Readers Rides>> Angela’s S2000

Speedhunters reader Angela W just sent through some photos of her slammed S2000 street car.

Grand Prix White is certainly one of the most desirable colours for S2000 enthusiasts. Angela's '00 AP1 example received plenty of work to the fenders, with rolling and pulling required to fit the BBS RS rims. The three-piece wheels have been given a coat of candy red.

Angela's S2000 has a fair amount of suspension modifications. Along with Stance GR coilovers, Angela has also fitted SPC adjustable ball joints and Megan Racing toe arms. Although it's hard to spot in this photo, Angela has also installed a Cusco 4-point roll-cage and Invidia twin-exit exhaust (along with a Berk Technology test pipe).

Hats off to Angela for putting together a clean S2K, which you may spot prowling the streets of Chicago!

- Charles Kha

Photos by Ray Flores as supplied by Angela W



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The photographer's use of lighting is beautiful... just wow. both the car and the pics are amazing!


nice s2k. Pictures of the girl/ :D


nice. love the cage


nice pics, but unfortunately i hate this trend on s2k's. this especially has too much poke!


i think.....i think im in love


Looks great! I really love the way cars look when slammed like that... Wouldn't drive one though... I love corner carving too much!!


not fan of the stance, but the rest of the car is nuts!


I like it!


How the heck does this thing live on Chicago streets?!?!


Poor fenders....


I still don't understand on how wheels that do not fit can be functional. Stretched tires and extreme negative offsets has to put a dent on the pocket, suspension parts, ride and handling. At least add flares and adjust accordingly. I guess to each their own.


HAHA that's my home girl.

you go Angela !!!!!!!!


-I would like to have the full list of suspension modifications of this S2000


What a way to ruin the S2000's perfect handling... It's apples to oranges I guess, but I do admit it looks great with this stance.


Why can't people just put wheels on that fit? These look horrible sticking out so far.


A roll cage... Really? She is driving this thing with anger? I guess when the tire complete comes apart during a daily commute a roll cage is probably not a bad idea.

I absolutely don't like this and don't think I should have to explain myself. This is clowncar bullshit. STOP PROMOTING THIS PLEASE.


looks good, but honestly you sacrifice so much of the handling.


such a clean s2k! tipping my hat and winking at Angela


That is one hot looking S2K. I wonder if my relatives in Chicago have seen this beast around lol


and.... the drivability???


speedhunters, i am dissapoint. how is this 'news'? this is more like extreme ricerdom


She's from illinois like me nice S2000 indeed.


waiting for the hate...


@doku ichinisan is not quiet a cage..... its a roll bar..... do i sound anal?


Not for me


Beautiful S2000, but doesn't the style harm at performance....?


Yeah sorry, that looks completely awful.


Simply stunning! Thats all i have to say. Love everything about this. Candy red was probably the best colour to go for with the wheels. Yummy!!


hellaFAIL. A bicycle will be faster than this, walking is faster than this. Such a great car ruined by some hopeless stance addict :P


Amazing looking street car...Looks stunning. Who cares about hurting handling on a car that the owner didn't build for the track. Again Stunning!


Can someone explain to me why the suspension geometry is so messed up on this car? Something must have broke to make the wheels tilt like that. She needs to get this fixed up as soon as possible.


car looks very well turned, 'pokey galore' out back.. it's going to upset the purists tho' - great photos too. nice one Angela.


If you have more pictures

Can you be in my e-mails?

(Google Translator)//i'm korean

E-Mail =


My jaw is lower than that now :O


Thanks for the compliments with the negative ones. I know this is not for everyone but i really don't care. It's my car and I love it. Drives like a champ still <3


lolz at all the S2K enthusiasts with hurt feelings over this car. Honda builds an affordable RWD and they treat it like the first sports car ever built. The owner applied her own taste and made it a daily. She probably doesn't have much need for a time attack car or pylon dodger. Nice car, nice pictures, nice post.


quiet means silent, do I sound anal?


