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Australian Josh Coote already has a trick drift car that competes regularly in both Australia and New Zealand.

I am, of course, talking about his well-known 180SX, which is almost too pretty to be drifting with its BN Sports wide-body and rather expensive choice of deep-dish rims. I still remember the first time I saw Josh kicking its clutch in third, swinging its butt precariously close to the concrete walls of the now defunct Oran Park Raceway. I’m sure many of us would be too paranoid of banging up such a nice 180SX, but all Josh wanted to do was push it to its limits.

And while most of us would be happy with having this 180SX as our toy…

…For the Coote family it wasn’t enough. “It was really Dad’s decision to make this car” Josh said. “It started off as a car we were going to put together with leftover parts from the 180. It was just something to do some circuit racing in.” That however, soon snowballed into a comprehensive time attack build.

Josh and his father have been around cars all their lives – they both run MCA suspension, who build custom shocks for race cars – so they took on most of the build in their garage.

And judging by these build photos, this is going to certainly be one impressive time attack car. Nigel Petrie (who is building the drift Hilux we’ve been tracking) has also been heavily involved, helping with many aspects of the S13’s build.

Front tubs have been made out of sheet metal to give them more freedom to run the optimal wheel/tyre size and alignments without fouling anything.

The S13 will compete with 18×10-inch rims on the front and 18x12s on the rear.

The rims will be wrapped in Hankook semi slick rubber bands, and Josh has opted for R33 GT-R Brembos and P.Mu pads.

The Cootes have learnt a thing or two about building strong SR20s, and they’ll be using all of their knowledge in an attempt to squeeze as much power out of the 4 cylinder as possible. Using an SR20VE head, the S13 will rev to a punishing 9000rpm with 35psi of boost running through its veins.

Having seen the power gains from using E85 on the drift 180SX, they will once again be using that fuel in the TA S13. Hanging off each side of the SR20 is a custom intake manifold and Garrett 3582 turbo.

In front of the engine, Josh binned the radiator support…

…Which enabled him to position the stacked cores on an angle. Air will flow in through the front bar opening and then straight out over the hood.

Here’s what the setup looks like with everything in place.

The S13 will also run carbon ducting that aligns with the hood opening.

Time attack is all about stringing together just one fast lap, so weight is an area that constantly comes under scrutiny. While some competitors have opted for complex roll cages, they have gone with a more sedate design that provides the required safety and chassis rigidity but doesn’t add excess pounds.

A Racepak digital dash has been fitted. That green indicator you see on the right shows the gear selection for the six speed Holinger sequential transmission…

…Which requires a yank to go up a gear, and a nudge to go down one. The middle man between the gearbox and motor is a custom made Jim Berry Racing button clutch, while the rear will have a GT-R diff and HKS billet driveshafts.

What intrigues me the most about this particular build is the S13’s aero. Josh has enlisted the help of Barry Lock to improve the way his Silvia cuts through the air.

Starting off with a BN Sports Blister body-kit, Barry Lock has reprofiled the kit to the point where it is almost unrecognisable.

Case in point is the front bar. Here’s the plug for the mould being trial fitted to the car. As you may have spotted, they have gone for a 180SX nose as it’s more aerodynamic, effectively making this a Onevia.

Truly a work of art don’t you think?

Here’s a good overview of the serious aero package. The S13 will have a completely flat floor with a rear diffuser starting at the rear axle…

…And continuing on well beyond the body.

The S13 – sans kit – has been spending a lot of time on the dyno being tuned…

…With the father and son team aiming for a final power figure between 600 and 700hp.

As Josh and his father build race shocks for a living, you can rest assured that the Onevia will have a potent suspension setup. Although Josh will be keeping some things secret, he did admit to custom MCA remote canister shocks, a Whiteline front sway bar, Driftworks front and rear knuckles and Ikeya Formula arms all ’round.

During the WTAC event, Josh will be busy competing in his drift car (the event incorporates the Tectaloy Drift Challenge), so their Onevia creation will be steered by 21 year old New Zealand racer Earl Bamber.

– Charles Kha

Photos supplied by Josh Coote

MCA Suspension

Hankook Australia

World Time Attack Challenge



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wow, im stoked at the sight of an S chassis not done up for drift. feature once its done?


That looks fucking stupid!


Have been following this build since day 1. Josh and Murray are extraordinary and build nothing but 1st class... Although they insist this build is a "budget" racer... I highly anticipate it's debut!!


More on the aero please..


woah... impressive build!


Sick project, thanks for sharing and props to the builders.


Very nice build, with a good emphasis on the aero. Only points I would note is that one of the raidator pipes isn't going to fit without work one the carbon scoop is on and cooling of some parts of the car could become an issue.

Flat underbody is a great idea but not if it cooks your gearbox and diff, sure the guys are ontop of it though. 2nd for full feature once done!


love the car hate the aero diffusser but well is a race car hehehehe


Epic has become too small a word for this build. This is Legendary.


damn indeed. looks like quite a beast, cant wait to see some results


WOW!!!! Great effort.... but what a waste of $$$


ahh finaly, so that's the MCA pro class S13


Looks stupidly oversized......but i presume some of it will be trimmed back.. plus with a rear bar fitted should look alright.

he will need some serious bolts to hold that ammount of downforce from the rear splitter to the shell


Such a nice change of pace for an S13...never really seem them do any kind of racing.

full feature when it's done please...


