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You never know what you'll come across when walking through the streets of Japan. While my friends were scoping out the Mooneyes dealership in Osaka, I decided to wander around. And that's when I stumbled upon Racing Service Factor. 

As usual, Japan is full of unexpected surprises and this was just another. Having a quick glance inside the garage it seemed like they specialised in Hondas. 

Peaking its head outside the garage was this well looked after EK9 Civic Type R for sale.

This EK was also sitting out the front of the workshop but looked a tad more serious than the previous one above.

Although it wears CTR decals, this hatch was 4-lug.

The stickers, race numbers and semi-slicks definitely give away that this little machine sees the circuit quite often…

After a quick chat with the owners, I discovered that the Mooneyes dealership and Racing Service Factor shops are actually related. 

Although my first impression was that this was a Honda specialist, perhaps I was wrong. This R34 GT-R was on the hoist to get some serious work done. 

Underneath the R34 was sproting ducting to cool the brakes as well as ikeya Formula arms. 

On the far left hoists were a couple of Hondas, one being this EG…

…And the other a S2000, both looked like serious circuit racers.

It's always interesting watching the mechanics work their magic.

This particular Civic is raced in a class known as improved production…

…Where the engines are to remain standard.

But by the looks of things other modifications are allowed, for instance a fully stripped interior and a roll cage.


K-Tours 2011



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wow this garage look like akio's garage from wangan midnight very cool


I love that vtec ^^


It's quite common for race teams to convert EK9's to 4 lug as there's a much wider selection of 4x100 rims in smaller sizes. 15" 5x114.3 rims are almost impossible to acquire these days.


these car builder articles are great. keep up the good work.


Ha, so you just walk around and find a tuning shop out of nowhere. Sweet.

I really want that Type-R, it looks very clean... or the last EG Civic too.


Like the exhaust on the s2000.


check out their website here:


That poor mechanic needs a proper work bench ;-)


they just love those Work Ewing III wheels. :P


looks like a one of those places that looks a bit rough & ready but turns out some quality jobs with a very knowledgeable mechanic or two. - and i agree i think the owner needs to dip into his profits and get the mechanic a work bench, "the guys' on the floor man!" - Thanks.