Just another Honda


hahaa thanks all for the comments...the good and bad! keep em coming as i really dont care. its my car and i <3 it. with all the suspension work i've done, still drives like a champ!


why are so many people hating for?! it not as if its their car! maybe their jealous because they haven't had a spotlight on their car!

i reckon the last picture is the best!! delicious


Keep it up!!

your car, your choices.. looks so good


Angela = dumb.


Shock, it's Yossarian with all his hate and you have a positive bone in your body you clown?

Of course this isn't for everyone, but I think it looks good for how it's done, personally I think every aspect has been taken just that little bit too far with poke/stretch/camber....but it's her car and she loves it obviously. Not every single car that was built from the factory for more of a performance owner in mind has to be modified in a way to suit track or drift or what ever, some people like the look, the sound, the go and will modify it to suit themselves as a daily driver or weekend cruiser, why can't people just understand and accept this?


Its looks broken...and probably handles like it broken too...


Cleeeeeeeeeeeean! The candy red/polished lip combo works so well with the car. Also, the contrast in these photos is beautiful.


@J Ross 1st of all, don't call me a clown, it's really not my profession. 2nd: You say some people like the looks. Well fine, but that doesn't mean a car has to have all it's performance destroyed. Looks can be achieved with more subtle modifications than these. Honestly there ARE a lot of S2000s out there (and they've been featured on this site) that look epic and still manage to go over a speedbump or take a corner at more than 1mph. This thing hovewer is just like making food that looks good but can't be eaten. It's beed modified according to a silly fashion that will hopefully go away like neons, mad bodykits, huge vinyls, wheel spinners and other Fast &Furious1 style mods, which are laughed at now. Besides, each to their own, but if the owner is posting pics of her car on the internet, then she ought to know that not everyone will like it, especially if she ruined the car's handling.


LOL @ K.C.C. FYI ALL - this is an automotive blog and comments are available to leave at will. So expect the positive and the negatives! Personally, I wouldn't want to be seen in that car. Though, I think it's a great grab bag of parts!


FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its and S2000, its made for handling and the track. The owner has posted saying she doesnt care what everyone thinks, however she is on here posting and defending herself which means she does care. First this and now the Fail King himself has and guest blog spot. Looks like FailWorks is taking over SPEEDHUNTERS!


hater gonna hate


Looks like shit...


man so many people getting butthurt over handling LOL

especially when most of you probably have never driven a stanced car. I have driven THIS car and i can say it still tons of fun to drive and can still turn pretty well. I don't really understand why anyone would want more handling on a STREET car. (thats right nor everyone cares about track racing) Anything more and you are breaking the law anyway. Same goes for power. Whats the point of having 400+hp on a street car, if all you do is cruise in it.

At the end of the day, this car got featured and most of yours didn't.


It's not like any of these comments are going to persuade anybody to adopt another pov, including this one, but please try and keep the drama down. Everyone's entitled to good or bad comments.


If you ask me it looks GREAT! If you do not like it we are all very happy for you. Why anyone feels they need to attack someone on a website about it is beyond me. Again from my eyes i think this thing is SICK! I just read this quote the other night.

I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure--which is: Try to please everybody.

Herbert Bayard Swope

She did not build this car for the world to like it. she built it for herself.


Option86=AMEN. Relax peeps, its just an S2000, she got off her butt, modified it, and you're now reading about it on speed hunters; that effort itself should not receive bad feedback. Also most off the haters sound like broke losers with very small horizons and POOR car culture, talking about this is some amazing sports car that got ruined...its a nice car, but its not a Porsche, Ferrari and so on. The standard wheels are average, the ride height is also crappy looking and she took initiative; some sports cars have crazy advanced suspension setups, this didnt, its only an S2000!! And guess what, everything can be straightened up and the wheels can be changed, all in about a half day if she wanted to go to the track....SO there really is ZERO excuse for hating. She could put on suiting wheels, decrease the camber, have a weekend at the track, then come home and once again setup the car like this for the street....god dam...talking about this car like she chopped it in half and painted it matte pink...RELAX HATERADE-DRINKING STYLE-EXPERT KEYBOARD WARRIORS!!!!!!


Anjriiit...ngelai uy aing...


What size/width/offset are these amazing wheels please. Looking at getting some RS' for my Fd rx7