)

Which company "invented" a five spoke wheel? or a six spoke?

Was it a import tuning company that invented rear wing?

Are all the "mesh"-wheels BBS knock offs or is the BBS RS a knock off of an older wheel?

Who did the first three piece wheels?

All in all, wheels shouldn't be only a piece of industrial design, but a piece of engineering. In a pursuit of perfection, there is only a one optimum so different designs start to resemble one another.

BTW. I'm a European and I don't like parts which I cannot trust in. For wheels, my choice are magnesium Speedlines or heavier but strong Compomotives.


Where the fuck did you get that from? No really?

function > form here in Europe your the d!ckheads who started that hellaflush bullshit!!

Stick to your NASCAR d!ckheads hahaha and for f*cksake take ken block back we like people who can drive here :)


WTF,is it all haters overhere ?! Typical Americans.Get a life .....


Jezus what a pathetic people on this site ... Go hate your mom or something!!!

Beautiful car!!! To bad about the pathetic reactions!!!


Mannnn this car kicks ass...really nice respect. :)


According to Rota owners, there's two types of people in this world:

People who blow all their money on dress up parts, then can't afford a decent set of wheels, and want to make all kinds of excuses for riding around on trash.

And everyone else are haters.


This feature car is a below average EVO, definitely riced up (CF trim pieces with no real performance upgrade) and rocking fake wheels that hurt the companies that make the parts we all love. F rotas and F Jeroen for pushing this meh car. Oh and one last thing, Streetgasm is using Streetglow's company font lettering as their own... they are unoriginal even for that


have to say this, but i dont think most people here know how industry works... there are always expensive brands (like volk for example), and cheaper brands (rota in this case..). In any way, any time, there have always been company's who offer products / favours for cheaper. A little thing called "competition". Rota isn't killing the industry, they just give bigger names a reason to go cheaper, wich Enkei has been doing. So stop whining and let people be.


jeroen, stop posting please

you are embarrassing the rest of us


Few years later guys and i am the current owner. I changed the wheels indeed. The car wrap was added by pro wrap @ eindhoven, as a project of showing his work at a show. hate or love it, maybe thats a new trigger for the haters :)


How about this?