Most of you will be familiar with the infamous Isle of Man TT course, a 37.8 mile road course which cuts around the small island in the middle of the Irish Sea. Whilst it's more famous for its motorbike races, recently the four wheel record of the entire course was smashed by former British Rally champion Mark Higgins in a near standard Subaru Impreza WRX STI. The only modifications were the obvious safety features of a rollcage, harnesses and on-board extinguisher system. The car used the production model's engine, gearbox, clutch, brakes etc with only slight modifications to the suspension to prevent the suspension being damaged over the larger jumps on the circuit. The previous record held by the late Tony Pond was an average speed of 100MPH. Higgins managed an incredible average speed of 113MPH around the course on road legal tires.

However, the attempt wasn't without its moments as the above video shows. A sixth gear tank slapper almost lead to Higgins and his Road & Track magazine passenger redecorating someone's living room at an approximate speed of 150MPH. Cool as a breeze, Higgins catches the car, downshifts to fifth and powers on again but not before sharing a joke with his passenger.


Paddy McGrath



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That left a chill in my spine and tightness in my pants... Epic driving.


Racing games need to start including the Isle of Man.


Brilliant piece of driving and great humour in a sketchy situation.


wut a beuty save


great control


*Biggest safe of his life.

Would love to see the whole clip.


Having done roughly the same thing at a third of that speed, I can't imagine how scary that must have been. Incredible driving skills to say the least!


Is this an average speed record or time record?

And either way, what were the times?


The fastest lap was set this year by Bruce Anstey with an average speed of 131.378MPH (which made a lap of 17:13.88) The laps are set from a standing start rather than a flying lap. The record was set on a Honda 1000cc Superbike. - PMcG


Paddy, is the whole lap available somewhere, would love to see it.


Not available yet AFAIK, once I find it, I'll be sure to share ! - PMcG


Nice save. The winning bikes average 130 around there these days.


Will, you're spot on. Ideally, it would be on Tourist Trophy 2 for the PS3. If only...


Thats impressive. Quick quick reflexes.


He went quicker a little later, the record now stands at 115.356mph. This lap was done without a passanger, although he did encounter some damp roads towards the end of the lap, so it could possibly be broken again in perfect conditions. He trapped @ 162mph at one point on the course.

I believe a full on 4 wheeled event, could be a huge here..... I'd love to see it...