Woah! Worst diffuser ever but what the hell do I know about aero!


Mean another one for team NZ


In that first photo it looks like there is a $50 plastic skateboard ramp from Kmart jammed under there


I love the carbon work, but the aerodynamics are at the extreme end of the scale.


i like the effort that gone into this one, even the carbon additions look quality - the finished front-end looks very bosozoku-ish, although i think it will achieve its intended purpose - keep it up lads!


Aero is a complex matter, however there are some basic rules you can follow, before you need a windtunnel.

First is eliminating lift and create downforce without too much drag.

This is first done by smoothing out airflow, reducing turbulence along the car, especially under it, from beginning to end. Then spoil any lift that might be created by pressure buildup. Like in the wheel wells, front nose area, and similar. What they done here is just simple logic, although personally I do think their diffuser has to much of an aggressive rake angle to work well beyond 145mph without excessive drag. If the concern is to maximize air volume, it would be better to reduced the swept rake angle to something like 8-15 degrees. And use lateral expansion instead.

This one has about a 28-32 degree rake, which is more than on a closed wing single seaters like F1, and will generate some down force at the start of where aero gets dynamic...give or take around 110mph.

But you be sacrificing balance and acceleration from that point.

Just a couple of observations.


i wanna see that rear diffuser with the bumper mounted


I almost shat when I read "HKS billet driveshafts"

And you're saying this is a budget build. lulz


that front bumper is pointless and ugly


Nice diffuser. I hope it worked


i sein there drift car at taupo this year in was amazed at the super high quality of the entire build,it was well in truly a step above new zealand drift cars.will be awsome to see how there new car goes.


I want updates when it's finished!


one of the ugliest yet awesome things ive ever seen.. wow


Um this is over the top in the best way, garage DIY but with some components straight out of race shops, I love it! Awesome stuff!


looks like a Boso car. Sick build


This is a build in my taste!


Ontop of it Koan :-)


Very impressive build! Not to metion, I'm glad to see Time Attack is slowly growing.


Looking forward to seeing this at WTAC!


That looks reeeeeally cool! The front bumper looks a bit odd.... more could've been done as far as aero desing, but still, indeed a work of art!


HAhaha it does look exactly like a skate board ramp you would see some kid using in his driveway


pretty sweet build, can't wait to see how it does!


awesome. looking forward to its completion and skakedown.


So cool. I like the approach to the rollcage. Rollcages these days are beefier than most lathes.


Bamber for the win !!


The Cootes know alot about making cars go fast. Tom G, I agree with the Rake etc, but Eastern Creek has some quick corners that would be around the 130km mark I think, so The rake they have should work quite well being quite agresive for those speeds, Yes they probably will have quite high drag at higher speeds, but there is only one long straight, so over 150mph is unlikely for long

I love this thing, The front bar is awesome, so much thought into clean lines and building the canard affect into the bar for strength. The guys that did the carbon know thier stuff with aero, the angles and rake will be spot on for the requirements, they do plenty of aero on other cars. If you know any queensland based race cars, custom cars, sports sedans etc, you will know this diffusers design.

I cant wait to see the boys at WTAC, supporting them all the way. Knowing josh and Murray well, they wont and dont do anything by half, and it doesnt have to be big budget to work. Look at Braun F1 a few years ago, minute budget conpared to Ferrari and Maclaren yet the engineering prevailed.

M Monster Motorsport.


WTF!!! Look at the size of that rear tunnel!!!! :O

keep us posted with this build... looking serious already!


With aero that far extended past the front and rear standard outline of the car, I am presuming there is no regulations for Time Attack in Aus? If so, this is going to Group B all over again soon! Exciting, but is there any limit on this aero stuff? From the pics it seems not? Is there a line in the sand to be drawn? This is going to get out of hand! haha. Anyhow, will be interesting to see how the finished product turns out and how that rear aero is incorporated.


Please do a feature on Murray! And then Stuart Wilkins ;) I love reading about the small but very good builders in Japan, but we have some great talent down under too. Both of these guys have been in motorsport for a long time and are invaluble assets to the car modifying fraternity, globally. Big call but if you'd heard the stories I've heard...

Very proud to see Murray played a hand in the suspension on my Familia, the damn thing's on rails now! Stoked to see this build, even more keen to see it on the paperclip!


sweet car, what are those wheels?


Looks awesome! What company is doing the carbon fiber work then? I know Barry Lock was mentioned, but he doesn't show up as a company.


WOW. O_o


I beleive Barry Lock would know more about aero than some keyboard warriors being an ex F1 engineer and designed/built Formula car chassis's in Australia called the Kaditcha!

Great build, hope to see it at Willowbank Time Attack one day.




that is a badass s13 and i really want to see that car in action


The aero is truly amazing. Reminds me of the 80's super-silhoutte racers and Bosozoku street cars I love so much. Flawless work, can't wait for more.


Things are heating up here at Eastern Creek and yesterday the teams were given the opportunity to test


The last session of the Pro Class is where it all happens. After two days of slowly but surely edging


Love the aero parts...and the ducting behind the radiator. Pretty cool, expected from australians. But, WTF? A Renault Clio (maybe) Symbol inthe fifth picture, in Australia??????? Not cool guys...


Love the aero parts...and the ducting behind the radiator. Pretty cool, expected from australians. But, WTF? A Renault Clio (maybe) Symbol inthe fifth picture, in Australia??????? Not cool guys...