Car Builder>> Rauh-welt Begriff – Pt.2

It's back at Rauh Welt now to continue the behind the scenes look at a workshop that has as much character as the cars that roll out of it. It seems style is something Nakai-san knows a thing or two about, he understands what tickles the senses, what creates an emotional response in people, even from those that aren't even necessarily car enthusiasts. This is obvious when you see the responses his cars get, just driving around in one of his Porsches and seeing how pedestrians, school kids, old ladies stop in their way to give a second look at that strange machine that has just rolled by. That is precisely what a work of art sets out to do, stir up emotions, make people reflect and make them think outside the box. 

It's why over the years RWB cars have exploded in popularity, people always waiting to see what Nakai will come up with next, will he be able to go one up on his last masterpiece. As he always tells me, "ideas are always swirling around in my head," he lets them mature and evolve, fueled by his many influences…

…be it music, or an old picture of a race car or something he has seen and experienced out in the world. There is no questioning the fact that he's an artist, an innovator, a trendsetter, a person that lives and breathes what he creates and seeing where he works, where his ideas materialize is always a pleasure. 

I've been to his shop quite a few times now, either to shoot or to have a chat with him when I'm in the vicinity and have spare time to drop by. I could spend hours in there just looking around and soaking in the atmosphere, you can somehow feel great things are born here. I love how everything looks cluttered at first, but as you take your time to look around it all makes sense, from the way the decor is laid out…

…to how the parts are stacked and stored. Everyone has their process and this is Nakai's way of doing things. There are an enormous number of spare parts sitting in the storage area next to the paint booth, from spare doors…

…to freshly painted wheels and body parts, soaking in the light that barely makes it through the few windows on the side of the building.

This is where Nojima comes up with those cool colors…

…where unique matte hues are mixed up and experimented with.

The walls are lined with pictures of customer cars, cars that have rolled out of the RWB shop and are now being enjoyed by those that like to be a little different from the norm.

I gave all my last Speedhunters stickers to Nakai, I'm sure he will put them to good use on some of his upcoming cars.

Here is one of the big Ramsa speakers that Nakai keeps well exercised on a daily basis.

Ever wondered why his 930 is named Stella Artois? Simple, it's his favorite brand of beer! 

His helmet collection is pretty cool.

You won't find bright office lights at RWB, everything needs to blend in with the warm array of illumination that emanates from the various neon signs. 

This used to illuminate the pool table before it evolved into a sort of office desk. Gotta love the Rauh Welt graffiti.

I noticed some of you spotted this 996 sitting in the garage in Part 1, but as Toshi pointed out this isn't actually one of Nakai's kits. If you look at the shape of the rear overfenders they are actually far too round and bulbous, not giving the right sort of flow to the car. But that is what the customer wanted I guess.

As I was grabbing this picture Nakai told be that by the time I post it this 993 is going to look different. I asked, "different in what way?" to which he replied "better!" Can't argue with that!

This is one of the many cars that will be participating in the idlers endurance race this weekend at Motegi.

Nakai has recently replaced his old matte black Mercedes Benz SL for something a little more inconspicuous, this W210 E60 AMG. I somehow think it wont stay silver for long…

As cool as this blue 964 with RS-type ducktail spoiler was…

…I asked Nakai if he could move it out of the way to clear the front of the shop, so he reversed it down the road and parked it behind…

…so I could grab a few shots of the car I chose for my spotlight. More on this soon.

Round the back was the famous Tunerhaus…

…sitting low on the gravel parking lot in all its wideass glory!

That's it from RWB, for now at least. I somehow think I won't be able to keep away for very long. So until next time, I hope you've enjoyed this glimpse into a very special workshop.

Rauh Welt – Part 1

- Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Need more coverage ASAP!!!!!! I love Rauh Welt Porsche's


Nakaisan you're amazing to have created something that could be so well enjoyed by many euro lovers, tuner lovers, and ones like me who like things against the grain. Keep up the good work Nakaisan, and all of you guys @ speedhunters


best ever.


I love this shop and everything that comes out of it. My goal is now to own a car built by them before i die


Speechless! I love the shop, I love the cars, I love Nakai-san, I love Dino, Too mutch love!!


love the rwb. stella <3


I think RUF or Gemballa should learn something from Nakai-san


Very informative! I dig seeing shops such as this in the manner that you cover them. Keep up the cool work.


looks like a frat house crossed with a body shop. i think i'd fit right in there.


Last pic as a desktop please, just so I can have some epic inspiration whenever I get into my garage.


Love it. Hope you're heading to Motegi to cover that endurance race Dino!


Wish he'd do a couple narrowbody cars or bring in some 60/70s 911's. Either way he makes the sickest porsche's around. Curious how they preform being so wide and far from what porsche designed.

Rwb and jeff zwart are my heros


That Mercedes is the rarest thing in this entire post, and yet it will be skipped over as 'yet another Mercedes'.


I spy an MPV! Great parts hauler. Nice photoshoot too


Having been to the Rahu-Welt shop, and having met Nakai-san, I must say your photos and article make me wish I was still in Japan! I was fortunate enough to get two stickers and a handful of those press on emblems - which he told me were for cell phones (I don't speak much Japanese, haha) so its interesting to hear he puts them on the steering wheels. I'm looking forward to your next section on this visit!


RWB is so 1980-2??? Nakai-san is my favorite tuner of porches hands down and one of my IDLE's


I wanna see more on that Black Cabrio from part 1!!!!!


Great writeup dino, love all the rwb porsches, ever since i came across stella, nakai sans car, i fell in love with his creations, before that day i never once had even a slight interest in porches, his cars changed my whole outlook on what a porsche could look like, one word sums his cars up for me "aggressive"


Stella Artois is made in my city, it's cat pee


These cars are pretty cool, but I'm getting grossed out reading all the extreme praise. Putting a body kit and some crazy colors on an old Porsche doesn't make a 'masterpiece'. It's a kinda-cool looking mash-up of Japanese style and German design. It's not a 'magnum opus'; it's not a 'Promethian feat of humanity-re-affirming artistry that will stand the test of time'; it's an '80s yuppie-penis-enhancement-mobile with cartoon looks, a loud exhaust, and *maybe* 300 horses. Not that horsepower counts for everything, but if you're gonna make a car look like Gundam Wing it should, in my opinion, have something more intimidating than a carbed, air-cooled VW engine.

My favorite part is the g-d Engrish 'themes'. Stella Artois is plausible enough--there are plenty of alcohol-sponsored cars. But some of the RWB car titles are ridiculous. 'Coffee Milker'? 'Long Board Surf'? 'Dial speed Quickest'? DDC if you love these cars so much maybe you can sit down with old Noodle-san and come up with a list of coherent idioms/cultural topics for him to base his future 'creations' on. Like maybe a 'Matt Damon'-themed 993, or a 'Glad Trash Bags' 964.


I jizzed my pants :P


I love those fender flares


A very cool shop,would like to hang out there...........some neat ideas


Yes - last pic desktop! Great post along with the Part 1! Thanks!!!


Wicked cool stuff, its great to see a real artist like him at work and his workshop in details like only a Speedhunter would notice. I hope RWB can make some good money going global, as its obvious how mental the cars make people, both good and bad. There is such a big market for him to tap into, what a beautiful way he has with the lines on the classic Porsche, wow.


that it?! :(

wheres the desktops dino?!! WHERE?! lol


A Pt.2 I absolutely LOVE IT!


Any reason why Speedhunters is doing the exact same RWB feature as 7Tune?


"in all its wideass glory!" haha


@Sam. Dont let it bother you buddy. Not all of us can be as cool as RWB.

I was grossed out after seeing tub girl. Now that is gross.


@ Sam: When I don't like something I look, decide it's not for me and move on. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not liking what another person likes makes us individuals. Spending time dissing what another person likes (especially when its not something dangerous) because you don't like it is kinda pathetic...


that blue RWB car is beautiful..


Rauh-Welt is my favourite tuner! The pure style and presence, the vibe of it all is just glorious.

Campeki, Nakai-san, Campeki desu! Tsuzuto gambate, soshite omeveto gozaimasu!


I was unsure wether to read these posts, but I'm glad I did. His cars look awsome. But man, does he look miserable or what!


It's always fun to see what's going on in this shop. This man is quite the character.


It´s verry impressiv to see how much cars are under his construction and standig by this shop!

It was verry interesting to read this.

Thanks a lot!